The League of World War I Aviation Historians is a non-profit organization whose goals include the accumulation, preservation, and publication of factual data concerning aerial activity of World War I. It was establishd in April 1985, upon the closure of the US branch of Cross & Cockade. 'Over The Front' is a quarterly journal, 8.5 x 11 inches in size, on acid-free, archival paper, packed with the finest research written by the world's leading WWI aviation historians. From personal accounts of those involved in the war, preserved for their decendents, to squadron histories, to analytical papers, to technical information about the aircraft and aerial weapons used in the war (including vast amounts of color and markings information for the aircraft modeller), and more, each 96-page issue of 'Over The Front' is packed with information on aerial conflict in its pioneer days. The first issue published in Spring 1986.

YearVolumeContents & Condition Price
1988Vol 2 #4Reminisces of a Schlahtflieger, Hx of No.41 Sqd., Tecon. Biplanes, Groupe de Comabat 16, Hix of U.S. Naval, Dirigible Stations in foreign service.$2.50
1989Vol 4 #1Letters of Huptman Adolph Ritter Von Tutschek, Toulis Aerodrome, Zeppelin Intelligence, Rumpler D.I, WW I Gallery at Le Bourget.$2.50

Vol 4 #3French Day Bombers 1914-18, Groupe de Bombardment 2, Bombardment of Paris, Hopper Aviation Award, Caproni Ca.36.$2.50
1990Vol 5 #1Interview with Reed Landis - American Ace; First German Single Seater & Birth of Jagdstaffel; Letters of Lt. Erwin Bohme; Champlin Fighter Museum; Col. Gorrell; Aircraft of Australia; No. 74 "Tiger" Sqdn.$2.50

Vol 5 #2 Interview with Ernest Crossen of No. 24 Sqdn.; Ralph V Hunts Letters from Issoudun; Navy F-5-L Flying Boat Evaluation; Robert Alexander Anderson; Homing Pigeon; In Memorian: Carl Von Schoenebeck and Oscal Bechtle $2.50
1992Vol 7 #1 Italian Campaign; Imperial Russian Medals & Awards; Russia's Beginning of Air Power; In Italian Skies (Part 2); Escadrille MSP 158; D.VII Decor Encore $2.50

Vol 7 #2Sir George Jones, Apprentice Air Marshall; Italian Campaign (Part 2); Richthofen Victory List; 2CM Becker Aircraft Cannon - Development & Use; Dallas Darling, 139th Aero Squadron - Mechanic; Legend Memory & the Great War $2.50
1994Vol 9 #1 Over the Wine-Dark Sea, Aerial Aspects of the Dardanelles/Gallipoli Campaign; Samson Vs. Kemal: Did It Really Happen?; Gordon Thomas Collinson, No.41 Squadron, RAF: A Postscript; An Early Answer to Airpower: Antiaircraft Service in the A.E.F; Plumage: SPA 156: l'Escradrille des Deux Martinets; That Magnificent Man and his Flying Machines; Target Practice on a Swiss Balloon; Is it Live, or Is it...? $2.50

YearVolumeContents & Condition Price
1996Vol 11 #4 Threads from a Flying Carpet; First Sqdn. French Naval Aviation; Flying Shars & Treacherous Teutons; Clifford Adams, USNRF; Letters of James H. McMillen - Aspects of the Dardanelles Gallipoli CampagnLafayette Flying Corps; Ace ove Electronic Front$2.50
1997Vol 12 #1Silent Volunteers; Roster of RFC, RNAS & RAF Silent Vounteers; Pranged; Unsung Sextet; Baron's 67th $2.50
1998Vol 13 #2 Thomas Dewitt Milling; 1st Aero Sqdn. in Texas City; Lt. Julius Buckler; Lt. Muir Russel - 95th Aero Sqdn. - Training in the States; Flying the Texas Gulf Coast; Gen. Pershing's Wartime Air Service (Part 1); James Norman Hall (Part 1) $2.50
1999Vol 14 #1 German Navy Seplanes Serial Numbers & Classification Codes; Austro-Hungarian Air Service; German Air Effort - Fluid Phase (Aug. 1916 - Jan. 1917); Russian Naval Aviation in Caspian Sea in 1918; Ranking WW I Fighter Planes; Translation of Commanding General of Luftstreitkrafte$2.50

Vol 14 #2 Maj. Henry Williams 17 & 7 Sqdn. RFC; Flying in the Great War; Where Did Richthofen Forceand on 6 July 1917?; General Pershing (Part 2); Lt. William Muir Russel 9th Aero Sqdn (Pt. 2); Translation of Commanding General of Luftstreitkrafte (Part 2)$2.50
2001Vol 16 #1 The Odyssey of First Lieutenant Wayne Ball Stephenson, A.S.S.C.; Gerstner Field, Then and Now; 1st Lt. William Muir Russel; Merely a Problem of Engineering--The U.S. Effort to Develop a Helicopter, 1917-1918; Early Aircraft Engines; Nachrichtenblatt der Luftstreitkrä;fte No. 13; Monument to Frank Luke Restored by International Coalition $2.50

Vol 16 #4 Canadian Nationalism; Fatal Accidents in Bavarian Aviation Training Centers; Malaula Part II: Julius Buckler in the Middle of 1917; Making of a Dunkirk Aviator--Ensign James Hentry O'Brien, USNRF; Nachrichtenblatt der Luftstreitkräfte No. 16 $2.50

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