Year MonthContentsPrice
1938January Spain - Bloody Proving Ground, Lost in Canada's Barren Lands, New Wings for 1938, Army Goes to Sea, Bellanca Build a Racer, Test Pilot, Roosevelt Field, Story of burgess, African Air Saga, fuel Injection, James Ewing, Cub Gas Model, complete magazine$7.00

February Guns in the Sky, Douglas Torpedo-Bomber, Russia Buys a Clipper, Imperial Airways, Old Jenny, Flying Ambulance, Bristol from box-Kite to Blenheim, Bristol Bombay, How to Build Airacuda, London to NYC, Build the Buckaroo, Build Monocoupe Gas Model, complete magazine $7.00

March Silenced Warplane, Flying Rum-Runner, Tadpole Clipper, Focke-wulf condor, Philippines, Zeppelin, Consolidated XPB2Y, Flying in British Columbia, Vought Corsair, Navy Racer Gas Model, complete magazine $7.00

April Chicago Air Show, One Man Air Force, Airmaster, Holland - a Midget Air Power, Irish Thunderbolt, Flying Tricycle, Canadian Airline, Airfoils, Geodetic Construction, complete magazine$7.00

May Billy Mitchell Warned Us, Trans-Atlantic Wings, Suicide Crew, Kelly Field, Yanks in Spain, Story of DeHavilland, Soaring Flight, Building Curtiss P-37, complete magazine$7.00

June Flying Dunnes, Coast Guards, Mail Carriers, French Flying Boat, Wings over Mediterranean, Vickers Wellesley, Ed Sines, Test Pilot, How to Rig a Light Biplane, complete magazine$7.00

July America Vulnerable to Air Attack, Grower Loening, Flying Turks, Latin America, XB-15, Flying Insurance, NC-4, Lesher Bubble Sextant, Aerodynamic, Gas Power Hornet Motor, complete magazine$7.00

August Army Flight to South America, Boeing Clipper, Refueling in Air, DC-4, Hurricanes, Ice Cap Pilot, Fairchild 24, Link Trainer, GOB Fighter, Peruvian Wings, Build the Novel Bumble Bee, complete magazine $7.00

September Tinker - I Fought In Spain, Fleet Problem, Stewardesses, Short Sunderland, Maine Warden with Wings, Brodie Farman, Designing Engine Compartments, Building Ryan S-C, complete magazine $7.00

October North American O-47A, Airports at Sea, Bermuda - By Air, Flying Without Power, Ernest Hall, Want to be an Airline Pilot?, Spitfire, Stanley Vaugn, Sportrainer, Rubber-Powered Pursuit, complete magazine $7.00

November Bio of Donald Douglas, Want to be an Army Pilot>, Latecoere 521, Wind Tunnel, Winged Fire Fighter, Florida Sprouts Wings, Barnstorming, Flying Farmers, Consolidated XPB2Y-1, Metal Prop for Gas Models, Wing Beam Design, Jitter Bug, complete magazine $7.00

December Douglas Corrigan, DC-4, Treasure Island, Anti-Aircraft, Stunt Pilots, Canada's Air Force, Ephraim Cleveland, New Radio Bands, Airport Cops, Sky Car Model, complete magazine $7.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1939January German Air Farce, So. Calif. Aeronautical Future, Airline Safety, Curtiss P-40, Airplane Production, 'Tin' Sinned Airplanes, Wings for Red Cross, Aero Dynamics, Building Brewster F2A-1, complete magazine$7.00

February Flew Coast to Coast for #25.70, Frank Tinker on Flying in Spain, Smilin' Jack, Alfred Bennett, Tin Goose, Tex Rankin, In Case of War, Naval Airman Training, Jerry O'Donovan, Cradle of Aviation, Building the Cloudbuster, complete magazine $7.00

May Bio of T. Claude Ryan, Radio Interference, Aviation Research, Attack Pilot, Air Traffic Control, Wooden Hangars, Airline Meteorologist, Flying Ambulances, Building a Model Amphibian, complete magazine$7.00

