Fly-Past magazine concentrates on the aircraft restoration, warbird & preservation movement worldwide, with additional articles on historical aircraft types, aircrew memories, airshows and aircraft museums. Initially published bi-monthly from November 1981 it was published monthly. An A4 size magazine, with 90-100 pages in each issue, illustrated with excellent colour and b+w photos. The first issue was issue dated May/June 1981. Fly-Past provides excellent coverage of world aircraft preservation news, with over 20 pages of reports & photos in each issue. It is now the UK's biggest selling aircraft magazine.

1986OctoberAvro Shackleton ops at Lossimouth PA B-47 rest ferry flt PA Lockheed Starliner last opíl PA Spit survivor world census CPA Wyvern ejection under water PA 8 Sqdn RAF hist PA 101 Sqdn RAF electronic countermeasures ops n W2 PA Annan airfield, Scotland hist PA KLM ex mil ac used in trng CPA BMW jet engines (Germ) hist PA vintage glider surv CPA complete magazine$2.00
1987March Bolivian air transport ops CPA 603 Sqdn, RAF hist making movie The Dam Busters PA Fairey Hendon (2e lw bbr proto) hist PA Vulcan flying PA pirep PA Spit rests of Charles Church, Eng PDA historic ac n UK preserved, scrapped 1986 PA Short Sealand (2e amphib ltpln) hist PA PBY heli recovery by Chinook n Canada PA B-57 phase out of USAF hist PA Old Rhinebeck ac coll PA complete magazine$2.00
1988AprilE.E. Lightning last ops CPD A Piper Vagabond n Eng hist PA Spit V wreckovery n Australian swamp PA Spitfires n Australia today CPA 381st BG USAAF ops n Europe W2 PA RAF Domesday airfield hist PA RAF airfields, April 1, 1918 list A Manfred von Richtofen bio PA Bob Stanford Tuck (Eng) bio PA Musee de líAir, France CPA Daimler Benz 600 engine series hist PA complete magazine$2.00

May Shackleton surivors n South Africa PA Vulcan last one flying XH558 opsPDA Grumman AF-1 Guardian hist & survivors CPA Hu-16 Albatross survivors CPA Shin meiwa/Grumman UF-XS (mod Albatross test bed) CP R&S Snargasher (Eng 2e trnr tadr proto) P Rearwin ac designs hist PA Wellington hist PA Jack Cheney (Eng) night fighter war diary PA last Germ air raid on Eng, WWI PA B.L.A.S.T. ac restorers, Enc PA Newark Air Mus ops PA Soviet ac rotting on Grenada CPA complete magazine$2.00

July Medway Hurricane, Sun n Fun, Night Fighter, Hunter Shuffle, Dragon Rapide, Manson Aircraft, complete magazine$2.00
1989October Geof Curtis (BbrCom radio operator W2) PA bio Halifax rest n Eng PDA Halifax ops w 224 Sqdn, Gibraltar & phase out PA pre-Wright ac design hist il A Wallbro Monoplane (Eng 1910 mono) repli P Avro Type F (first enclosed cabin mono P RAF Finningley airfield hist PA making movie Battle of Britain PA ac used n movie BoB where they are today CPA -38 on snow skis PA S-2 for fir bbr conv to tprops CP+ DH Otter Vasar Dash 3 tprop conv N0707B CP complete magazine$2.00
1990NovemberSwordfish raid on Italy navy at Taranto hist PA Michael Daunt (Eng early jet test pi) bio PA Malayan Volunteer AF ops against Japanese n W2 hist PA loss of many RAF ac from strong wind Nov 4 1918 PA Mosquito bbr ops April 44 ETO mem PA Mosquito nt ftr ops mem PA Mosquito ops n Yugoslavia AF hist PA Mosquito survivors today PA EE Canberra rest n USA of Picatti A84-229 ferry to USA CPA DH Venom survivors CPA Beech Staggerwing rest of Norman n Eng CPDA Sopwith Camel survivors CPA Cpro Martin B-26 hist survivors CPA Martin B-26 44-68219 pres w French AF PA Supermarine Southampton hist PA complete magazine$2.00
1991September Aero HC-2 Heli Baby (Czech heli) rest PA Lancaster raid on Schneider Works, Le Creusot, France PA B-24 flight Operation Festoon PA PBY civ safari ops n Zimbabwe PDA XC-99 hist CPA Fairey Firefly civ rest CPA Folland Gnat rest n Eng CPD A PT-17 & derivatives survivors today CPDA Brunton airfield, Eng hist PA Milfield airfield, Eng hist PA Victoria Cross winners n Eng PA non-airfield memorials n Eng PA fighting Italians in Eritrea, W2 PA complete magazine$2.00
1992MarchBristol Sycamore survivors CPA U-2C lawn guard, Beale AFB PA Reggiane Re.2001 wreckoverey & rest PA Myron Becraft (US P-51 pilot) 37th mission n ETO PA Jeremy Howard-Williams war kills (Eng) PA Manfred von Richtofen surviving relics PA bio Aircraft Restoration Co. (Eng) ops PD a Belgrade, Yugoslavia av museum status CPA squadron code researching PA complete magazine$2.00

