1941FebruaryBattleships Below; Campus Pilots; Jack Northrop; Winter Skies, Instruments, Pontoons, Bomber Bus Plans, Simplex Plans, complete$2.00

MarchAeronica's Super Chief; Thunderbird Nest; Gladiator; P-38; Thermal Snifter; complete$2.00

MayGlider Troopships; China Fighters; Welding; Battle Tactics; Spooters; Taylorcraft; YP-43, complete$2.00

JuneStratosphere Bombing; British Warplane Pictorial; Martin B-26, Apache, complete$2.00

SeptemberHap Arnold = Tomorrow's Air Might; If N.Y. is bombed; Trans-Canada; Consolidated, complete$2.00

NovemberI Design Bombs - Huskinson; Navigating Big Bombers; 6 Day Solo; Vultee Vengeance, Voyager, complete$2.00

1942Junesubmarine aircraft carriers PA Axis Bombers are US-Bound PA P-38 S model making materials with the war on PA Vultee Valiant production PDA aviation taught n US schools PA Westland Whirlwind , complete$2.00

JulyAvro Manchester Boulton Paul Defiant Rpwr scale Piper Super Cruiser advert Tailless "A" ff When the Flying Wing Comes , complete$2.00

OctoberP-51A CP cov Jersey Albatross tlg cont P-47B S A-30 Hudson CP Model Museum at Aeronautical Institute of NY PA Monocoupe 90 AF "B" ff scale Flying Tiger AVG ops n China A Hotspur trans g PA aircraft dope explained PA AT Sept 42 Boomerang ff or tlg Smoothie Rpwr cont Blackburn Botha S BV-141 S BV-222 S PBY-5 S DFS-230 S Fiat G.50 S Go-242 S TBF CP Hs-129 S Lockheed (Ventura) PV-1 S Mitsubishi 98 S Nakajima 97 S, complete$2.00

NovemberFrench AF ops PA Torpedoes Have Just Begun to Fly (torp bbr ops) PA Civil Air Patrol PA Pinch Hitter "B" ff spt Reginald Mitchell "The Man Who Saved Britain" bio PA P-39 S B-17 engine change PDA Curtiss C-46 CP P-40 S Douglas DB-7 CP cov Fw-190A PDA F4F Rpwr scale Hawker Hurricane S Lockheed P-38 S Me-109F S Me-110 S Piper Cub advert Polikarpov I-16 S Schweizer glider factory PDA Spitfire, complete$2.00
1943Apriltransparent fighters? Il A Air Youth Glider No. 1 hlg Porky "A/B" ff cont Constellation 3v PA aircraft recognition PA B-24D CP Ju-290 3v A Mitsubishi G4M 3v A Paggio P.XII 3vA Spitfire , complete$2.00

Mayare ac carriers needed? PA Mustang (RAF) Squadron ops PA Mosquito ops CPA Air Youth Glider No. 2 hlg Pusher Pursiit .23 uc sport Hurricane 2c 3v A He-116 P 3v A Ju-86P 3v A Spitfire , complete, taped cover$2.00

SeptemberPostwar Pictures; Air Transport; Speed of Sound; Russian Planes; Airacobra, Martin Mariner, pgs 57/8 & 67/8 missing$1.50

DecemberFairchild AT-17 PDA McDonnell patented designs 3v A Why the Forts Come Back (B-17s) PA Bill Stout - Ahead of His Time bio PA P-47 PDA early helicopters before Sikorsky PA flexible gun development PDA Martin Baltimore CP Twin Boom "C" sport, complete$2.00
1944MayPostwar Planning; Maytag Messerschmitts; ducts; 10th A.F.; Seaplane Fighters; Douglas C-47; Waco CG-4A, complete$2.00

JuneGoodyear Blimp; Postwar Planning; Japanese Airplanes; A-20, complete$2.00

OctoberTarget Japan; Helicopters; Navy's Secret Weapon; Air-Sea Rescue; Canada; King Cobra; Hawker Typhoon, complete$2.00

DecemberFlying Refrigerators; 82 Postwar Jobs; Flying Reefers; Airacomet; Storch to Me163; Superfortress, complete$2.00
1945MayErcoupe advert the future of world airlines - France Montgomery - first man to fly A PB4Y-2 PA Louis Bleriot, my father PA Hall Springfield Racer "C" uc scale Swifty Rpwr spt General Sky farer (CP) F4U-1D S , complete$2.00
1946DecemberFirestone heli P Northrop experi g P Bikini (atom bomb test ) balance sheet A World’s Greatest Power (US & atom bomb) A National Air Races PA Lockheed Saturn PDA Globe Swift Rpwr scale Gloster Meteor V S Jughaid "C", complete$2.00
1947MarchStreamlining the Pilot; Bell XS-1: Aeronca Chum; Rocket Report; Bantam; Beechcraft Bonanza; Flounder; Wally's Winner, complete, $2.00

October McDonnell Phantom; Pilot Error; Sailplane; Thunderjet; Volmer VJ-21; Luscombe Silvaire; Drone Diesel; Arrowhead; Renard R-2, changed to smaller size,complete$2.00
1948FebruaryBell Model 47 w Helicopter Air Transport CP covb Cessna 140 S PA pirep Nieuport Triplane S or Rpwr Nimbus I Rpwr spt Aeronca Champ duo-plane .35 r/c or ff Air 100 (France slpln) PA Midget class air racing surv PA Douglas Skyrocket 3v PA B-17 air rescue CP Convair XB-46, complete$2.00

October20th Anniversary Issue; Phantom Flyers; Experimental Aircraft; Navion; Towing Techniques; Martin Mauler fold-out plans; Sleek Streak, complete$2.00

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