BASTOGNE, Marshall, S.L.A. Col., Infantry Journal Press, 1946, vg/g (a previous owner reinforced the inside of the top & bottom of the dust jacket, about 1" of the adhesive seeped thru & is visible), see photo, signed by author, written from interviews with nearly all the commanders & staff officers, story of the first 8 days of battle, maps & photos, 261 pgs $35.00
COMBAT ACTIONS IN KOREA, Gugeler, Russell, Military History U.S. Army, 1970, fine (as new), accounts describing combat action of small Army units (squads, platoons). More details than found it's way into barren official records.252 pgs. $10.00
DEATH IN ROME, Katz, Robert, Macmillain, 1967, vg/vg, see photo, Gestapo's herded hundreds of Roman citizens (workers, artists, diplomats, physicians, Jews & even a priest. into a caves under the Vatican and slaughtered them (the Adeatine Caves massacre), 334 pgs. $3.00
DECISION AT LEYTE, Falk, Stanley, Norton, 1966, vg/vg, see scan, the air, sea & ground battles that determined the outcome of the Battle for Leyte, includes the Japanese prespective, photos, 330 pgs. $17.50
DESTINATION CORREGIDOR , Underbrink, Robert, Naval Institute, 1971, vg/vg, see photo, Attempts to supply Bataan & Corretidor with food, ammunition & medical supplies in 1942, 240 pgs. $12.50
FIRST AIRBORNE, , Packe, Michael, Secker & Warburg, 1948, vg (spine fade), British 1st Airborne Division, incidents of soties that occurred & recorded to the best of author's own experience, fold-out map, 252 pgs. $20.00
FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, Bradley, James, Batam, 2001, fine (as new, soft cover), see photo, a powerful account of six very different young men who came together in raising the flag at Iwo Jima, after his death at age seventy, his family discovered closed boxes of letters & photos, James Bradley draws on those documents to retrace the lives of his father & the men of Easy Company, photos, 375 pgs. $5.00
GUERRILLA PADRE IN MINDANO, Haggerty, Edward, Longmans, Green & Co., 1946, vg/vg (chipped), gift inscription, see scan, Father Haggerty recounts his experiences on Mindano with Filipine guerrillas & the Japanese, 257 pgs. $35.00
HARD WAY HOME, Braly, Col. William, Infantry Journal Press, 1947, vg (no dj), see scan, inscribed by author, he was captured at Corregidor & survived 8 different prison camps in the Philippines, Formosa, Japan & Manchuria, photos, 282 pgs. $22.50
ISLAND WAR, Hough, Maj. Frank, Lippincott, 1947, vg/vg (chipping), see scan, Marine Corps' campaign in the Pacific from Guadalcanal through places like Tarawa, Peleliu, Iwo & finally Okinawa, photos, 413 pgs. $20.00
I SOLEMNY SWEAR, Brown, Robert, Vantage Press, 1957, vg/vg, see scan, author was captured at Corregidor, accused of treason but survived, 203 pgs. $4.50
JAPANESE MILITARY HISTORY, Kondo, Shinji, Garland Publishing, 1984, fine (as new, issued w/o dust jacket), see scan, bibliography of Japanese military history, 88 pgs. $45.00
MACHINE GUN, Smith, Anthony, St. Martin's Press, 2005, f/f (as new), see photo, history of the machine gun & how it changed the course of the war, photos & illustrations, 308 pgs. $10.00
MY FAVORITE WAR STORY, Editors of Look, Whittleey House, 1945, vg/vg (chipped), see photo, 34 tales from American war reporters during WW II, Ernie Pyle, Richard Tregskis, Stefan Heymen, etc, photos, 155 pgs. $10.00
SECRET MISSIOM TO THE PHILIPPINES, Wise, William, Dutton, 1968,, vg/vg see scan, the story of Charles Parsons, a Bataan escapee, who helped organize & supply the American-Filipino guerrilla movement (1943-45), 160 pgs. $7.50
STARS AND STRIPES - STORY OF WORLD WAR II, Meyer, Robert (editor), David McKay Co., 1960, vg/vg, see photo, , top stories by cobat correspondents - Irwin Shaw, Jack Foisie, Ernie Pyle, illustrated, 504 pgs. $4.50
THIRD MARINE DIVISION,THE, Aurthur & Cohlmia, Infantry Journal Press (1st Edition), 1948, vg, unit history through Bouganville, Guam & Iwo Jima, photos, 399 pgs. $40.00
THROUGH HELL TO DUNKIRK, de la Falaise, Henry, Military Service Publication, 1943, vg (no dj), see photo, (stamped on end pages "Property Co. "C". he served with the 12th Lancers in 1940, fought in Northern France in May 1940, excaped through Dunkirk, 166 pgs. $20.00

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