Augustaviation history orgs n UK A Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre Eng PA Spits in US service mem PA B-25H rest "Barbie III" of Weary Warriors, US CPDA Korean War Mus, Korea CPA Spencer Flock (ac collector pi) bio DH Dragon Rapide ZS-JGV n So Afri CPA Blue Max Movie Ac Mus, Eng PA Avro York hist PA Cessna 195 trans-Atlantic ferry flg G-BSPK CPDA av hist pres n New Zealand PA Supermarine Stranraer hist complete magazine$2.00

DecemberWashingtons (B-29s) in RAF flying mem PA P-40E rest of Dick Hansen CPD A Dakota (C-47) ops n So Afri AF PA Hafner Rotochute hist PA 3v F4U-7 of Lindsay Walton (Eng) rest CPA John Alcock (Eng) bio PA Mary Denton (Eng RAF heraldry researcher) CPA James Ferris (US) death in P-51B & wreckovery PA George Walker (Eng aero engineer) bio PA Science Museum "Flight" exhibit (Eng) CPA Tangmere Military Aviation Mus (Eng) CPA aviation memorials n Eng PA complete magazine$2.00
1993March Vulcan YM655 rest status CPA Washington (B-29) RAF rash PA Meteor 50th anniv hist, survivors PA Constellation N474TW rest status A Marauder ops n RAF mem PA B-36 rest at Castle AFB CPD A Short Stirling crash n W2 PA Spit S.31 rest n Sweden hist PA So Afri AF Mus satus, list CPA Glatton Airfield, Eng n W2 hist PA Interocean Airways status, hist, fleet list CPD a British Classic Ac Restorations Co. PA complete magazine$2.00

April B-25 rests n progress CPA Spit PR XIX hist PA RAF Fighter Command 11 Group Operations Room mus PA growing up n Eng n W2 mem PA Halifax III "Topsy" crew mem PA Hunter ops at RAF Duxford hist PA Hunter hist Cpro CPA Hunter T.7 G-BTYL rest CPA Keith Hill (Eng artist) B-17 painting PA So Afri gate guards CPA B-17 crew Tom OíBrien reunite with Bill Blackmon (US) PA 91st BG ops from Bassingbourn, Eng CPA strategic bombers hist PA DC-6 British Commonwealth Pacific Airways crash n Calif 1953 complete magazine$2.00

May RAF spotterís diary 1942-43 mem PA Henri Mignet & Flying Flea hist PA Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Eng PA Gloster Meteor hist PA Vulcan XH558 final flt CPA Michael Rondot aviation artist, Eng CPA National Aviation Mus, Canada CPA Meyers ac designs hist PA Liberators of RAF SEA Command disposal hist PA Supermarine Walrus RAF hist, survivors PA complete magazine$2.00

