1996February Beagle Pup & Bulldog training n Eng CPD A P-40 survivors CPA DH Vampire Norway AF crash CPA C-121 "MATS Connie" rest hist CPDA 212 Sqdn RAF PBY ops n Indian Ocean PA 616 Sqdn R Auxil AF pilots who escaped & returned to combat PA airfields of Northern Ireland n W2 map PA nose art surv CPA Luftwaffe aircrew careers surv PA racers displayed at Oshkosh flyin CPA complete magazine$2.00

March Lancaster R5724 loss n W2 CPD A B-52 to Imperial War Mus, Duxford, Eng CPA DH Venom problems w RAF n Germ PA DC-3 hist PDA Bf-109 survivors CPA Spitfire survivors in UK CPA list 57th FIS (USAAF/USAF) at Keflavik, Iceland hist CPA 83 Sqdn RAF hist Psurv PA seaborne supply of ac to Europe after D-day PA Berlin Air Line (Eng) newspaper hist PA VF-17 hist (Corsairs) CPA complete magazine$2.00

August PT-17 flts n Eng reacuaint former trainees w ac CPA B-58 survivors CPA Lew Cody (RAF W2 bbrpi) bio PA B-17G 44-8846 F-AZDX "Pink Lady" rest hist CPA Lancaster re-sparring of BoB Mem Flt CPDA Midland Air Mus (Eng) CPA Fleet Air Arm Avenger attack on Koriyama Japan PA 84 Group Occupation Force at Lubeck, Germ 1946 PA Turkey AF Mus CPA complete magazine$2.00
1997March DH Dove hist rest CPA Do-217 decoyed and shot down 1941 PA map Hurricane rest PZ865 of Britain Memorial Flt pirep CPD A Tempest II forced landing n Egerm post W2 mem PA Ralph Graham (nt ftr radar opr) flying mem CPA bio Ran Ronen (Israel jet ace) bio CPA evaluating Axis ac PA X-planes hist CPA early British airliners hist AP complete magazine$2.00

AprilBlackburn Beverley need to preserve PA Vickers Valetta recent loss to fire PA Ralph K. Hofer (US ftrpi) bio PA Westland Whirlwind heli ops n Suez crisis PA P-40E AK803/1034 rest n Canada hist CPDA Fairey Gannet T.5 XT752 N752XT in US hist CPA Spit gate guards in past PA obscure Brit av mysteries PA Swordfish fltpln ops as night fighter ops PA MiG-21 rest n US of Kirlin CPDA pirep No. 3 Long Range Ferry Unit RAF ops n 50s Psurv Roy Jerman (Eng) ac parts collector CPA NASA X-planes history CPA complete magazine$2.00

JulyFiat G.55 Centauro rest n Italy CPDA North American Navion hist PA RAF Aircraft Delivery Unit Middle East ops mem PA Arado Ar-196 hist PA Fantasy of Flight Mus, US CPA Grumman J2F-6 rest of MoF N1214N CP Vickers Wellesley wheels up landing n Egypt PA plastic model airplane kit revival PA Spit VIII ops w 155 Sqdn CBI hist Cil AP Vickers Valetta (2e trans) hist PA P-38 Droopsnoot ops hist PA Vought F7U –3 rest to fly? CPDA complete magazine$2.00

SeptemberAvro York rest G-ANTK CPDA Grumman Goose ops n Alaska CPA Hurricane rest of Steve Milnthorpe (Eng) CPD A Germ ac evaluated by Soviets PA Battle of Britain Memorial Flight CPA Elizabeth Clay (Eng Map Officer w 76 & 78 Sqdns RAF) bio mem PA 10th Tac Recon Wing USAF ops n Post war Europe PA Operation Dodger (RAF return of troops Italy) PA WW2 airflelds & landing grounds n England list PA complete magazine$2.00
1998MarchTomahawk flt under Eng bridge PA Douglas A-1 hist, survivors Cpros ca CPA Sea Fury WH588 rest flying pirep CPD A Ken Fern (Eng) propeller carver CPA Ivan Kozhedub (Soviet ace W2) CPA 12 Sqdn Vulcan ops n 60s mem Psurv airfields of Suffolk, Eng n W2 CPA map Castle Air Mus, Calif CPA list Imperial Aviation Group (Eng airfield restorers) CPA RAF flight test observer 40s mem PA complete magazine$2.00

JulyBf-109G-2 G-USTV "Black 6" accident report CPDA Berlin Airlift hist PA maintaining RAF ac n Berlin Airlift mem PA RP-63 target ops PA Dil L-39 rests NX139PM & NX139TB CP 466th BG bombs Switz railyard 1945 hist PA Fed Barker (Defiant gunner) bio PA Spit PR.1 ca Spitire flyin n Eng CPDA DH 89 Rapide hist ops fleet operators PA W2 airfields of Essex, Eng PA 25th FIS ops n Korean War CPA complete magazine$2.00

AugustDifiant top air gunner Fred Barker PA PBY rest N7179Y n MN damaged by tornado CPA Liberator rest flt India to UK CPA DH Vampire Atlantic crossing 1948 Psurv Tempest I hist PA Tempest survivors A Max Holste Broussard rest hist CPA Me-262 new builds at Texas Airplane Factory, US CPDA Fred Barker (Eng Defiant gunner) bio PA Eifel Air av mus Germ CPA list airfields of Cambridgeshire n W2 CPA map cockpit preservations n Eng CPDA RAF night bbg in W2 analyzed PA RAF Heraldry Trust Cil A Berlin Airlift mem PA complete magazine$2.00

OctoberLancaster of Can Warpl Her Cpsurv A Vulcan survivors CPD A Catalina of Plane Selling Ltd (Eng) sinks CPA Swordfish flying mem CPA Hawker Typhoons of 609 Sqdn RAF PDA Ventura ops w VP-142 mem PA P-47 rests of WestPac Resotation (US) CPDA Westland Dragonfly (heli) rests n Eng CPA Lysander rest n Canada CPDA 609 Sqdn RAF (Typhoons) hist PDA ac cockpits of Terrington Aviation Collection CPDA airfields of Yorkshire, Eng W2 map PA Weeks Air Mus, FL hurricane damage CPDA RAF bbg Germ efforts analysed PA RAF ops n Mesopotamia & India n 20s/30s PA RAF & RN ops from Aden (Middle East) in 50s CPA complete magazine$2.00

