'Flying' is a magazine dedicated to professional pilots and flying, with not so much emphasis on sporting or recreational pilots. It has described itself as the "World's most widely read aviation magazine". Normal contents includes industry news and the general aviation market, aircraft flight tests, tips on navigation and flying techniques, new product reviews, first hand flying experiences etc. Only covers civil flying, piloting business airplanes. First published circa ? By May 1941 it was called 'Flying and Popular Aviation'. From May 1942 it was renamed 'Flying Including Industrial Aviation', before being simplified to 'Flying' from January 1944 onwards. Typically 90-114 pages each, roughly A4 size.

YearMonthCondition & ContentsPrice
1942April Must Freeze Our Aircraft Designs; Japs ar Vulnerable; Private Pilot & the War; New Strategy; Identification; RCAF $4.00

November Towed Air Transports; Report from London; Escape from Java; Fly Them Over; Australia A.F.; Convey Patrol; Intruder Operation; Cobra $4.00
1943March Aviation's Greatest 1942 Achievements; Hurricane; Engines & Altitude; Test Experts; Aces for China; Helicopters $4.00
1944January Industrial Aviation Edition; Paratroops; Ditch Ship; Shuffle Bombing; Raid on Waake; Russian Air Bases; Maping WASP; Island Warfare; World's Best Aircraft $4.00

August Report on Air Invasion; Ace Business; B-29; Skeeter; Flying Fortress; Aerial Eavesdropper; Air Mail; Coronado $4.00
1945January Will State Regulations Cripple Aviation?; Air Dictators; Outlook for Feeder Airlines; Traffic Control; Cost Planning for Lightplanes; India in the Air; Dauntlesss; Transatlantic Ambulance; Helllcats over France $4.00

February AOPA Edition; Before I Buy A Plane; International Air Conference; Safety; Battle of Philipines; Thunderbolt; Rockets; Airsick; Thunderbolt$4.00

March back cover missing, hellcat cutaway missing, shabby; New Civil Air Regulations; Artic Air Watch; Airports; Messerschmitts; Walt Disney's Antimated War; Spare Parts $2.00

May back covers missing, Constellation cutaway missing; Businessman Piot; Weather; Red Air Force; Formosa; Crash Landing; 20 Days on a Raft $2.00

December Outlook for Aviation; Instrimunts; Airports; Seaplanes; Sky Spies; Strategic Air Victory; $4.00

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