JulyBoeing jet trans design studies il A Super Squirt Dyna Jet uc speed Class B hlg cont Skylark ff spt Taylor Aerocar PA H.M. 300 3v PA DeHavilland Trainer 1/2A uc spt The Challenger Rpwr cont Texaco No.13 (Travel Air Mystery Ship) .29 uc scale Aeroplane development 1890 -- 1903 , complete$2.00

AugustCorben Super Ace ff / uc Loopy .09 spt Flying Bazookus ff spt .09 XB-47 S Kitty Hawk Rpwr spt Long Wimpy 3v P Peterson Sportster , complete (clip on pg.3)$2.00

SeptemberDC-6 P S Comet racer 1/2A uc Little Elevator 1/2A ff cont Sud Est 3000 PA Sud Oest 1110 PA Sud Est 2310 PA Sud Oest 95 Corse PA D.L. 22 Argentina trns PA CASA 201 (Spain trans0 P)A T.H.K. 2 1s Turkey trnr PA D.3802 Switzerland prop ftr PA Praga E.211 (Czech 3 tail 2 epush lt trans PA Leduc 010 , complete$2.00

NovemberC-125 S Knight 1/2A uc bip Wee Bee ff/uc PA I Designed the Zeke , complete$2.00

DecemberHigh Pressure Pete 1/2A stunt El Dobo Rpwr cont Heath Parasol/Midwing 1/2A ff Miss Quito 1/2A cont ff Fairchild XC-120 PA Helioplane 4-s 3v A 1951 bomber mssion PA Avro Ashton, pg 5/6 missing$2.00

1951AugustPushie Rpwr sprt Tiny Tim A spt Opal Rocket Plane (Germany hw) Jetex ff sc TLG tlg Screamin Demon .61 speed uc Chase XC-123A P Fouga Gemeaux P Hawker P.1081 S Sikorsky YH-18A , complete$2.00

SeptemberAlkie II 1/2A tand wing ff Bell X-5 S Fairey FD.1 S Grumman AF-2 S Lavochkin LA-17 S F-89 , clip pg 3$2.00

OctoberU-MiG-15; Dornier Story; Model 'Copter; Using Fiberglas; Radio Control Models; complete$2.00

DecemberC-119H P Ultra Hogan .19 ff Caproni F.5 (Italy lt jet) , complete$2.00
1954JanuaryWright Flyer S Chanute Hang Glider S Curtiss Pusher S The Day the Red Baron Died , complete$2.00

FebruaryDouglas X-3 P Piasecki HUP-1 3v PA Nancy uc stunt Blueboy PAA ff Honeybug .15 team racer Zero u/c .29 M/B/ 323 S|Piper Apache 3v PA Sikorsky VS-300 Dil F-100, complete$2.00

MarchBeech 18S 3v Whizzie catap launch g Hi and Bye DOT Rpwr cont P-26A 4v xs Sud Est Barodeur P McRae Super Dart (hb US) , complete$2.00

MayHerb Shriner's International Motor Sports Show; Corvette; Control Equipment; Auto Design Competition, complete$2.00

JulyChannel Winger 1e channel wing uc sport Killer Combat Kites MiG-19 & F-100 Over and Under .19 R/C Stau {it {itt-Putt tethered ff A XF4D-1 Skyray S Capital Hoppi Copter , complete$2.00

AugustB-24; Douglas Rolfe; Racing Hydroplane; Bobby Benson; Nieuport; F3H-1N Demond, complete, back cover damage$2.00

SeptemberChevrolet Story; Macchi Saetta; Horse-She Game; Lockheed Vertical Take Off XFV-1; San Francisco's Boatmen; Bypass Jet Plane; Port of Madurodam; A/2 Race Boats; B-24; K&B .35 Stunt Engine Report, complete$2.00

OctoberPint Sized Arsnal; Kawasaki KAT-1; Ship in Minature; Racing Cars (1894-1906); Fletcher FL-23; Bio of the Bike; Ojai, complete$2.00

NovemberShould You Go Into Engineering; Boat Design; Oldsmobile Story; Neptune F/F; Pegaso Berlinette Sportscar; Squeaker Speed Plane; Minature Race Cars, complete$2.00
1955FebruarySoviet AF; Douglas A4D1 Skyhawk; How to Paint Models; Deringer Pistol; illys-Overland Story, complete$2.00

MarchDouglas RB-66A S Soviet AF new types il A Yak-21 (rocket-pwr intercep) il A MiG-17 (FICTIIONAL) il A La-17 il A Il-16 (4-jet bbr) il A Il-38 (FICTIONAL) il A how to finish models , complete$2.00

AprilAir Force Jobs; Wingless Wonder Air Boat; Bowie Knife; Amphibian; Seversky P-35; Colt Peacemaker, Convair's VTO Delta, complete, chipped cover$2.00

JuneSweden's Volvo Sport; Italian AF - pt 2; El Promedio; Hydro-Cat; Cessna XT-37, complete$2.00

JulyAircraft Identification; Dodge Story; Pennsylvania Rifle; B-50; Water Warrior; Milestones in Aviation History; Convair XFY-1; Eagle Towliner, complete$2.00

SeptemberModel Car Racing; Nautilus; Grumann S2F-1; Auto Memories 1898-1921); Cartridges & Calibers; Race Car Track, complete$2.00

OctoberMerrimac & Monitor; Cadillac Story; Engineering Jobs; U.S. Fighter Development; Colt Story; Expanded Polystyrene, complete$2.00

NovemberWorld of Electronics; Photoraphy; Light Car in America; Want to Open a Hobby Shop?; VonSchertel's VS-6 Hydrofoild Patrol Boat; Atomatic Weapons; La Marquise Sportscar design, complete$2.00

DecemberTechnicians for General Electry; Delta Turbine Jet Model; Tri-Foils; Temco YT-25; Bonneville Special, complete$2.00
1956AprilWorking in the Mines; Profile Pete; Weird Wings of the Past; Destroyer Model, pg 9 clipped$2.00

MaySports Car Racing in Your Living Room; Cougar Scale Model Views; Sea Fury; Pistols; Golden Hawk; Northern Minx, complete$2.00

JulyTool Engineering; 190 SL; World's Famous Flyers; curtiss Wright A-12; Model Boat Engines; Aeronca Champions; Reynolds Air Car, complete$2.00

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