NovemberLancaster hist ca Cil PA Blenheim ops n West Desert Afri w 84 Sqdn hist PA DH Vampire flight across Atlantic 1948 PA Fairchild PT-26 rest n Cnada CPD A Swordfish ops n W2 mem PA Gloster Gamecock repli (Eng) CPD A Hunting Provost hist CPD A Spit XIV equip w skis to fly back to base from snow forced landing PA Surtees Elliott (Eng RAF fitter early W2) bio PA Kalamazoo Air Zoo CPA list Royal Canadian AF Memorial Museum CPDA list Farnboro Air Show hist PA RAF bbg Germ analysed PA complete magazine$2.00
1999JuneHunter T.7 XL572 of Yorkshire Air Mus, Eng CPA P-47M ops w 56th FG PA HP Victor survivors CPDA Constellations today CPA Fleet Air Arm Mus plans CPA Jeremy Whitehouse av artist Eng CPA Bristol Bulldog G-ABBB rest at RAF Mus hist CPDA Commonwealth Mustang rest n Australia CPA CAC-built Mustang survivors outside Australia A Australia AF ops n SEA 1945-1995 CPA Liberator rest n Australia CPDA HP Herald rest, ops w Channel Express CPDA Airspeed Hotspur hist PA Bomber Defense Trng Flt at Hixon airfield, Eng PA Lysander rest at Old Timers rest group, Eng CPA B-17F 41-24521 "Black Jack" under Pacific exploring CPA F4B of Planes of Fame Mus CPDA P-26 of Planes of Fame Mus CPDA complete magazine$2.00

JulyHunters of Singapore purchased by Geoff Moesker CPA P-51 flyin at Kisimmee, FL CPA RAF race to Paris n July 1959 PA Cessna L-19 rest G-PDOG n Eng CPDA Delta Air Lines Mus, US CPA BAC Strikemaster rest n So Afri CPDA Australia AF ops n SEA 1945 – 1995 CPA Pete Perry (RAF Army co-op pi) CPA bio Bob Davies (Eng RAF) close calls PA bio problems setting up a war mem n Eng CPA Waco Hadrian (CG-4A) hist CPA WW2 ops room at Digby, Eng CPA DH-106 Comet Psurv + & survivors CPA Palais de Cinquantenaire, Belgium CPA Canadian ac saved from smelter by Wes Agnew CPA Utterly Butterly wingwalkers, Eng CPA complete magazine$2.00

AugustDC-31 N4565L of 390th BG Memorial & Air Mus, Eng CPDA Il-2 wreckovery n Hungary CPA Spit XVI G-MXVI rest as "Fargo Express" CPA W2 airfields of Oxfordshire, Bucks, Bbeds & Herts PA flying Dakotas w RAF n SEA W2 mem PA B-17G of Yankee Air Force 44-85829 hist CPA Science Museum, Wroughton, Eng CPDA F8F hist, survivors CPA ca Cil Cpros CPA F8F r "Conquest I" 3v Garry Nowell (RAF BoFrance ace) bio PA Ray Shillinglaw (RAF FE.2b pi) 100th bday bio CPA Diverse Images models (Eng) ops CPA Hunter WB188 hist CPA Horsa & Hamilcar ops PA Vimy repli flt to So Afri CPA Rangemaster H (upgraded Navion) CPA Museum of Flight, US CPA complete magazine$2.00

NovemberAvro Vulcan attempts to fly again XH558 CPDA P-39 ops n New Gunea PA Catalina cutaway display at Nav Air Mus, CPA A-26 CPAD A ca Cpro A-26 clandestine ops against Germ Cil PA C-124 survivors hist CPA Nanchang CJ-6A rest CPD A Sikorsky S-55 ops w 846 Sqdn RAF airfields of "Mid-Shires" Eng map PA Ulster Aviation Heritage Centre (Eng) CPA Randolph AFB Heritage Park ac on display CPA RAF disposal documents n 1946 CPA Airfield Construction Service (RAF 1939-1946) PA complete magazine$2.00

DecemberSwordfish rebuilt by BAe CPDA Hunter G-HHUN crash report CPA Hawker Fury ferrying to Iraq mem CPDA Mark Hanna (Eng warbird pi) obit bio CPA anti-forest fire ops n Calif CPA Lancaster attacks on the Tirpitz PA training Bom Com radio operators humor Cil A Boscombe Down Mus status CPA Phantom FG.1 at BDM CPD Beagle 206 G-FLYP hist CPDA Gorgi Models aviation archive CPA Goodyear F2G-1 N5588N rest of Bob Odegard CPDA lightplanes of popular British stars CCPA Brazil National Aviatiom Mus CPA P-26 rest n KY CPA Martin Baker MB-5 repli n Nevada CPA air supply dropping n Burma mem CPA complete magazine$2.00
2000JanuaryRoyal Saudi AF Mus CPA F6F flying w Fleet Air Arm me CPA Hinstock Eng Roy Nav airfield hist PA F-86 ops w 81st FIS USAF n Eng Cpro CPA Boulton Paul Aircraft Heritage Project CPA Boulton & Paul P.6 P & model CPDA French Naval Av Mus CPA av figurines of John Wincentzen (Eng) CPA Confederate AF today CPDA Freddie Deeks (RAF Eng) War 2 deeds bio CPA P-51 first Israel AF sortie CPA late 30s RAF bbrs Psurv Classique Aero Service, France CPA Constellation ops with Federal Av Admin US CPA Westland Whirlwind heli ops w 846 Sqdn Roy Nav n 60s PA EE Lightning T.5 ZU-BBD rest n So Afri CPA complete magazine$2.00

