Vol.20 #2Restored Bantam; French Rarman photos in colour; Lutskoi Taube; RAF Museum expands; Farman F-40 $14.00
Vol.20 #5Lance Krieg's gorgeous Ansaldo! * DH9A postscript * New Hollywood aviation epic colour exclusive! * Warneford VC's Morane and Zeppelin artwork * Latest news and reviews$14.00
Vol.21 #1St Omer memorial * Superb BE2e and SE5a photos from New Zealand * Rigging detail * Kit reviews galore! * Captured German engines * Exclusive Marcos SP.III in depth kit build! * Anniversary news page * Merit Avro 504K in retrospect $14.00
Vol.25 #5Exclusive! Illustrated interviews with Peter Jackson and Richard Alexander of Wingnut Wings with hints of new releases! * 100% accurate Spad XIII repro’ * Phönix D.III and Albatros G.III plans features * Reviews – all in colour $15.00
Vol.25 #62009 IMPS Nationals; Modelling Master Class - Chapter 2: Engines; Rara Avis II, Brandenburg W.32; Fokker photo archive; Model Kit reviews. $15.00
Vol.26 #2 detailing WWI cockpits; Gotha WD.14 plans; Macchi M.5 repro'; Halberstadt Cl.IV in colour; Blue Max Pfalz $15.00
Vol.26 #4 report on the new Eduard 1:48 OEF D.III & Contact Resine's 1:24 resin Camel! Over 25 other WWI model kits, accessories and decals are also covered. Lead features include a unique record of Russian-operated Roland D.IIs with rare photos & all-new colour profiles, conclusion of Lance Krieg's Masterclass on modelling scale WWI cockpits. Take a look at the Resene colour system - a worthy successor to the Methuen swatch handbook - this article also includes a unique WWI fabric cross-reference chart. Lloyd C.V, MÁG D.VII and OEF D.III special features; Gotha UWD plans; Modelling WWI cockpits; NZ WWI air show $15.00
Vol.26 #5 Thomas Morse Scout, Oberursel-powered Fokker Triplane reproduction, rare images of post-WWI Breguets and Nieuports, expanded Gallery section, Sopwith Triplane profiles and exciting news for 2011/12. $15.00
Vol.27 #3 New 504K repro, Russian Halberstadts, Modelling Master Class, Wight Navyplane drawings, Dawn Patrol-WWI model display team, Macchi M.5 super profiles $15.00
Vol.27 #4 D.VII in Sweden, Nieuport warpaint, rigging techniques, Stow Maries Aerodrome, latest kits & decals. $15.00
Vol.27 #5 Ray Rimell's exclusive 10 page detailed build review of the new Wingnut Pfalz D.XII with full-size refs $15.00
Vol. 28 #1Fokker monoplanes and French Hanriots dominate,along with detailed kit reviews. $15.00
Vol. 28 #3 scratchbullt Dornier RS.III, Harriot HD.9, Reproductions from the World's WW I Workshops (all color) $15.00
Vol. 28 #4 features the Roden SE5a,more Master Class,colour controversies, scale plans and new colour profiles $15.00
Vol. 28 #5 Latest Wingnut Wings kits reviewed,plus pull-out Eindecker plans in 1:32! $15.00
Vol. 28 #6 in-box reviews of the new WNW D.VIIs! Plus special extended Aviatik D.II plans feature with colour plates and kit review $15.00
Vol. 29 #1 Armstrong Whitworth FK.12, Sopwith Triplane - centre-spread, Hannover Ci.II from Wingnut Wings, Kit Reviews. $15.00
Vol. 29 #2 Snipe Specials, colours, photos, American & Russian Roland Colours, Sculpting & Painting Figures, Kit Reviews. $15.00
Vol. 29 #3 features Short 184 colour spread ,plus Rise Of Flight sim news, model finishing, Hewlett bomber drawings and a new review column for WWI figures. $15.00
Vol. 29 #4 scale plans of the SE4A, some exotic centrespread profiles,extended Transfer List' and a special preview of the new Hasegawa Camel $15.00
Vol.30 #3Hawa Colours, Taube - part 2, Wingnuts Hannover, DFW C.V., Tribute to Harry Woodman. $15.00
Vol.30 #4 Among the many highlights is a world exclusive preview of the new Wingnut Wings Felixstowe flying boats - the largest WW1 aeroplanes kits ever produced.$15.00
Vol.31 #1 First issue of the year carries lots of kit, decal and product reviews + Lance Krieg's latest 1:48 scale scratchbuilt & a unique plans feature on the Brandenburg W.20 U-boat fighter. $15.00
Vol.31 #2 Wingnut Sopwith Pup built by Rob Partridge, Tribute to Bill Rimell, LFG V19 Putbus plans Bleriot X1-2, Pup portfolio, $15.00
Vol.31 #3 Pfalz profiles, Rolamd C.II, Modellinh vintage aircraft in plastic card, Morane Saulnier Type L, $15.00
Vol.31 #4 Previews of the new Airfix 1:72 scale BE2c & Fokker E.II kits to be released early in 2016. All backed up with reference features. $15.00
Vol.32 #1 Exclusive Albatros B.II review & references, helmets& headgear, plastic card modelling. $15.00
Vol.32 #2 Wingnut Wings' Camels 4 page Warpaint feature with superb colour profiles, Plastic Card - part 4. $15.00
Vol.32 #3 Harry Woodman's scratchbuilding series, Aviatic Ansaldo preview with supporting archive material,Stow Maries photo shoot & more Camel profiles. $15.00
Vol.32 #4 reference and modelling material with Camel and Pfalz colour profiles, coclusion of two popular series and exclusive reviews. $15.00

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