JuneAviation Traders Carvair rest, hist CPA Ar-234 at NASM rest hist CPA Westland Pterodactyl testing PA Westland Whirlwind (heli) hist PD A Glatton, Eng airfield hist PA Cil RAF Mus new displays CPA Museum of Flight, Scotland hist, list CPA ac spotter in Northamptonshire, Eng diary PA making movie the First of the Few in Eng n W2 PA Apprentice Engineering Training class phaseout (Eng) PA complete magazine$2.00

July An-2 on Eng a s circuit CPA Blenheim rest back into air CPA Warhawk ferry w RAF Egypt > China PA Swordfish rests n Eng CPA Hunting Jet Provost retirement PA Lavochkin La-11 to Eng mus CPA Bf-109G rest n Eng CPA Spit survivors status CPA apprentice trng at Halton airport, Eng PA So Afri AF mus CPA RAF "Battle Honors" desc PA Rolls-Royce engines preserved at Coventry mft site PA ac spotter n Eng diary PA complete magazine$2.00

August Caproni Ca-2 cap by RAF n W2 PA Caproni Ca-100 cap by RAF n W2 PA DC-4 rest of South African Airways CPD A Sunderland opsn n RAF PA North East Ac Mus (Eng) list PA V-1 & V-2 ops n W2 PA Lindsay Everard (Eng) bio RAF raids on Peenemunde V-weapon sites PA Ploesti Aug 1 43 raid PA ac spotter diary (Eng) PA complete magazine$2.00

October Shackleton Mk.3 of Newark Air Mus, Eng CPDA Halifax rest rollout at Yorkshire Air Mus, Eng PA PB4Y-2 survivors CPDA HP Victor taker ops hist CPDA Henri Mignet centenary celebrations CPA 401st BG B-17 ops from Deenethorpe, Eng hist & today PA advanced Germ ac n W2 & why they didnít affect the war PA Junkers Ju-52 w So Africa Airways CPA RAF campaign medals PA complete magazine$2.00

November Bristol Bombay hist PA DH Dragon Rapide rest CPA Fairchild F-22 hist PA Horten Bros. flying wing development PD A Horten Ho-IV (g) PA Horton Ho-IX/Go-229 PA Sunderland ops n RAF PA Stinson L-5 ops w RAF n Burma PA British Eagle al (Eng) hist PA ac turned into restaurants n Italy CPA 617 Sqdn RAF under command of Leonard Cheshire n W2 PA complete magazine$2.00
1994FebruaryCanberra 2 losses n Pacific PA Constellation survivors and hulks worldwide CPA ex mil ac displayed n Thailand CPA Ernest Scott (BoB Spitpi) loss, discovery bioPA Saro A.33 (4e flybt proto1938) hist PA Saro A.36 Lerwick (2e flybt) hist PA Jet Heritage (ex mil jet operators) Eng ops today CPDA Great Lakes 2T-1-A rest n Eng hist PA DH Beaver rests of Kenmore Air Harbor, Eng PA Blackburn Beverley XB259 pres n Eng CPDA Harvard rest n Sweden PA Armstrong Siddeley ASX turbojet rest PA Halifax B.II W7844 wreckovery n Eng Martin B-26 force landing n Yukon PA Martin B-26 40-1464 rest by Dave Tallichet US CPA complete magazine$2.00

MarchB-24 air combat against FW-200 PA Mosquito raid on Amiens prison Cill PA EE Lightning testing PA Fiat G.59 survivors surv CPA MiG-17 of Bill Reesman rest (US) CPA Miles Gemini rest CPA Sunderland rotting n New Zealand PDA Cole Palen (US) bio CPA Stow Maries airfield (Eng) hist PA captured Axis ac PA English airmen memorial at Germ POW camp PA aviation memorials in UK surv PA complete magazine$2.00

