'Air Progress' was first published in January 1937. It was published quarterly until sometime in 1962, it then increased frequency to bi-monthly, and became a monthly publication circa early 1966. In October 1995 it changed it's name to 'Air Progress Affordable Flying', but reverted to 'Air Progress' in November 1996. It finally ceased publication in June 1997 (Vol.59 No.2).

YearMonthCondition & ContentsPrice
1943February German Aircraft Industry; In Color: B-24; Mustang; Grumman Goose; Machine Tools; PT-25; Cutaways: German Daimler-Benz D.B. 601N; FW 190A3; Rivets; Avro Lancaster; BMW 801A; $3.00

March Carriers Should Be Expendible - pt. 1; In Color: Syfarer; Spitfire; Avenger; Dy Bombing; Law; Vengeance; Cooling; Cutaways: Alison 12-Cylinder V-Type; Air Cooling; Liquid Cooling; Donier; Automatic Pilot; Made in France;$3.00

April Red AF; Carriers Should be Expendible - pt. 2; In Color: Monocoupe Me 109E; Supercharger Facts; Airacobra Factory; Cutaways: Merlin 61; Halifax Details; Theoretical Stratosphere Fighter; German Strato Bombers; British Desert Fighters; $3.00

July South America Must Fly; Aircraft Armor; Gunnery Training; Transit Trainer by Piper; PBY; Drawings of ME 210A-1 $3.00

August Cargo Gliders; Warplane Versatility; Cuban Eagles; B-24's; Grummans; Jimmy Doolittle; 3-Views: Design Progress; $3.00

September Chinese AF; Typhoon; Blimps; Defense Wepons; Zeke; CAP; Cutaways; Mosquito Details; Design Progress; Napier-Heston Racer $3.00

October Truman Report; Chinese AF - pt. 2; RAF n Cavan; Post-war Traffic Jam; Typhoon; Cutawys: De Havilland Mosquito IV; Lighting Details; Turret; $3.00
1958Fall Forgotten Figters; Air Revie Pictorial; Rocket Report; Fife Pusher; Scale Views: F-105B; Hall Springield Racer; Gee Bee R-1; Temco TT-1; Curtiss XF13C; Ju87D; Cessna L-27A; Home Builts: $3.00
1959Spring Pictorial Air Review: Home Bilts; Red Progress; Aerobats; Birdmen: Stukas; X-15; 60 Fokkers of WW I; Fighters in Review; Close-up Portfolio; Histy of Armament 1914-1918; Northrop F89H Scorpion $3.00
1962Summer Sits Skycoupe; Over 100 Rolfe Aircraft Drawings; Carrier Action with NavAir; Chino Air Show; Antiques; First Monoplane$3.00

Fall Air Force Museum; F-100 Data; Private Jets; Forgotten Fighters; 40 yrs of Skyhooks; Case of Phony Fighters; Special Report on Bullpup $3.00

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