Year MonthContentsPrice
1935April Aircraft Carriers Doomed?. Death of Capt. Gray, Sectional Airway Maps, CT-32 Condor Carrier, Theory of Air-Mass, Testing Propeller Blades, Nuncesser's Hanriot, Rotorcraft, Corben Super-Ace, complete magazine$7.00

August Bishop - Britain[s Super Ace, Coast Guards in the Air, Lightning, Gyro Crusader, Major de Seversky, Sopwith Camel, Sikorsky S-43, Plymo-coup, Jim Collins, Building Sopwith Camel, commplete magazine $7.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1936February China Clipper, 1st Aero Squadron, Action in Africa, Glenn Angle, Flying OX5, Kinner R-5 Series 2, Building Model Aero Engines, Building Itaian "Vale", complete magazine$7.00

March Ship Parachutes Aid Airliners, Army Air Corps, Suicide Bombing, Toroidal Motor, SBU-I Ship Planes, Benny Howard's Ships, Gas-Power Models, Building Navy Type SBU-I, complete magazine $7.00

April Lockheed Electra, Flying in Switzerland, Lyman Gilmore, Eddie Rickenbacker, Stress-Analysis, Lubrication, Building the Mew Gull Model, complete magazine$7.00

May European Designers, Bert Hall, Revolving Wing airplane, Gates Circuls, Capt. Ball, Al Williams, Mignet & Pou du Ciel, Balloons, Building the New Aeronca Model, complete magazine$7.00

July Old Crates, Air Corps, Speed Records, Thomas-Morse Scouts, Wacos for 1936, Gates Circus, Stress Analysis, Buiding the Howard Hughes Racer, complete magazine

August Transport Classroom, Scissor Type Converitable, Willis Cooper, FaircConvertible-Row Engines, Slipstream, Model 9 Cylinder Engine, Building the Cessna Model C-34, complete magazine$7.00

September Seaplanes & Flying Boats, Raid of Friedrichshfen, Zanoni Leaf, Wind Tunnels, Preventing Flutter, Progress of Radio, Sky-Kitten, Buiding Vought Scout Bomber, complete magazine$7.00

October Hominid's Plane, Bleriot's channel Crossing, Aviation in Japan, Lambert Aviation, Texaco Gas Models, Building Hawker Merlin, complete magazine $7.00

November History of Egg Layers, Detroyet's Racer, 1936 Air Races, Weather Study, Airmail StamDetroyat'sng Caudron Renault Racer, Photos of Thompson Trophy Winner, complete magazine $7.00

December Up Ship, Uniplane, Balloon Unit, Deutsche de la Meurthe Race, Douglas Twin Engine Boats, Building the Curtiss-Wright Coupe, complete magazine $7.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1937January Patrol Panes, Rhys-Davids, Britain's Aerial Ocean Liner, Glider Flights, Wright "G" Cyclone, Building Grumman Fighter, complete magazine$7.00

February Paris Air Show, Lincoln Beachy, Gordon-Bennet Racers, Two-Row RadiaEngineRadial EnginesModel B Ligthplane, Building a Consolidated PB-2, complete magazine $7.00

March U.S. Naval Aviation, Bellanca, Paris Air Show, Goddard - Rocketeer, Penaud - Father of Flying Models, Building a Snow Sled, building a Cabin Job, complete magazine $7.00

April Trends in A/C Design, Al Williams New Grumman, China's War Birds, Micky McGuire, All Metal Airship ZMCMM-2, North American Story, BuildS Westland "Co-op", complete magazine$7.00

May Flight Test Unit, south Pole, British Lightplanes, Breguet Helicopter, Canadian Airway Project, Chanute Field Technical School, buiding Boeing XP-940, complete magazine$7.00

June USN tactical Combinations, Mad Major, Fokker G-1 Le Foucheur, Doc Wildman, Beechcraft Model 18, Flying in Hawaii, Building the Taylor Cub, complete magazine$7.00

August Torpedo Bombers, Gamin Ace from Paris, Air Dectective,Detectiveuti-Place Fighter, Reserved Seats?, Allison Engine, How to Build Howard DGA-8, complete magazine $7.00

September Air Corps G.H.Q. Unit, Consolidated PBY-1, Australian Aircraft, McKeever, Wings Over Hollywood, Metal Props Made at Hamilton, Building Stinson Reliant, Design of Landing Gears, complete magazine $7.00

October Vega to Super Electra, Jimmie Mattern, Fairey "Battle", Caledonia, Taxi Drivers of the Sky, Airplane Wing Loading chart, complete magazine $7.00

November Butcher Birds, Col. Roscoe Turner, Aircar, Airplanes of White Eagle, Flying to Bermuda by Cipper Ship, Trans-Arctic Airlines Next?, Bell XFM-I Fighter, Boeings Latest Air Giants, Luscombe "Phantom" Gas Model, complete magazine $7.00

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