FebruaryJu-88 shoot down over Eng Apr 44 PA Mitsu A6M hist rest CPD A ca Cpros Ki-46 hist CPA P-51D 44-63663 N41749 (US) CPDA Soko G-2A n Eng CPA Soko P-2 Kraguj (recip sbs lw trnr) n Eng PA UTVA-66 (Yugoslav hw liais) n Eng CPA Paul Klipisch death n Spit 1 n Bat of France wreckovery CPA RAF Cardington Rest Center moves CPA Luft raids on Eng 1944 PA Fleet Air Arm ops n Far East 1931-32 Psurv airfields of North England n W2 PA map Thompson Trophy Races hist after W2 CPA American Airpower Mus collection of nose art CPA Shadetree Aviation (US) Ya-9U-Ms newbuild CPDA Japanese warbirds preserved n Japan survivors list CPA complete magazine$2.00

MarchBlenheim IV G-BKGL rest n Eng CPA MiG-17 rest NX117BR of Reesman CPDA Herington Army Airfield hist US CPA Boeing Washington (RAF B-29) Psurv US Army liaison strips n Eng n W2 hist CPA air ops n Nigeria and Biafra civ war hist CPA Ryan PT-20 rest of Mairani N14984 CPA Lancaster X cpit CP Pakistan AF Mus CPA Spit I X4493 wreckovery n Germ CPA B-17G rest "Sentimental Journey" CPA torpedo bbg ops in Vildebeests & Swordfish mem Harvard combat against Kenya revolution memCpro PA airline ops n Burma n 30s PA ops with Bristol Bombays w 216 Sqdn mem PA is it smart to keep flying precious warbirds? CPA Bell P-59 rest at Planes of Fame, US CPDA Jaguar rest GR.1 XX765at RAF Mus Cosford, Eng CPDA Cosford Airfield exp jets CPA complete magazine$2.00

MayWestland Dragonfly heli WG751 CPA Spit PR.IX PL965 rest CPDA Fleet Air Arm Mus status CPA Beaufighter ferry flt 1944 CPA Dil Bf-109 wreckovery n Poland CPDA George Checketts (Blenheim crew) bio Cil PA Repeat Aircraft (restorers, US) CPA Shuttleworth Collection status CPA DH-114 Heron Psurv CPA air kill of Germ sub U-966 PA Eden Camp Mus, Eng CPA RAF ops n Middle East n 50s mem CPA Meteor night fighters CPA Cpros ca WW2 airfields n Hereford & Worchester PA warbird dealing with Russia CPA 144th FS, CA ANG display refurbishment CPA B-17C trans-Pac ferry CPA Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial, Kent, Eng CPA complete magazine$2.00

JuneTBM-3E 53454 N7030C rest n Wisconsin CPA Lancaster PA474 rest of Memorial Flt status CPA BAe Strikemaster ex Saudi AF at Duxford Eng mus COA Bristol Blenheim IV rest Duxford, Eng CPD Norman Lees (Eng warbd pilot) obit CPA Alan Bedford (USN aviator) ops n Korean War mem PA FW-190 new-build replis CPDA RAF ops n Burma against Ki-46 PA Ken Ellis (Eng av artist) CPA RAF Apprentice School, Halton Eng Psurv Aero L-29 Delfin rest n Eng CPDA Flying Legends a s n Eng CPA Sun’n’Fun f-i n Florida CPA David Vernon (Eng pilot W2) mem PA Peter Gimson (Eng Spit PRU pilot) loss n W2 PA Stillwater, OK airfield 1946 and today’s museum CPA Blackburn Beverely hist CPA Aircraft Restoration Co., Duxford, Eng CPA complete magazine$2.00

JulyB-29s flying today rest CPDA Tiger Moths rests n progress in Johannesburg, Africa CPDA Hawker Hunter air combat trng n Pakistan 1971 mem CPA F-86 rest as "Mig Mad Marine" CPDA Sunderland flying post W2 mem PA E.H. Turtle (Eng flt eng on Halifaxes) mem CPA Wellington Aviation historic collection (Eng) CPA Aerospace Exhibition Center, Teheran, Iran CPA Deutsches Mus, Germ CPA Fleet Air Arm traffic control ops mem PA US volunteer flt trng n Canada before Dec 7 41 PA C-47s used in making movies Band of Brothers CPA complete magazine$2.00

AugustVulcan B.2 XH558 rest effort CPDA B-29 survivors today CPA RF-101C ops w USAFE 66th Wing CPA Spit II P7350 hist CPDA John Admundsen (Eng) restoration activities bio CPA Palm Springs Air Mus (US) CPA Newark Air Mus (Eng) cockpit collection CPDA RAF high speed launch HSL.108 rescue boat incident PA early night fighter ops PA complete magazine$2.00

SeptemberCAC Winjeel (Australia trnr) hist rest CPDA F-94B ops n Korean War CPDA P-38 hist CPD ca P-38 trng ops w 82d FG USAAAF n Northern Ireland CPA PV-2 rest w CAF Wisconsin Wing hist CPDA David Siebeer (Australia ops as gunner w USAAF) bio PA Ernest Tuttle (Eng flt eng on Halifax) war hist bio PDA Fleet Air Arm Mus (Yeovilton Eng) CPA BofB Memorial near Folkestone, Eng status CPA Branzett Aeronautical Mus (Eng) CPA aviation memorials surv CPA Sutton Bridge, Eng Hurricane trng ops PA Hawkinge airfield (Eng) preservation efforts hist CPA airfield survey of Kent, Eng PA complete magazine$2.00

OctoberHA-112 rest of Kindsvater n US CPA Aeroventure DOncaster mus, Eng CPA Swiss AF Mus status CPA B-24 US gunner n SoPacf mem PA J.A. Berly (B-17 gunner) war dia CPA Kenneth Edingborough (RAF Wellington gunner) bio CPA RAF Sutton Bridge airfield n BoB PA Spit Tr. IX PT462 G-CTIX) of Dragon Flight, Eng hist CPA collecting pre-war aviation cigarette cards DPA Mitsubishi G4M hist PA Boulton Paul P.111 Delta hist PA RF-101C ops w 66th Wing USAFE hist CPA Auster I rest LB264 n Eng CPDA complete magazine$2.00

