AERIAL DRUG WARS, Holden, Henry, Wind Canyon Books, 2000, fine (as new, soft cover), see scan, inscribed to previous owner by author, the aerial war on drugs as carried out by the U.S. Customs service since the 1960s, included is a CD- Rom, photos, 122 pages $36.00
AIR POWER AND THE FIGHT FOR KHE SANH, Nalty, Bernard, Office of Air Force History, 1973, vg (soft cover), in 1968, U.S. Ground Forces were at Khe Sanh to stem the Viet Cong flow of men and equipment down Hwy 9. Air power was used to protect & provision the U.S. garrison at Khe Sanh , 134 pgs.
BELIEVED TO BE ALIVE, Thornton, John, Eriksson, 1981, f/f (as new), see scan, The author was the first helicopter pilot to be shot down & captured in Korea, 272 pgs. $15.00
CLOSET CASES, Mertens, Randy, Pilot News Press, 1980, vg/vg (hard cover), see scan, 46 post war planes that did not make it, includes Waco Aristocraft, Vultee Flying Car, Little Dipper and others, photos, 110 pgs. $18.00
FIGHTER COMBAT IN THE JET AGE, Isby, David, Harper Collins, 1997, vg (no dust jacket), a new generation of jet airplanes fought over Korea & in the Middle East, by the 1960s, more powerful engines were allied to air to air missiles & effective airborne radar, describes the fighters & weapons developed during the Cold war, illustrated with color & duotone photography, 192 pgs. $5.00
FLY TIL YOU DIE, McDannel, Wally, Turneer, 1994, fine (hardback with pictorial cover, as new), see scan, the 452nd Bomb Wing flew the Douglas B-27 on night intruder& ground support missions in the Korean war, photos, 134 pages $75.00
I.A.S. - ITALIAN AEROSPACE SHOW, vg (soft cover), see photo, issued in conjunction with the Italian Aerospace Show aboard the USS Intrepid, NYC, April, 1990, many photos depicting Italian aviation history, 287 pgs. $18.50
NAVAL AIR VIETNAM, mersky & Polmar, Nautical Aviation Publishing, 1982, vg/vg, see scan, signed by Randy Cunningham (the only Naval pilot Ace in Vietnam war), full account of naval aviation in action in Vietnam, personal experiences of pilots, over 200 photos, maps & drawings, 224 pgs. $35.00
JACK NORTHROP AND THE FLYING WING, Coleman, Ted, Paragon, 1988, vg/vg, see photo, first hand report of the pioneering design of the Stealth Bomber, photos, 284 pgs. $10.00
MiG-15, Gordon & Rigmant, Motorbooks, 1993, f (soft cover, as new), Warbird History, see scan, the Mig-15 in the Korean war, many photos, 144 pgs. $15.00
MILITARY AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD, Swanborough, Gordon, Charles Scribner & Sons, 1981, vg/vg, see scan, 5th edition, revised, illustrates the diversity of each aircraft by weapons & system mondifications, photos & 3-views, 224 pgs. $10.00
100 MISSIONS NORTH, Bell, Ken Brig. Gen., Brassey's, 1993, f/f (as new), see scan, author flew 100 missions in Vietnam in an F-105 (1966 & 1967), photos, 314 pgs. $27.50
TED WILLIAMS AT WAR, Nowlin, Bill, Rounder, 2007, f/f/ (as new), see scan, Ted Williams spent WW II training Navy & Marine pilots to fly in Korea, He flew F9Fs in combat, photos, 352 pgs. $20.00
ON YANKEE STATION, Nichols & Tillman, Naval Institute Press, 1987, f/f (as new),see scan, Signed by Cdr. Nichols, who flew more than 350 missions (F-8 Crusader) in the Viet Nam war. The book describes the naval air war in that conflict, photos, 179 pgs. $17.50
OPERATION FIREDOG, Postgate, Malcolm, HMSO, 1992, f/f (as new), see scan, covers air war support in the now little remembered Malayan Emergency (1948 - 1960). The situation was brought about when Malaya's economy collapsed after WW II & the Communists tried to take over, photos, 234 pgs. $52.00
PAK SIX Basel, G.I., Association Creative Writers, 1982, vg (soft cover), see scan, signed by author, Pak Six was the name for the target area which included Hanoi & Naiphong. The author (354th F.S.) flew F-105s to that area until he was shot down, photos, 175 pgs.
PHANTOM OVER VIETNAM, Trotti, John, Presidio, 1984, vg/vg (minor chipping), see scan, the author did 2 tours of Vietnam a a Marine Corps F-4 pilot, illustrations, 250 pgs. $12.50
PERILOUS MISSIONS, Leary, William, Smithsonian, 2002, new, soft cover, see scan, Civil Air Transport & CIA covert operations in Asia, photos & map, 281 pgs. $7.50
PINTAIL THREE, Thomas, Lucien, Self-published, 1999, vg (soft cover), see scan, copy #35 of 200, signed by author, he flew over 200 missions as a B-26 gunner on night intruder missions while they attack one of the most heavily defended targets in the Korean war zone." 249 pgs. $35.00
SPACE, Chaikin, Andrew, Carlton, 2002, f/f (oversized), see scan, all color photographs (over 300 images), 256 pgs. $12.00
SUPERSONIC FLIGHT, Hallion, Richard, MacMillan, 1972, f/f (as new), see scan, signed by author, the Bell X-1 & the Douglas D-558, photos, 248 pgs. $20.00
TALE OF TWO BRIDGES AND THE BATTLE OF THE SKIES OVER NORTH VIETNAM, Lavalle, A.J.C. Maj. (editor), GPO, 1976. fine (soft cover), see scan, two USAF S.E. Asia Monographs. First, the destruction of the Dang Phuong & the Than HOA bridges. Second, a look at the air war over Vietnam (1964-1972), photos, 193 pgs. $7.50
TEST FLIGHT, Powell, Sandy Wing Commander, Wingate, 1956, vg/vg (upper corner tear), see scan, the author was Asst. Commandant at Empire Test Pilots' School. He gives an intimate look at the experiences of British test pilots, photos, 212 pgs. $12.00
TRUCKBUSTERS, combat diary of 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing , Korea - 1951, original printing with dust jacket, see scan, , photos, 145 pgs. $125.00
UNITED STATES AIR FORCE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, Berger, Carl (Editor), Office of Air Force History, 1977, vg (embossed cover),see scan, signed by Steve Ritchie (the only USAF pilot ace in the Viet Nam war, see scan, illustrated account of United States Air Force activities in Southeast Asia from 1961 to 1973,many photos ( including color), 381 pgs. $45.00
VOYAGER, Norris, Jack, self-published, 1988, fine (soft cover),see scan, signed by both Dick Rotan & Jeana Yeager, the log, analysis & narration of the first non-stop & non-refueled flight around the earth in December, 1986, 72 pgs. $58.00

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