Subtitled: The Journal of the Early Aeroplane. First published 1968. Specialises in flying machines of the period 1900-1919. A4 size, 106 pages each issue, with b+w photos, and line drawings. Original material on aircraft, engines, personalities, book reviews, kit reviews. In-depth articles.

Early issues were stapled.

197341JuneComplete: Anderson Rumpler CX drawings; Coughlin's Dr.I crash$5.00
197445AprilComplete: Antoinette series; Ricklefs Spad$5.00

Format changed into magazine.

1993141AugustComplete: RAF SE.l; DH-9A; airship sheds; Zeppelin aftermath; Connecticut Aircraft Co and US Navy dirigibles; What Next?; Historiography; Iseman’s D.VII crash; Roland D.VIb restoration; Archiv (Taube); IDX; Pilot Report Bleriot XI; Cockpits XXXVI; Propellers (tractor for 150hp Hisso; German designs); Engines; Time’s Tarmac (Jenny formation photo cont’d); Museums incl Caproni Museum); Film; Models; Drawings incl 2-seat Camel, Warchalowski; Letters; Publications. $5.00
1994150NovemberComplete: Wright Stuff IV; Albatros D.II colors, (dwgs) Fokker Dr.I longerons, cont’d; Bresciani seaplane; McCook Field veneer fuselages, (dwgs) Owl’s Head Museum; Luftwaffen Museum; Archiv (AEG-Wagner); Cockpits & Instruments (German data-plates); Time’s Tarmac (Keppel a/c); Engines (accessories, dwgs); Dwgs (Kiger SE5A dwgs, Swiss a/c; SIA 7B 1); Gallery (Frank Munger); Toelle on German colored fabrics; Models (Scale Judging)$5.00
1997156MayComplete: Vuia; Chanute glider in Maine; repro Curtiss E-Boat; covering Fokker E.III, (dwgs) Archiv (Alter D.I); Russian a/c skis, (dwgs) Admiralty Competition rules; Pilot Reports (Curtiss Pusher, Sopwith Pup, Fiat, Caproni); Gallery; Flying Instruction Pt 1; Cockpits & Instruments #51 (Curtiss N-9); Dwgs (Lepere USAO-11, Spad 20, Spad XIIIc1, Loening Kitten; German gun-rings, Alb D.III control stick, Bleriot XI 2-piece elevators, Etrich Taube); Engines (110 Le Rhône, Gnôme 18c, repro Argus, 160hp Oberursel); IDX; Museums/ Organizations (Carl Swanson, Old Rhinebeck, Museo del’Aria, Owls Head); Film (GREAT WAR & SHAPING, etc); Models; Historiography (avhistory charts, development article); Letters (Wright letters); Publications (including GREAT WAR & SHAPING, etc) $5.00

2000169AugustComplete: Cody Pt 1I; Beachey; Farman F.40; Fokker Dr.I wing failures; Garland-Lincoln Nieuports; Aircraft (extant Thomas-Morse Scouts), Boulton-Paul P6, contd); Museums/Organizations (RAF Museum’s LVG C.VI, Old Rhinebeck); Engines (Benz Bz.4, Oberursel UR.2); Time’s Tarmac (early Romanian, 1st issue CROSS & COCKADE); Cockpits & Instruments LXI (Breguet XIV.B2); Models (Koutny’s peanuts, Cooper’s Snipe); Drawings (Caddo Field (HELL’S ANGELS) models, ZFM Nieuport 11, Alb ODD factory dwgs. Jenny wing assembly, Pégoud’s Bleriot XI, Avro 523 factory dwgs, Curtiss F5L, article on availability of FAA dwgs); Publications; W&D (original SE5 wings for sale; German Special WWI Collection Sale) $5.00
2001171FebruaryComplete: MASTERY OF THE AIR; Romania in Av History; American Air Power I; Grigorovich M-24; Lozenge Fabric Development; Pilot Reports (Spad 7, Nieuport 11, Bristol F2B); Aircraft (Garland-Lincolns, Ansaldo A-1, Albany Flyer); Museums/Organizations; Gallery; Historiography; Cockpits & Instruments LXIII; Film; Archiv (R-plane hangars); Drawings (Goupy I, Sopwith Baby, Caudron R, DH-5, French lighting); Time’s Tarmac (St Louis Expo, kiting, Cleland crashes); Models; Publications; Letters (Bowers on thin airfoils); W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #167-170 $5.00

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