'U.S. Air Services' was originally titled 'U.S. Air Service' until January 1924. It was an intelligent magazine that dealt with aviation matters in both the civil and military sectors. The editor was Earl N. Findlay. It was published between February 1919 and December 1956 (Vol.41). By 1942 the publisher was named the Air Service Publishing Company, Washington DC. It typically contained 48 pages in each issue.

1928FebruaryGreat Ocean Flights, Longest Air Mail Route, Propellers, Corsair & Wasp in Nicaragua, Martin Engineers, complete magazine$3.00

JulyU.S. to Australia, Lt. Albert Hegenberger, Kingsford-Smith, Amelia Earhart, Capt. Ocker, S-64, complete magazine$3.00

AugustRome to Brazil, Maj. Carlo Del Prete, US vs. Europe on Aviation Developments, PN-12, Canadian Hunting with Aircraft, Vought aircraft, Avions to Africa, complete magazine$3.00

OctoberAirports Must Improve Service, National Air Races, Art Goebel, Congressional Airport, Boeing Aircraft, complete magazine$3.00
1929SeptemberLunar Code, Hugo Eckener, Cleveland Air Races, United buys Sikorsky, Stearman & Avian, Amboy, Maj. William Hammer, Boeing Hornet Shuttle, Airplane Tires, complete magazine$3.00

1930JanuaryCapt. Ira Eaker, Igor Sikorsky, All Metal Transport, Flying Backwards, Fokker Amphibian, St. Louis Aircraft Show, Aircraft Standardization, Balance, complete magazine$3.00

JuneFokker F-12, Glider Business, Curtiss Marine Trophy Race, Shooting Moon Shadows, First Solo, Aeronautic Efficiency, Davis Monoplane, pgs. 15/16 & 49/50 missing; no back cover$3.00
1931FebruarySubsidizing Civil Aviation, Flying Fleet Heads South, Airplane in Business, Rome to Rio, Gen. Italo Balboa, Coast Guard Air Service, Airports of Mexico, complete magazine$3.00

MarchTheory of Lift, Air Ambulance, Shattering World Records, Rotating Radio Beacons, Curtiss-Wright Junior, complete magazine$3.00

OctoberTheodore Wright - Engineer of Curtiss Wright, 1931 Air Races, D0X, Upper Air Observations, Commercial Aviation's Relation to National Defense, Airmail, complete magazine$3.00

NovemberPower & Speed, American Clipper, Risks in Blind Flying, Gliding, Transatlantic Flights, 1931, Safety at Airports, Breaking Endurance Record for Gliders, Berliner Joyce Observation Plane, complete magazine$3.00
1932JanuaryBuilding Navy, Elsie Janis chartered a plane with Paul Mantz for Pilot, Air to Moscow, When Wings Emerged, Navy Flies at Night, complete magazine$3.00

FebruaryMiami Air Races, Ferrying, Tour Formula, Pratt Whitney Fuel Injection, complete magazine$3.00

MarchJuan de la Cierva, England Gateway to India, Diesels Take to Air, John Moisant, Flight Instruments, complete magazine$3.00

SeptemberBlind Flying in Trimotored Transport, International Air Regulation, Speeds for Flying Boats, Engineering from Flyer's Standpoint, Prestone-cooled Conqueror Engine, Cleveland Air Show, Economics of Air Transport, complete magazine$3.00
1934JulyMartin Bombers Fly to Alaska, Aerial Observations, Saratoga, High Speed Transport Airplanes, complete magazine$3.00
1935AprilBlind Landing & Al Hegenberger, Airships, Lindbergh & the Press, Private Owner Airplane, Transpacific Fling, Wiley Post in the Stratosphere, complete magazine$3.00

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