June Hitler's Threats, High Altitude Flying, Ryan Trainer, Airline Mechanics, Night Missions, Landplane Fighters Out to Sea, Flying Circus, complete magazine$7.00

August U.S. Dept. of War Buying Aircraft, Tommy Tomlison Above The Clouds, Tin Watchman, 30 Years of Air Corps, Amphibian, Mildred Johnson - Pilot, Artic Freighters, Thrust Line, Building Nieuport XVII C1, complete magazine $7.00

October Why Lindbergh Came Home, French A.F., Trans-Pacific Clippers, Fly Around the World, Gliding, Country Doctor, Wooden Airplane Doomed?, Building the Soarer, complete magazine $7.00

November Polish A.F., WAR! - over 50 photos of Allied & Nazi Warplanes, Sky Horses, Want to be a Naval Aviator?, Mike Benedum, Wallace Beery, complete magazine (lower corner of front cover missing)$7.00

December Is Amelia Still Alive?, Czechs Flying For France, Women Pilots in the War by Luise Thaden, Gee Bee, Art Chester on Racers, Dick Grace, Seaplane Odyssey, Theory of Gliding, Retractable Wing, Building a Free Flight Model, complete magazine $7.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1940January Canada Goes To War, War In The Air, Kollsman Instruments, Flying for Uncle Sam, Big Money in Aviation, Manhattan Air Patrol, Aviation Engineers, Funk Brothers, Haiti's Air Force, Design of Engine Mounts, Build the Hornet Engine, complete magazine$7.00

February Central Airines, Automatic Pilot, Gliding, Air Transport Assoc., Aviation Insurance, Air Corps Tactical School, Roscoe Turner, American Airlines, Altitude by Radio, Monoplane vs Biplane, Airport Photography, Legal Rights in the Air, Wing Sections, Building the Hornet, complete magazine $7.00

April Pocket Battleships, Maj. de Seversky's Thoughts on the War, Seaplaning, Douglas Ships, Army Air Corps, General Douhet - Blitskreig, Flight Surgeon, Retractable Landing Gears, complete magazine$7.00

May Synthetic Fuels, Turret Gunners, Soundproofing, Pan American, Dr. adams - Flying Inventor, Jimmy Stewart, Evelyn Kilgore - Flight Instructor, Metal in the Airplane, Building Rubber Tires, complete magazine$7.00

June France & England Buying U.S. Military Planes, Mountain Air Currents, Laws of aerial Warfare, Naval Airmen with Clipped Wings, Push-Puller, Harold Hawk, Grandstanding - Reckless Pilots, Aviation Data Book - features 15 aircraft, P-39, Rotary Wings, Build a Flying Gas Model, complete magazine$7.00

July Italian Air Force, Stalls & Spins, Reconnaissance, Night Fying, Test Engineer, Ground School, Lockheed Apprenticeship Program, Landings, Aviation Data - 8 aircraft, Propeller Efficiency, complete magazine$7.00

August Crushing America by Air by Billy Mitchell, Yankee Warplanes, Bombers, Blimp Business, 3-Wheeled Aircraft, Aircraft Hydraulics, Piper Cub Cutaway, Aviation Data - 4 aircraft, complete magazine $7.00

September Pnama is Defenseless, America Must Prepare Now, Alaska' Aviation Needs, Anti-Aircraft Artillery, A.O.P.A Section, Octane, Commuters, Aviation Data - 4 aircraft, Build a Puddle Jumper, complete magazine $7.00

October Air Power Will dominate the Pacific, Nazi Terror, Pilots Needed, Flight Instruction, Private Seaplanes, Taylorcraft Sales, Aero Fuels, Aerodynamics, Building the Hornet "C", complete magazine $7.00

December Aerial Siege of London, Air Camping, Dirigible is Dead, Canada Suppplies Pilots, Martin Test ilot, Psychology Test for Pilots, Inland Air Lines, Norway Flies on, Crankshaft Model, complete magazine $7.00

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