NovemberAvro Vulcan proto testing mem PA PBY VP-BPS recent final flight CPDA Goodyear FG-1 rest of Paul Morgan CPDA P-51s flown n movies CPA Kevin Edingborough (Eng air gunner n RAF Venturas) bio PA Amy Johnson and "Mr. X" alleged copilot on solo flts (Eng) bio PA Cil John Lowery (Eng air gunner 1950 mem) PA 56th O T U Hurricane trng ops w RAF Sutton Bridge hist CPA Windmill Aviation ops (Eng) hist status CPA National Defense Park collection (China) CPA Aviation Exposition (China) CPA BofB 60th Anniv commem CPA complete magazine$2.00

DecemberSpit Tr.IX PB202 G-TRIX crash report CPA Spit Tr. IX ML407 rest of Grace hist (Eng) CPA Reno air races desc CPA Blenheim flying n desert war mem CPA Westwood Airfield, Eng pre W2 Psurv + HP Hastings support ops for Brit a bomb tests mem PA Caernarfon Air Mus, Wales CPA Restorations Unlimited, Eng CPA So Afri AF ops n Korean War CPA Millennium Collection spits for sale Croydon Airport Visitor Center CPA DC-4 w So Afri Aw Hist Flt CPDA Spit & Hurri replica models becoming popular CPA J.A. Berly (B-17 radio op) war dia CPA Do-17 ops against Beaufighters Cpro CPA collecting flying clothing & equipment CPA complete magazine$2.00
2001JanuaryDouglas F4D Skyray Psurv A Meteor 8 flying n 50s w 41 Sqdn mem PA Me-262 modern newbuilds CPDA P-47 war mem w RAF n Burma PA Spit F.21 LA198 rest n Eng CPDA Spit I K9942 rest at Medway, Eng CPDA Darkhorse 16 collection (Viet War helis US) CPDA RAF Mus restore center, Eng CPA Museum of Flying (USA) collection of Brit ac CPA National Warplane Mus (Eng) CPDA 376th FS war ops n Eng WW2 hist PA Cil Ken Brain (Eng Typhoon pilot) bio CPA flt trng at Booker, Bucks, Eng mem PA complete magazine$2.00

MarchIl-2 wreckovery n Hungary CPA Jack French (RAF mechanic) mem PA Westland Lysander hist PA Mosquito raid on Germ cargo ship CPA Mosquito w 57mm Molins gun PA C-47 ops n Korean War CPA Arthur Gilbert (RAF fitter) mem bio CPA Hawker Sea Fury racers CPA Malta Av Museum CPDA Michael Leonard Hayes (Royal Navy pi) bio PA Pyote Army Air Field (US bbr trng base) hist CPA EE Lightning rest in US CPDA B-24 rest at Imp War Mus CPDA Dambusters Inn (pub dedicated to 617 Sqdn raid on dams), Eng CPA TBM-3E Avenger rest of Danny Summers CPDA complete magazine$2.00

AprilLancaster rest taxis for movie n Eng CPA Do-217 disputed kill by 468 Sqdn, RAF PA E.E. Lightning rest n Africa Z-BBD of Mike Beachy Head CPDA P-38 ops w 459th FS, Burma hist CPA N3N civ rest of Lonnie Autry (US) CPDA Luftwaffe in Tunisia color pics Cpsurv 273 Sqdn RAF effort to have its badge officially recognized CPDA Ford Fray (Eng flt eng) career CPA Kenneth R. Jackson (Eng) RAF flying career CPA Dandonald Aviation Center (Scotland) CPA Scotland aviation mus surv CPA Dumfries and Galloway Av Mus (Scotland) CPA Montrose Air Station Mus (Scot) CPA Museum of Flight (Scotland) CPA Historic Aircraft Collection airshow ops CPA recent air memorials n Eng CPA Pyote Army Airfield, TX (USA) hist CPA complete magazine$2.00

JuneSR-71 at Imp War Mus, CPA Canadair Silver Star (T-33) Mk. 3 21261 rest CPA Brian Austin (Eng RAF bbr crew) war deeds mem PA PBY rest of Super Catalina Restoration CPDA Yak-9UM new-build NX1157H CPA Gorgi ac models CPA Spit V wreck at El Alamein mus, Egypt CPDA Air Training Corps, RAF mem CPA DH Venom ops in Singapore mem PA Caernarfon Air Mus, Eng artwork CPA Burtonwood Air Base, Eng hist CPA Fred Fray (Stirling flt eng) war deed PA Cpro W2 airfields of Berkshire, Middlesex & Surrey, Eng PA Stinson L-5 rest of Frank Huffman N63355 CPDA ac preserved as gate guards n Venezuela CPA complete magazine$2.00

JulyCradle of Aviation Mus, US CPA P-2 forest fire tankers of Minden Air CP + Spit flying n 1944 mem CPA Ju-88 crash n Eng 1942 PA Khartoum, Sudan rotting ac CPA EE Lightning efforts to preserve CPA Military Helicopters rest ops, Eng CPA F-86 ops n Korean War CPA Hunter flying wth 8 Sqdn, RAF mem CPA ca Cpros Meteor NF.11 flying mem PA 1950s av history CPA T-33 flying w USAF mem CPA P-51 44-72216 rest of Lamplough, eng CPA aviation film activities n Canada CPDA ac diverting to Switz n W2 CPA pub n Northumberland av visitors guest list PA Aerofab ac restorers, Eng CPA Bristol Bulldog ltpln trnr rest CPDA Sunderland BOAC flt 1946 mem CPA PBY forced lndg n Aleutians W2 PA RAF Coltishall ac restorers CPA complete magazine$2.00

SeptemberUSN flt trng early 50s mem PA aviation museums n Yorkshire, Eng CPA Yorkshire Air Mus, Eng CPA Museum of Army Transport, Eng CPA Real Airplane Mus, Eng CPA Eden Camp mus, Eng CPA Aeroventure air mus, Eng CPA Sea Fury rest VR930 Hunter as proto WB 188 rest CPA DH Sea Vixen Psurv + Vulcan navigator n early 60s mem PA John Strawson (Eng BoB ftr pi) bio CPA EE Lightning pieces of Kevin Petty collection CPDA Guillermo Brego (B-24 flt eng) war deed PA B-17G 44-85734 former 5e test bed rest CPDA complete magazine$2.00

