1932 Art Deco Covers

Model Airplane News is the magazine that started it all! Launched in 1929, it remains the bible of the RC business. Written by renowned experts in the field, Model Airplane News ignites readers’ passion for RC flight, effectively guides their buying decisions and consistently drives market growth. With a primary focus on improving skills.

1932AprilCessna Flying Scale Model, Hell Diver Solid Scale Model, Engines, complete magazine,$5.00

MaySea Hawk of Aerial Combat, Polish Fighter, Aerial Radio, Supermarine S.6.B, Building a Baby R.O.G., taped spine, complete magazine,$5.00
1933JanuaryRoland D.II, Parasol, Quentin Roosevelt, Stinson "R", Salmson S.A.L.2-A2, Fokker D.VIII, Radial Engines, complete magazine$6.00

FebruarySopwith Camel, Monocoupe, Lt. Alan McLeod, World Record Glider, Stabilizer Regulator, Fokker D-XVII, holes punched(no damage to text), complete magazine$6.00

MaySiemens-Halske D4 Pursuit, Fighting Wings, Fokker F-10A, Curtiss-Wright Condor, Beechcraft, complete magazine, minor damage to rear cover,$6.00

JuneFlying Boats vrs Atlantic, Hall-Springfield Racer, Stinson "R", Waco Cabin Plane, Barrel Sprouts Wings, German L.V.G. -C5, Model Knox, complete magazine$6.00

AugustBreguet 14 B.2, submarine Scout, Baby Sea-Gul, Boeing F2B, complete magazine,$5.00
1934JuneRussian Aircraft, Curtiss YO-40B, Albatros Fighters, Microfilm, Boeing U.S. Army PW-9, complete magazine$6.00
1935FebruaryAcrobats, World Record Glider, Le Pere Fighter, Albatros Fighter, DH Comet, Bellanca Racer, Microfilm, Dewoitine D-33, complete magazine$6.00

JulyGlider - Pt. 2, Light Outdoor Tractor, Sopwith Airplanes, DH 5, New Curtiss Fighter, Fairchild Amphibian, complete magazine$6.00

September Germany Air Preparation, Nieuport XVII C1, Curtiss Wright Amphibian, Waco Cabin Model, Monocoupe Glider, Twin amphibian, , complete magazine$6.00

OctoberWings Beneath the Sea, Curtiss Hawk XP-23, Kinner Envoy, Hammond Flivver, USAA A-12 Attack Glider, complete magazine$6.00

November"O" Planes for the Navy, Curtiss Hawk XFTC-3, Stearman Glider, Fokker Fighters, Pfalz Pursuit, Boeing Bomber No. 2ii, Potez 53, Lycoming Engine, complete magazine$6.00

1936AprilGerman Air Force, Pou du Ciel, Hawker Single Seater, Douglas Sleeper, Building a Midget Racer, complete magazine$5.00

MayRussian Aircraft, Northrop X-A18, Lockheed 12-A, Curtiss "Osprey", Gas Lines, complete magazine, $5.00

JuneJohn Montgomery, China Clipper, Dewoitine D-535, Stability, complete magazine$5.00

1937JanuaryCurtiss-Wright Fighter, Mureaux 180-CZ Pursuit, complete magazine$5.00

AprilRockets, Speed Racer, Douglas DF Airboat, Wiring System Consolidated Fleester, pg. 31/32 missing, pg. 27 trimmed,$3.00

MayLockheed 14, Bendix Model Trophy, Stinson, pg 39/40 missing$3.00

JuneSpirit of St. Louis, Koolhoven Pursuit, complete magazine$5.00

JulyHawk III-C, A-18 Attack Planes, Bellanca Air Cruiser, pg 15/16 missing$3.00

OctoberCaudron Typhoon, USAA Douglas Observation Plane, Stinson Trainer, Curtis XF13C-1 & 2, complete magazine$5.00

1938JanuaryRadio Control, Catapult Glider, Percival Mew Gull, Bucker Jungmeister, complete magazine, repaired spine,$3.00

FebruaryFrench Model Aviation, Vultee V-11-G.B., Short Sky Liner, Cub, Rearwin Sportster, complete magazine$5.00

MarchBritish A.F., Aircobra, Baby Arrow, Mayo Composit Aircraft, Pontoons, Minature Cub, complete magazine$5.00

AprilGerman Aviation, Arrow Speedster, Consolidated Patrol bomber, Midget Cavu, Monocoupe, complete magazine$5.00

MayGas Powered Camera Plane, Curtiss XP-37, Mauboussin Flying Tandem, Martin B 166, complete magazine$5.00

AugustU.S. Air Force, Messerchmitt Minute Model, Seversky Super-Clpper, complete magazine, clip on pg. 1,$5.00

SeptemberAmerican Wings, Triangle Sportster, Privateer, Arado Trainer, Plotting Ribs, complete magazine$5.00

OctoberHughes Trans World Flight, Mid-Wing Sportster, Brewster XF2A, Lockheed Altair, Menasco engines P Douglas YOA-6, complete magazine$5.00

