Fine condition (flex cover),1946, covers two ships, CVE 21 served in the Atlantic and was sunk by a U-Boat May, 1944. CVE 106 served in the Pacific in 1945. This book was owned by an aircraft mechanic 2nd class who served on both ships. Included: 4 unidentified group photos, travel orders, ship's newspaper (CVE 21) and news clippings. Maps & photos, 64 pages.

BY GOSH AND BY GOD, Carr, William, Hutchinson & Co., 1931, good (binding tight, cover wear, wrinkled spine), British submarines in WW I, photos, 288 pgs. $20.00
Gillespie, Noel, Infinity, 2005, new, (soft cover, corner bent on back cover), see photo, history of Navy Squadron VXE-6 in the Anarctic, 1955 to 1999, photos, 513 pgs.
CRUISE OF THE LANIKAI, Tolley, Kemp, Naval Institute, 2002, as new (soft cover), The schooner, Lanikai, left Manila, Christmas day, 1941 for haven in Australia, account by a participant of provocative patrol meant to incite the Japanese prior to Dec 7, 1941, photos, 345 pgs. $15.00
DEATH WAS OUR ESCORT, Vetter, Ernest Lt. Comd, Prentice-Hall, 1944, vg/vg (chipped), see scan, accounts of battle, tactics & strategy as seen by the men manning the torpedo boats, photos, maps, 323 pgs. $15.00
LAST PATROL, Holmes, Harry, Airlife, 1994, f/f (as new), see photo, operational history of the 52 U.S. submarines lost during WW II, photos, 212 pgs. $15.00
LEST WE FORGET - 1943, Excerpts from letters written by Naval personnel during early WW II, see scan, 19 pgs. $5.00
SUBMARINE VICTORY , Thomas, David, Kimber, 1961, vg/vg, see photo, British submarines in WW II, photos, 224 pgs. $10.00
TALE OF TWO SUBS, McCulough, Jonathan, Grand Central, 2008, f/f (as new), see photo, USS Sculpin was attack by a Japanese destroyer, survivors were being taken to a POW camp. Weeks later, USS Sailfish came upon a Japanese aircraft carrier where the survivors of the Sculpin were locked up - the crew memebers aboard were saved, 294 pgs. $12.50
U-BOATS WESTWARD! Hashagen, Ernst, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1931, vg (some yellowing of pages due to age, minor cover wear), a German submarine Commander's own story of his experiences, photos & maps, 247 pgs. $25.00
U.S. COAST GUARD IN WORLD WAR II, Willoughby, Malcom, Naval Institue, 1957, vg/vg (chipped), see photo, progress of the war at wea in all amphibious operations in the Atlantic & Pacific, names of all officers & enlisted men who received decorations & aards are listed, photos, maps, 347 pgs. $25.00
U.S.S. BON HOMME RICHARD - CVA-31, Cruise Book, Weaver, Granada & Mendonca (compiled by) 1952, vg (yellowing cover & rubbed), see scan,second Korean cruise, 1952, all photos, 192 pgs. $65.00
U.S.S. BUNKER HILL, November 1943 - November 1944, Cruise Book,
Hard cover (embossed, minor fraying at upper & lower spine), see scan, CV-17.a record of the carrier's combat action against the Axis Nations in the Pacific, illustrations, photos, 271 pgs.
U.S.S. SALEM CA-139, Cruise Book
good condition (cover wear, binding is a little loose) Mediterranean cruise - 1950, unpaged

SHOWBOAT (USS NORTH CAROLINA, B.B. 55), Fine condition (embossed cover, no marks, tight binding),946, a pictorial record of the Battleship North Carolina from the laying of her keel (1937) to VJ Day. A virtual photo history with enough text to tie it together. Includes two 8" x 10" group photos (unidentified), 144 pages. $80.00

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