YearMonthCondition & ContentsPrice
1946July Seabee; Flight Without Pilots; Miles Gemini; Mexico; Globe Swift; What Speed Can A Man Stand $1.00
1947April Radar or Beams; Ferry Flight to Alaska; La Guardia; Common Sense Cockpits; Weather; Funk F2B; Jungle Jato$1.00

July Sky Club; Night School; Air Sailers; Flying Fisherman; Thunderstorms Piper PA-11; San Diego; Airliner Comes Home; Jets at Sea; Pancake Lightplane$1.00

August Jets for Lightplanes; Flying Newsboys; First Ride; Thorp Sky Skooter; Cape Cod; Helicopter; Mr. Piper; 20th Anniversary Edition$1.00

October Editorial by Hap Arnold; 100 New Photographs; Fying Holidays; Alaska - Key to Defense; Cessna 195; Flying Gas Stations; Guided Missiles; Fred J. Wiseman - Pioneer Airmail $1.00
1948January AOPA Edition: This is Private Flying; Shoulder Straps; Desert Watchmen; Stinson's 1948 Voyaer; Pipeline Air Force; Mountain Copter; Airplane comes to Duanesburg $1.00

March Air Power - Insurance; Survival in Air Age; Flying Doc; How to Buy a Used Plane; Ryan Navion; Robot Helmsman; Wing with a Slant $1.00

April Why Pilots Make Mistakes; CAA New Airport Marker System; Low Altitude Training; Flying Vet; Cessna 140; Prop; Superfort Family $1.00

June Aviation's War Against Time; Big Jet; Fly-By-Nights; Cessna 170; Omni; Tamed Cup; Flying Smits; B-47; Russia Steals the Superfort $1.00

July Jets on a Carrier; Surplus Planes; 70 Group Air Force; Wings for Game Warden; 1948 Ercoupe; Gyro; On-time Airline$1.00

October Air War in Palestine; GI Training; Russian Plane Production; 52 Fires at Potlach; Silvair Sedan; Ruddrments of Flying; Air Lift Breaks Berlin Blockade; How to Taxi $1.00
1949August How to Shoot Down a Jet; B-47; New European Lightplanes; AOPA First 10 Years; 1948 Ryan Navion; Earl Slick & Cargo Line; Bombs Heard Around the World $1.00

November Men Behind Red Air Force; Air Guard Goes to Camp; Fly Under GI Bill; Refuling in Mid-Air; Coast-to-Coast on a Kite; Invasion of Sicly; Fairchid T-31; Windshields$1.00

December U.S. Airpower & the Soviet Bomb; Britain's New Jet Warplanes; Homemade Racers' Be Youw Own Weatherman; Leatherneck Air Force; Cesna 140A; Combat Christmas, 1943$1.00
1950April Secrets of a Russian Plane; Douglas Skyraider; Tips from Chief Pilot; Helioplane; AF Reserve; Air Guard Controversy; 7,000 MIles by Seaplane; Schweizer 1-23 Sailplane $1.00

October Jets in Korea; Lanier Paraplane; Army Liaison Pilots in Korea; Nudist Airpark; Piper PA-20 Pacer; complete,$1.00

November Navy Strikes in Korea: War & Private Flying Robot Pilot; Mustang & Sabre; Powered Glider; Props Go Supersonic$1.00
1951September AOPA Edition: Flew russia's IL-12; Black Lightning CF-100; Hunter-Killer Flight; Cheese-Box Navigation; Rawdoon T-1; Cabin Maintenance; $1.00
1952March General Ike's AF; CAA's Role; Hydraheaded Delta; Ceiling Zero; P2V Neptune; Blimp; Can You Survive; Give American Youth Aviation Education $1.00

May Gen. Spatz Warns!; Wild LIfe from Aloft; Thule Guards the Peace; Women & SEcurity; N.A. RB-45; Ohio Project Airport; Rotary Wing Review $1.00

June Key to Destiny; Bewar of Roar & Snort; Flying Diesel; Jet Transports; Delta Wing Avro 707B; S.O.P. for Blimps; Yugoslavia $1.00

July Russia Knows the Way; Delta; Cat shots in the Dark; Weather Wisdom; Fly for Fun; Float Help Navigate; Aileron Angles$1.00
1957August Personality Paradise for Pilots (Blakely Island); Gen Frank Lahm; How to Fly a Light Twin; Trecker Royal Gull $3.00
1961February Island Airline; Aircraft or Missiles?; Sperry Gyroscope; Lockheed's LASA 60; Electra; complete (covere wear) $1.00

July National Airlines; Flexible Wing Lightplanes; North American T-39; Quanta; Piper Cherokee; B-36; Airline Pilot Training, complete $1.00

August Paris Air show; Convair F-106; Continental's Turbines; Mooney Mark 21; Flying Crane; Marquis Twin Turboprop; Turbine Powered Glider, complete $1.00

October Aviation Fuels; FAA's Aeronautical Center; Canadiar's CL-44; Shinn's Two-Place 2150-A'; Cessna's Skynight; Allison T-63; Flight Control System, complete,$1.00

November Special Issue: 1962 General Aviation Survey & Forecast, complete,$1.00

December Guide to Flying Aerobatics; Aircraft in Europe; Lycoming's Piston Engines; MH-260 Super Broussard; complete, $1.00

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