DecemberFlying Box-Car, Amior 341 Long Range Bomber, Piper Cub, Baby R.O.G., Waco D-6, Russian Fighter Z.K.B.-20, complete magazine$5.00

1939FebruaryUSAAF Aviation, Canadian Models, Curtiss XP-40, complete magazine$5.00

MarchMidget Speedster, Fokker D-23, Whirlwinds, Puss Moth, complete magazine$5.00

AprilCurtiss-Wright CW-21, Douglas Torpedo Bomber, de Havilland Albatros, SE-5, complete magazine$5.00

MayRadio Control, "Bee", Biplane Speedster, Lockheed XP-38, taped spine, complete magazine$5.00

JuneXP-40, Hamburg Ha-137, Dolphin, complete magazine$5.00

JulyBell XP-39, Dolphin, Van Wymershch, complete magazine, clip on pg. 3,$2.50

August1938 Nationals, Savoia Marchetti S-79 B, Seversky Executive, Groundhugger - Wakefield Winner, complete magazine, clip on pg. 6,$5.00

OctoberPotez 63, Gee Bee, "Miss San Diego", complete magazine$5.00

NovemberFolkerts Racer, Northrop A-17A, complete magazine$5.00

1941JuneHampden Bomber, Fokker D-8, Airacobra, North American NA-40A, Stearman XA-21, Douglas B-23, North American XB-21, complete magazine$3.00

OctoberMe 109J, Rearwin Speedster, Brewster Buffalo, Thermal Thumber, Profile Pusher, Bell YMF-1A, Fairchild M062 Primary Trainer, complete magazine$3.00

1942SeptemberArmy Scout, Grumman TBF-1,Grumman TBF-1, Midway's Avenger, complete magazine$3.00
1944AugustB-17G, A6M2N Rufe, complete magazine$3.00

September20th AF, Starduster, B-29, Boeing PT-17, Lockheed Constellation, DH Mosquito, Martin Marauder, page 35 clipped$2.50

NovemberRocket Bomb, Texas Wildcat, B-26D, Noordyn Norseman , complete magazine$3.00

1945JanuaryBell P-59A, Kawanishi Emili, Vampire, Laird Turner Racer, TBM Avenger, Handley Page Bomber, complete magazine$3.00

FebruaryA-26, Snobber "B", Sneezy "A", pgs 13/14 missing, cover chipped$3.00

AprilBoeing C-97, Fly Baby, Rearwin Trainer, Boeing Stratocruiser, complete magazine$3.00

MayFW-190A-3, Vultee XP-54, Bulldozer "A/B", SPAD S.XIII, Night Hawk, 1 page missing, $1.50

AugustXP-77, George A. Page, Fokker E-III, Manta, complete magazine, with some moist curl,$3.00

SeptemberGrumman F7F, Albacore, Skychaser, Nieuport 17-C-1, Hispano-Suiza Engine, complete magazine$3.00

DecemberP-80, Scrappy, Bristol F-2B pt. 2, German A.E.G., Curtiss AT-9, Fairey Barracuda, Boeing P12-C, Fairey Swordfish, Fairchild AT-21, complete magazine$3.00
1946FebruaryRyan FR-1, Ryan FR-1, DH-5, Gliding Wing, pgs 77/78 missing, $3.00

MarchSPAD S.VII, Speedee, Culver V, complete magazine, upper corner of rear cover missing,$2.00

AprilTornado, SPAD S.VII, Vickers machine gun, Cornelius XFG-1, Miss Bobby Sox, complete magazine$3.00

JulyNorth American Navion, Mustang, Neptune, Towine Glider, Spad 13 C-1, Beachy Monoplane, Gloster Meteor, complete magazine$3.00

AugustModel Mixmaster, Cadet, Dragonfy, Spad 13- Pt 2, Douglas XB-42, Lewis Machine Guns, XB-42, complete magazine, cover repaired,$3.00
1947MarchSpad 13, Cabin Gulf Wing, Wright Model A & B, Bell XD-1, Free Flight Gas, pgs 65-68 missing, pg 45 cut$3.00

MaySkipjack, SparrowGlider, Sopwith Dolphin - pt 2, Ryan XF2R-1, 2 pgs. cut$3.00

JuneIn-B-Tween (CO2 Powered), Scorpion II, Monster, Halberstadt DI, Sopwith Dolphin - Pt 3, Hannover CL III, Olympia Glider, Squadron Markings, complete magazine$3.00

JulyLaird Solution 1930, Blerio XI Channel Crosser, Curtiss XF7C, Martin XP4M, Mercator, Ansaldo SVA-5, Pusher Sportster, pg 8 cut, pgs 41/42 missing$3.00

AugustH.P. 0/100, Northrop N-3PB, Vahalla Visitor, Albatross D-3, Thorp Sky Scooter, Canard, Wedell Williams 1934, complete magazine$3.00
1949JuneLong Midget Mustang, Stinson Model U Trimotor, McDonnell FH-1, complete magazine, moisture curl, $3.00

July20 Years of MAN, Goosey Gander, Flutter Wing, Wee Bipe, Roland CII, Fairchild T-31, complete magazine$3.00

SeptemberMayfly, Northrop X-4, pgs 23-26 missing$3.00

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