DecemberSpit IX ML427 at Millennium Point mus, Eng Hurricane P3395 at Millennium Point mus, Eng Imp War Mus rest hangar at Duxford, Eng VPA Vulcan XH558 rest, Eng CPA Breitling Fighters coll Eng CPA Cpro Airframe Assemblies (warbird restorers), Eng CPDA Sunderland T9040 effort to save PA PT-17 rest N54777 of St. John, US CPA B-24 crew 5294 war action Cil CPA Cpro Wellington 1950 training accident PA Berlin Air Mus hist CPA DHC Otter hist CPA B-29 ops n Korean War CP complete magazine$2.00
2002FebruaryVickers Merchantman (cargo Vanguard) rest CPD A Commonwealth Boomerang rest n Australia CPDA Roy Goon (Australia ftr pi W2) bio CPA Australian Aviation Heritage Center mus status CPA Martin B-26 " A Kay Pea’s Drem" op’l hist, memorial CPA Ju-52 wreckovery n Norway ice CPA Roland Beamont (Eng test pi) bio ac flown CPA Thunder City So Afri jet collection CPA EE Lightning of Thunder City CPDA B-24 two on a chute escape in ETO PA il AW Albemarle proto loss PA Italian AF Mus CPA Sussex, England wartime airfields hist PA Herbert "Sandy" Webb (RAF recce pi W2) bio CPA Gloster Meteor flying mem Cpro PA Temora Aviation Mus Australia CPA Commonwealth Wirraway rests W2 his CPA complete magazine$2.00

AugustRAF Mus Hendon rejuvenation CPA Percival Sea Prince civs PA Sea Fury & Carmichael MiG-15 combat n Korean War CPA Constellation L-749 N749NL rest effort CPDA Canberra WJ680 rest flt to Australia CPA May 14, 1940 combat n France PA Saunders Roe Princess P+ Bristol Britannia P+ Hawker Hunters rests of Hunter Flying Club CPA RAF combat at El Alamein mem PA PB4Y-2 rest at Lone Star Flt Mus CPDA Vulcan hist survivors CPDA ca C2v Vulcan XH558 effort to fly again CPDA Spit PR XIX PS890 rest n US CPDA complete magazine$2.00

SeptemberUS Army flying strips n Eng, W2 CPA Cockpit Fest gathering n Eng CPD A Museum of Flight expansion (US) CPA Imperial War Museum North (Eng) CPA Retro Track & Air Ltd. (Merlin restorers n Eng) CPDA Gordon Shellard (Eng) RAF flying career PA bio John Sample (Eng) RAF flying career PA bio BA (British Aircraft) Eagle (Eng ltpln hw 1e 30s) rest CPDA F4F/FM-2 survivors CPD A F-86A rest CPDA TF-51 (44-84745 NL851D) rest n FL CPDA C-133 rest at Dover AFB CPDA & survivors B-47 mid-air collision over north Atlantic PDA complete magazine$2.00

OctoberRAF Mustangs, Thunderjets over Korea, Fenland Airfield, Barracudas, Rom Reilly;s warbird restoration, Wellingtons, B-17G, Mighty 8th Airfields, complete magazine$2.00

DecemberC-54 rests for Berlin Airlift film CPA Constellation rest L749NL flt to Europe CPDA Derrick Wright (RAF bbr pi) bio CPA Fantasy of Flight Mus, Florida CPA Shackleton 2 N790WL (US) rest CP HP Victor hist CPDA Hampden early ops Cpro PA USAAF / USAF airfields n Northwest Eng CPA P-47 trng at Atcham, Eng airfield PA cautions about collecting aviation art CPA Spit restorations by Aircraft Restoration Co., Eng CPA complete magazine$2.00
2003JanuaryLancaster wreckovery memorial n Netherlands CPA Shackleton rest to UK CPDA Beaufighter ops w 417th NFS USAAF hist Cpro PA Cierva C-30 autogiro survivors, rest CPD A DH Comet 4c airliner rest n Seattle, WA (US) CPD A Firefly loss n Korean War Cil CPA P-70 ops hist CPA Constellation rest for flt to Netherlands CPD A P-38 ops w 83nd FG, MTO CPA Martin Maryland RAF ops < Malta mem PA Waco YKS-7 rest G-BWAC n Eng CPDA Paul S. Riley (US 4rth FG pilot) bio PA Patrick Williams (US 56th FG pilot) bio PA Cpro 78th FG ops n Eng W2 hist CPA Air Training Corps, RAF hist, ac used list CPA Fast Airframes (Eng) cockpit & ac coll CPA Korean Aerospace Mus CPA USAF Mus expands CPA Wright historic sites n Dayton, OH CPA Swiss Flying Mus CPA list Gorgi metal ac models CPA il complete magazine$2.00

FebruaryBreitling Co. support of ac rests CPA Air Training Corps hist, ac flown by CPA RAF Mus today CPA RAAF Mus, Australia CPA Moorabbin Air Mus, Australia CPA 247 Sqdn, RAF ground attack ops PA Harold Shelton (Australia test pilot) bio PA John Wallace (Australia Stirling pilot n ETO) RAF service bio PA Lancaster flying career of Ron Wells bio PA Vulcan rest – attempts to keep flying CPA AC-47 rest n USA CPDA EE Canberra rest flt Temora Mus, Australia CPA Fw-190F White 1 rest n Florida CPA He-111 rest n Germ today CPDA Miles Ac flown by Peter Holloway in Shuttleworth Collection Miles Magister rest CPDA Miles M.3A Falcon Major G-AEEG rest CPDA 3v complete magazine$2.00

AprilWestland Wessex retired from RAF CPA Charles Peterson (Eng Blen, Mossie pilot) war action bio CPA Cpro RAF Bomber Command training ops CPA Avro Anson hist, rest CPDA warbirds n UK today CPA Fairey Battle ops w 12 SQdn 1940 CPA US airfields n Essex, Eng CPA USAF Mus restoration center CPA Fokker T.V (2e fltpln Neth) last plane out of Holland PA TF-51 rest of Lee Lauderback, Florida CPDA complete magazine$2.00

