YearMonthCondition & ContentsPrice
1957August Personality Paradise for Pilots (Blakely Island); Gen Frank Lahm; How to Fly a Light Twin; Trecker Royal Gull $1.00
1961February Cover Rubbed; HSS-2; Trial of Electra; Sperry; Helio Courier; Lockheed LASA 60; $1.00

July NA 5-39 Sabreliner; Peper's Four-Place Cherokee; Kaman's H-438 Huskie; How to Troubleshoot yoour Engine; What Airmen Want from FAA; Lightning

August Paris Air Show; Air Defense & Convair's F-106; Continental's Turbines; Mooney Mark; flying Crane; Douglas Girds for Supersonic Transport & Space Flight; Radar $1.00

December Guide to Fying Aerobatics; Impact of American Aircraft in Europe; Lycomins Piston Engines; MH-260 Super Broussard; EAA Fly In; Farnborough Air Show$1.00
1962January New Fighter Interceptor; Nuclear Disaster Plan; FAA;s Standardized Lightplane Panel; Beech Model 23 Musketeer; Umbauch U-18 Gyroplane; Tactair T-101 $1.00

February New Color Schemes for Collision Prevention: Boeing Smal Turbines; Lear's Natural Flight Director; first Transcontinental Sailplane Flight; Snow S-2C AG-Plane $1.00

March no back cover, Advantages of Constant-Attitude Airplanes; Radar; Air Trafic Control in Europe; Mrco's Lightweight DME; Cessna's 310G; Mooney's Mark 21; Bede's Executive STOL $1.00

November Special Issue General Aviation Survey & Forecast; National Saring Championships; Volpar Tri-Gear Twin Beech $1.00
1963April Beechcraft; "Big Five" & Their Philosopies; Story of Lightplane Design; Britain's VTOL Fighter; Hiller L-4; Fog Simulator $1.00

August Careers in Aviation; General Aviation; Airlines; Military; Government; Road to Training Mooney Aircraft; Victa Airtourer; Franklin Engines $1.00

December Winter Special Fly in Skiing; World of Homebuilts; Boeing's Tri-Motor Jet; Cessna's Skyknight; Piper Cherokee 235; Reverse Thrust$1.00
1964January Specil Folio - Antique Aircraft; Jeppesens Champion 402 Lancer $1.00
1965September Super Cubs; Lockheed Vega; Bermuda; $1.00
1968July Aerobatic Bonanza; Wing Derringer; 180-hp Cardinal; Weather Radar Roundup; Man-Powered Flight; Arrow Sport; Soaring Nationals $1.00
1972April Color Section: Dangerous World of Bush Pilots; deHavilland DH-4; Used Airplane Buying; Mountain Flying; Tiara Engine $1.00

May Immortal Spitfire; Collision Avoidance; Radar; Cardinal: Cessna's Edsel?$1.00

August Aero Commander 112; Survival Kit; Mosquito; Aerostar; Cessna's 175 $1.00

September Best Glide Speed; American Traveler; Caproni A21J Jet Sailplane; Comanche 250; STOL Aztec; The Duck that Won Murphy's War $1.00

October Icing; Gordon Baxter Series; Air-File IFR; Fairchild 71; Life of Little Airports; BHH 125-600; Summer 1972 Competiton Roundup; Salon-de-Provence; Vrsac, Yugoslavia, Moline, IL $1.00

November Pressurization Package; Skymaster P337; Beech Aircraft; Spins; Taylorcraft $1.00

December Pick the Right Oil; McCulloch J-2; Twin Comanche; Mooney; Grass Roots Air Shows; IFR; Traffic Puerto Rico$1.00
1973January Wildcat: ADF Approach; Reno Races; King Air; Iron Annie; Forced Landing; Radar; EWAS; Bendix$1.00

February Autopilots; Weather Wisdom; Stearmans; AiResearch; Vintage 1973; French Aerospatiale Gazelle $1.00

April Bellanca Lineup; Yucatan; IFR; Emerald Airport; The Champ $1.00

May Navion; Piper's Navajo Chieftain; Grumman American Traveler; Crosswind Landings; Electrical Systems; Thunderstorms $1.00
1975April Bellanca Report; Canada's Snowbirds; Boeing Teutonic Twing - B)-105C$1.00

May Mooney Reaching for 200; Navajo & Cheyenne; Turbocharged vs. Turboprop; Crop Dusting; Canards; VariViggen $1.00

April Watch Out for Flak; Tracking the Bird; Spiral Dives; Cub Crop Duster; Korean Air Drops; Pinpoint Bombing; Minute Men of '52 $1.00
1980August Helicopter Races; Jail Birds; Brazillin Bandit; Flight Simulator; Rapid Transit System $1.00

September Mooney 201; Women at Airline Flight Deck; Arizona Jet Rangers; Making Airplanes Efficient; Jet Raner; Cessna 310 $1.00

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