April Vulcan XH658 rest n Eng av mus CPA Chipmunk G-TRIC n Canada PA Douglas C-41 rest, hist n US CPA C-47 survivors n Puerto Rico CPA Meteor RA415 crash PA B-25J "Miss Mitchell" rest n US hist CPA P-51B "Spare Parts" indiv ac hist PA Torokozawa av mus n Japan CPA barnstorming n Eng after W1 PA RAF campaign medals hist PA early floatplane hist PA Stalag Luft I ops n W2 PA complete magazine$2.00

May Aeronca Sedan hist PA Anson rests n Eng CPA B-17G 44-83575 hist CPA PBY rests worldwide CPA B-36 runway overrun at Boscombe Down, Eng PA Halifax w 2 engines mystery PA P-51A rest N4235Y of The Air Mus CP Supermarine Sea Otter hist PA 617 Sqdn RAF W2 ops PA Northampton, Eng, airport hist & status CPA 8th AF n W2 myths explained PA life at Stalag Luft I mem PA complete magazine$2.00

JulySea Fury flying with Fleet Air Arm mem PA Fleet Air Arm carrier exhibit CPA DH Hornet hist PA large seaplanes hist PA Hawker Fury (mono) rest of Old Flying Machine Co, Eng CPA pre-D-Day deceptions of RAF PA Friends of Cardington Airship Station (Eng LTA mus) PA Auster J/1N G-APOA accident report PA Hi-Lift Helicopters (US heli restorers) ops CPA Sikorsky S-58/Westland Wessex heli rests n US CPA Lightning Preservation Group (EE Lightning, Eng) CVPA 617 Sqdn RAF ops from Cheshire, Eng hist PA complete magazine$2.00

August Avro Lancaster rest flt CPD A B-17 42-31763 crash n Eng 50th anniv Cill PA F8F hist CPA Interstate Cadet hist PA P-61 ops hist PA Supermarine Seagull (amphib 1e hw) hist PA collecting cockpit sections n Eng CPD A Civilian Repair Organization (mil ac repair) ops n Eng W2 PA complete magazine$2.00

September Mystere jet gate guards n France CPA Operation Market Garden hist PA Air Atlantique (airline, Eng) ops hist CPA P-40N N222SU rest of Sue Parish CPDA Debden airfield, Eng today CPA Roy Nav effort to sing Battleship Tirpitz (Barracudas) PA Supermarine Walrus rest W2718 n Eng Percival Sea Prince rest n Eng PDA Hunting Jet Provost 5>3 G-BVEG crash report PA complete magazine$2.00

NovemberLancaster PA474 deliv flt hist PA Shackleton in Coke colors CPA Boeing 377 yhist CPA B-17 loaned to Churchill on US tour post W2 PA Fairchild 45 hist, survivors PA Fleetwings Seabird rest (US amphib) CPD A TBM dismaintle & transport on trailer n US PA Short Shetland hist PA The Atlantic Group (Eng al) ops CPA Air Transport Aux ferry flying ops mem (Eng) PA Advanced Landing Grounds mus, Eng PA Sri Lanka AF mus status & list CPA complete magazine$2.00
1995August B-17 crew number 13 mission w 491st BG n W2 PA Commonwealth Wirraway rest n Australia CPA EE Canberra deliv of 2 > South Africa CPA FVM Tummelisa (Sweden WWI bip ftr) rest n Eng CPA Meteor ops n Korean War PA P-47 search for 2 wreckoveries n Eng PDA Saro SR.A/1 hist PA Peter Branton (Eng ) ops as coastal strike pilot n Beaufighters bio PA Frank Luke bio PA 235 Sqdn RAF war dia & Psurv PA La Ferte Alais airfield warbird show n France CPA airfields n Scotland n W2 surv PA mat airworthy warbirds n England surv CPA ac preserved n France CPA Hay-on-Wye, Eng old book stores surv PA complete magazine$2.00

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