MayLancaster of BofB Mem Flt n its op career PA Beaufighter hist survivors CPDA Cpros ca Beaufighter ops n Israel AF PABristol Sycamore rest at Medway mus, Eng CPA TBM rest n Eng CPA TBM rest of Collings Foundation CPDA P-51D rest "The Duck" to RAF Mus CPA Wellington wreckovery 617 Dambuster Sqdn hist n W2 Cpro, memorial CPA 617 Sqdn hist after dam raids to now CPA Cpros how RAF would hit dams today CPA Battleship Tirpitz bulkhead at Eng mus CPA Springbock Flying Safari expands (So Afri al) CPA complete magazine$2.00

JuneAT-6s of Dutch Historical Flight CPA Concorde slated for retirement, disposition April 2003 CPA DH Sea Vixen XJ571 to Southampton Mus CPA Jack Strain (Eng transport crewman in WW2) war career mem CPA Bomber Command operational training n W2 PA An-2 pres at Newark, Eng CPA F4U ops w USN/MC in SoPac Cpro PA F4U rests/survivors today CPDA Hurricane ops n Greece n WW2 PA EE Lightning survivors CPDA airfields in Southwest England used by US forces hist PA maps PB4Y ops n ETO hist PA HAL Heritage Center aviation mus n India CPA Lancaster loss in 1951 n Scot Highlands CPA Westland Widgeon (1e 2s para ltpln) rest CPDA complete magazine$2.00

SeptemberB-17 crash repair and flyout n Eng WW2 CPA 398th BG Memorial Association A EE Lightning T.5 XS420 rest n Eng CPA Commonwealth Boomerang rest n Australia CPDA Lavochkin La-9 rest n Eng CPDA fighter rests n Australia today CPDA Battle of Bismarck Sea (So Pac) hist CPA map Cil 345th B.G. Air Apaches ops in So Pac CPA Cil Cpro Frank Baylis (Mosquito PR navigator) war ops bio PA David W. Vernon (England) early jet pilot in RAF mem PA North Weald, Eng airport future uncertain CPDA hist airfields n England used by USA n WW2 CPA maps Shoreham Aircraft Mus, Eng CPA cockpit collecting n England CPDA The Jetstream Club, England CPA complete magazine$2.00

OctoberAvro Anson rest at Duxford CPDA P-40 of Jerry Yagen ( 41-35927) CPA P-40 hist CPA AD-6 rest of Bob Grondzik (USA) CPA Ju-188 op over Eng hist PA B-26 disasterous raid on Ijmuiden, May 1943 hist PA RA-5C ops n Viet War mem CPA P-51 rest surv CPA T-28A mod to Fennec rest of Martin Willing (Eng) CPA Percival Pembroke rest of Martin Willing (Eng) CPA Polikarpov Po-2 rest at Old Warden CPDA Spitfire Tr.IX mJ627 rest at Lincolnshire CPA hist Westland Whirlwind (heli) rest of Yorkshire Heli Pres Group (Eng) CPDA Cyril Manning (Eng RAF Liberator bombardier) bio PA Martin Willing (Eng warbird retorer) bio CPA He-177 downed by Mosquito incident Cil PA complete magazine$2.00

NovemberP-51D 414419 G-MSTG reunite with former pi CPA 609 (West Riding) Sqdn hist Cpro Cil PA Air Trng Corps, Eng hist PA RAF ops from Hinaidi, Iraq n 20s mem PA Lancaster survivors CPDA Lancaster NX664 rest n France CPDA Lancaster NF920 wreckovery n Sweden NF920 CPA Lancaster flying lab PA474 PA Lancaster rest KB726 C-GVRA of Canadian Warplane Heritage CPDA Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane" rest CPDA Lancaster PA474 w Britain Mem Flt CPDA Lancaster WG4783 rest to Aust War Mem CPA Lancaster FM159 rest n Canada CPA Western Mus of Flt US CPA Bob Tullius ac coll US CAP Frank Whittle memorials n Eng CPA Blackburn Beverly CPsurv + California Thunder (L-29 jet demo team, US) CPDA Hurricane Z3055 rest of Malta Air Mus CPDA Bell 47G MASH heli of Warbird adventures US CPA Canberra ops n Suez crisis PA complete magazine$2.00

DecemberLVG C.VI retirement from UK flying CPDA F.A.S.T. av Mus opens to public CPA Whitley V wreckovery n Scotland CPA Spit ops w RAF 3rd Tac AF CBI Mustang n RAF flying mem PA P-51 survivors n UK CPA P-51 early UK warbirds CPA Air Traning Corps airframes (Eng) PA Wright Bros ac n Dayton, OH CPA RE.8 crew POW n WI PA R.E.8 F3556 rest n Eng CPA RF-101 crew rescue n Viet War CPA US airfields n Beds, Cambs & Hunts, Eng CPA Cpro 339th FG ops against Me-262s CPA complete magazine$2.00
2004JanuaryArmy Historic Flight, Eng CPA Concorde phase out and G-BOAA to Scotland av mus CPA Blenheim Z7513 loss n desert CPA Stirling LK488 wreckovery n Eng PA RB-57A Heart Throb recon ops over Sov Un CPA Spit XVI SL721 rest Cf-GVZB of Mike Potter CPA Spit survivors n North America CPA Tom Cooper (Spit IX MH434 pi) ops n W2 bio PA Letecke Mus, Czechoslovakia CPA Shackleton hist survivors CPDA ca pros PBY-5A rest N9521C CPA PBY-6 rest VH-PBZ n Australia CPA sister of Edwin Mutch quest to learn his fate n Eng CPA complete magazine$2.00

MarchGrahame-White ac coll Eng CPA BT-13 movie camera mod of Fighter Rebuilders US CPA Spit VIII MV459 rest n India CPA Panico Theodosiu (RAF instructor pilot) bio PA Lancaster of Australian War Mem W4783 CPA RAF ops on Malta CPA Sabre ops w Canada AF n Eng PA Bentley Priory control center on D-Day eve CPA B-17G "Miss Behavin’" loss PA Squadron cods explained CPA DH Sea Vixen civ G-CVIX CPDA US airfields n Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire PA Great Patriotic War Mus, Russia CPA P-38 only op’l one in RAF PA B-24 ops n India AF CPA DH Tiger Moth racing n Australia CPA complete magazine$2.00

JunePBY-5A civ CFNIF rest of Plane Sailing CPDA Concorde G-BOAA transport to Scotland CPA RAF Bomber Command support of D-Day invasion his PA Normandy Beach memorial prep for 60th Anniv visits CPA Fiesler Fi-103 V-1 Buzz Bomb hist CPA North Witham airfield ops with Pathfinder School before D-Day hist CPA airfields of East Midlands and role in D-Day Cil CPA Lockheed Hudson rest n Australia CPDA E.E. Lightning cockpit see-through rest CPDA Gloster Gladiator ops w Norway AF CPDA Gloster Gladiator ops at Malta CPA Cpro Gloster Gladiator hist, survivors surv CPDA National Air & Space Mus, Washington, DC today CPDA Spit & Hurri rests to fly again over Malta CPA Frank W. Klibbe ops w 56th FG mem CPDA Cpro Royal Navy ac ops n 1956 Suez War mem PA jet warbirds in UK 2004 CPDA complete magazine$2.00

JulyConstellation N73544 flt to Europe CPA Concorde to display at Filton, Eng CPA Personal Courage Wing of Mus of Flt, US CPA Guy Fazan (RAF ntftrpi) war deeds CPA Spit and Hurri Merlins Over Malta commem flying at Malta CPA ac found in Mersey estuary, Eng CPA 17 Sqdn RAF CPA Cpro Seafire 47 hist, rest VP441 (N47SF) CPA ca Cpro Jackdaw Pub (aviation-connected restaurant) Eng CPDA cockpit collector John S. Morgan Boeing Dash 80 707 proto Psurv CPA Mosquito "Spirit of Vancouver" rest n Canada CPDA Battle of Britain memorial, Lancaster wreath drop CPA complete magazine$2.00

NovemberB-25 rest of Duke of Brabant AF relocates CPA Guy Lawrence (RAF bbrpi W2) bio CPA EE lightning 50th anniv observance CPA Lancaster NX 611 "Just Jane" hist CPDA sinking of Germ bship Tirpitz PA Vulcan XH558 rest status CPA Bristol Bolingbroke rest n Canada CPDA Westland Lysander rest n Canada CPDA RLM Aviation (ex Germ ac restorers, Eng) CPA RAF Millom Mus, Eng CPA 616 Sqdn RAF hist Cpro PA Philip Heppel (Eng ftrpi W2) PA F-86D hist CPA complete magazine$2.00
2005JanuarySpit 24 VN 485 rest at Imp War Mus CPA Newark Air Mus (Eng) new display hall CPA 99 Sqdn RAF hist CPA Luftwaffe raid on Allied airfields Jan 1 45 Basil John Blackburn (Eng RAF Spit pi) bio CPA RAF in 60s CPsurv Curtiss 75A-1 rest n France CPDA Abraham Jaffe (USAAF P-51 pi) B o Bulge action CPA bio photo recon ac of USAAF/AF surv PA Mosquito recon ops w USAAF CPA Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust CPA Alan McLeod (Canada ftr pi) Cil PA Spitfire computer flt sim Cil A Lancaster rest NX 611 "Just Jane" in 1970 CPA Hawker Hunter flying n late 50s mem CPA FW-190 new-build ff CPDA complete magazine$2.00

FebruaryQuebec Air & Space Mus status CPA Caproni Ca.100 I-GTAB rest CPA Walter Thomson (R Navy ftrpi) W2 action bio PA :P.G. Woodward (Eng ftrpi n CBI) mem PA bio barrage balloon sqdns of R Aux AV CPA Hs-129 hist wreckovery CPA B-25 rest of Duke of Brabant AF (Neth) CPA Meteor drone final flight CPA USAAF maximum effort 3,000 ac mission n Battle of Bulge CPA State Aviation Mus, Kiev, Russ CPA Fairey Skua L2940 wreckovery n Norway 114 Sqdn DH Chipmunk anti-terrorist ops PA Halifax NA337 at RCAF Memorial Mus CPDA King Edward visits new ac protos July 8, 1936 Psurv + flying Hunters w 74 Sqdn RAF pi mem CPA Cpro complete magazine$2.00

MarchHurricane BoB vet R4118 rest, hist CPDA Dassault Mirage Switz AF phase out CPA Lancasters pres n Eng status CPDA Denis Parnall (RAF BoB Hurri pi) bio PA Cil "Merlins Over Malta" painting Cil CPA RAF National Service volunteer 1950s mem CPA Hawker Sea Hawk rest CPDA Royal Navy Historic Flight ops CPDA P-61 anti V-1 ops n ETO hist PA P-61 hist, survivors CPDA US airfields n Suffolk, Eng CPA Cpro USAAF ops at Wattisham, Eng Psurv+ Newark Air Mus, Eng status CPA Lockheed Ventura wreckovery n Canada CPA Spitfire IX pres n Israel hist CPA Airpower Unlimited collection, US CPDA complete magazine$2.00

June'Planes and Pints' - Aviation Hostelries Very Special Duty - Peter Arkell flew Mustangs and Lysanders before heading up the charismatic family-run brewery. He talked to Ken Ellis. 'Planes and Pints' - Daniel Ford looks at some more UK aviation-related hostelries. 'Bomber County' Journey - Steve Oakley meets former mid-upper gunner Don Hodge over a pint of 'Pathfinder'. A Drink at the 'Proud Bird' - Ray Leach visits a well-known US aviation emporium and talks to its owner, David Tallichet. Signing up at 'The Eagle' - Nigel Price pulls up a chair at a Cambridge pub famous for its wartime 'painted' ceiling. Hurricane Special pull-out A Real Passion - Peter Vacher is the proud owner of an airworthy Battle of Britain veteran Hurricane - he talked to Ken Ellis of its epic recovery and restoration. 'Night Reaper' - Sqn Ldr Clive Rowley MBE RAF, OC Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, tells the story behind the new paint scheme on PZ865. Hawker's Hurricane - Jarrod Cotter summarises the history of PZ865, The Last of the Many! Two into One Roger A Freeman examines USAAF two-seater conversions in the European theatre. Canberra Crusaders Get airborne with nuclear weapons within ten minutes of the alert - that was life on a 1960s RAF Germany Canberra squadron. Phil Wilkinson recalls those days. complete magazine$2.00

JulyB-24 "Lady Be Good" remains to Tobruk CPA F-86A 48-0242 rest to Midland Air Mus, Eng CPA 8 Sqdn RAF hist CPA Cpro B-24 of RAF Coastal Command ops mem PDA P-40 of NZAF rest NZ3094 n New Zealand CPDA Canberra ops w RAF Germ n 60s mem CPA aviation at National Museum of Science and Technology, Sweden CPA USAAF/USAF airfields n Hampshire, Kent and Sussex CPA Battle of Britain historic collections, sites preserved today CPA Martin Marylands of 431 Flight RAF in Taranto attack Cil PA Folland Gnat Psurv + Mosquito damaged during attack on Germ ship incident PA complete magazine$2.00

Augustmaking movie Flyboys CPA 604 Sqdn RAF Meteor ops mem CPA 604 Sqdn RAF early history Cpro PA Peter Thomas (Eng ac preservationist) obit bio CPA ventral defensive guns for bombers PDA Chile Navy Aviation Mus CPA Grumman HU-16 Albatross hist CPA ca HU-16 rest of Dennis Buehn CPA A6M restoration projects, survivors today CPDA 509th Composite Group USAAF ops n W2 CPA F4U fly-in at Bridgeport, CT CPA Bristol Britannia XM496 "Regulus" rest CPDA RAF Maintenance units salvage ops n W2 PA Hawker Hunter Aviation Ltd. current ops CPDA complete magazine$2.00
2007MayAlex Henshaw Peter Green and Ken Ellis pay tribute to a consummate pilot. Scenes of Conflict Max Waldron visits some of the remaining Falklands aeronautical 'battlegrounds'. Pathfinders and the 'Lost' Village Little Staughton village gave rise to a famous bomber station, but not without sacrifice. Neil M Cockburn describes the birth of an airfield and the exploits of its units. Jet-on-Jet Korea was the first war in which jets fought each other. Warren E Thompson describes the first battle. complete magazine$2.00

September Welcome to 'Newark International'! Ken Ellis reports from the record-breaking 'CockpitFest'. Special Features - Australia and New Zealand Stay Focussed Brian O'Connor, 'Kiwi' Tempest pilot; Ken Wright tells his story. Museum: Knights of the Sky Jarrod Cotter sampled the spectacular presentation of Great War aircraft at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. We Lead, Others Follow Australian Selwyn Booth served with Bomber Command's Pathfinders - Owen Zupp talked to him about his experiences. Journey's End In the summer of 1939, 22 Australian volunteers for the RAF sailed to the UK - half of them did not survive the war. Dennis Newton tells of John Crossman's valour. Workshop: Phoenix Rising There is only one Liberator in the Southern Hemisphere and in 2010 it's due for completion. David Atchinson and Pete West report. Cape to Cairo Les Allington and friends travelled home from flying training in style. Top Secret over Korea Combat trials with 20mm cannon-armed F-86 Sabres described by Warren E Thompson. complete magazine$2.00
2009DecemberCatalina for Qantas Hendon-bound Havoc Walrus on the Move 'Stuka' on show in New Zealand 'Vimy' retires Flying-Boat Centre opens News on other pages Early Phantom 'warbird' to fly Shuttleworth's new 'Air Boss' Sea Hawk flies again Features Home from Home A special 'homecoming' for Norwegian veterans was held at North Weald in September - Arthur Moreton and Ken Ellis help celebrate the historic event. Through the Curtain A trio of unarmed F-100 Super Sabres carried out clandestine flights behind the 'Iron Curtain' during the 'Cold War' - Doug Gordon tells all. 75 - but still a Young Man John Heard reports on how the Bücker Jungmann's 75th 'birthday' was commemorated at a special event in Switzerland. Bear-Faced Cheek! Warbird pilot Leah Hammond is using the family's World War Two aircraft to raise funds for charity, as Phil Whalley explains. Sea Hawk is back After a lengthy spell on the ground, the Royal Navy Historic Flight's magnificent Hawker Sea Hawk is back in the skies. Photography by Luigino Caliaro. New man at Old Warden Not many Boeing 767 pilots get to strap themselves into a 1912 Blackburn Monoplane at the weekend. Steve Beebee meets Trevor Roche, new chief pilot with the Shuttleworth Collection. Postcards from Goodwood Reggie C digs out his blazer and heads for the Goodwood Revival. What a Load of Scrap! An amazing photo from the Jeremy Collins Collection - perfect for a caption contest! complete magazine$2.00
2010AprilCatalina for Qantas Hendon-bound Havoc Walrus on the Move 'Stuka' on show in New Zealand 'Vimy' retires Flying-Boat Centre opens News on other pages Early Phantom 'warbird' to fly Shuttleworth's new 'Air Boss' Sea Hawk flies again Features Home from Home A special 'homecoming' for Norwegian veterans was held at North Weald in September - Arthur Moreton and Ken Ellis help celebrate the historic event. Through the Curtain A trio of unarmed F-100 Super Sabres carried out clandestine flights behind the 'Iron Curtain' during the 'Cold War' - Doug Gordon tells all. 75 - but still a Young Man John Heard reports on how the Bücker Jungmann's 75th 'birthday' was commemorated at a special event in Switzerland. Bear-Faced Cheek! Warbird pilot Leah Hammond is using the family's World War Two aircraft to raise funds for charity, as Phil Whalley explains. Sea Hawk is back After a lengthy spell on the ground, the Royal Navy Historic Flight's magnificent Hawker Sea Hawk is back in the skies. Photography by Luigino Caliaro. New man at Old Warden Not many Boeing 767 pilots get to strap themselves into a 1912 Blackburn Monoplane at the weekend. Steve Beebee meets Trevor Roche, new chief pilot with the Shuttleworth Collection. Postcards from Goodwood Reggie C digs out his blazer and heads for the Goodwood Revival. What a Load of Scrap! An amazing photo from the Jeremy Collins Collection - perfect for a caption contest! complete magazine$2.00

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