AMELIA EARHART - MYSTERY SOLVED, Long, Elgin & Marie, Simon & Schuster, new with dj, see photo, An explanation of what happened to Earhart in July, 1937. photos, 220 pgs.$6.00
AMELIA EARHART - THE SKY IS NO LIMIT, Van Pelt, Lori, Tom Doherty, 2005, new (soft cover), see photo, biography, 239 pgs.$6.00
AMELIA EARHART'S DAUGHTERS, Haynsworth & Toomy, William Morrow & Co., 1998, new, see photo, American women aviatiors from WW II to space age, photos, 322 pgs.$8.00
BAREFOOT IN THE SKY, Scott, Shiela, Macmillan, 1973, f/f, see photo, autobiograhy, set several records 1965-71 in her Piper Commanche, photos, 256 pgs. $12.00
BEFORE AMELIA, Lebow, Eileen, Brassey, 2002, f (soft cover, as new), see photo, examines the women aviators,the story begins with Raymonde de Laroche, a French woman who became the first licensed female pilot in 1909. De Laroche, Lydia Zvereva, Melli Beese, Hilda Hewlitt, Harriet Quimby, and the other women pilots, photos, 313 pgs. $6.00
BORN TO FLY, Bird, Nancy, Angus & Robertson, 1961, vg (no dj), see scan, Inscribed by author, Nancy Bird got her pilot's license in 1934. After barnstorming, she helped set up a flying medical service in WW II. She also trained Australian pilots, photos, 190 pgs. $15.00
EQUATOR NORTH, EQUATOR SOUTH, Walker, Jacquelin, self-published, vg/vg (edgewear), 1939, see scan, signed by author, she describes a flight to South America on planes ranging from Lockheed Electra, Douglas DC-2 to Sikorsky S-42, photos, 207 pgs. $10.00
HEROINES OF THE SKY, Adams & Kimbar, Doubleday, 1942, good (cover wear, fly page missing), see scan, Many nearly forgotten names are brought back. Some are Harriet Quimby, Phoeby Omlie, Louise Thaden & Laura Ingalls, photos, 295 pgs. $10.00
HISTORY OF THE NINETY-NINES, INC., Jessen, Gene Nora, Newsfoto, 1979, fine (blue leatherette cover), see photo, history of the organization of women in aviation, founded in 1929. It covers their activities, histories of individual chapters & member biographies, many photos, 552 pgs. $35.00
IN THE SKY ABOVE THE FRONT, Cottam, K.J. (Editor & Translator), Sunflower University Press, 1984, fine (soft cover, comb bound),originally published in Russia (1962). see scan, This is a collection of mostly personal memoirs of Russian female pilots of WW II, who flew night bombers, dive bombers & fighters, photos, 270 pages. $75.00
JUST PLANE CRAZY, Veca & Mazzio, Osborne, 1987, fine (pictorial cover), see scan, signed by Bobbi Trout, She soloed in 1928, set the momen's endurance records & flew in the first Powder Puff Derby in 1929, many photos, 314 pgs. $30.00
LYRICAL AVIATORS, McClinton, Sandra, Whistling Swan Press, 2000, f/f (marked as a review copy), see photo, Her trip with her husband around the US in a Cessna 172, photos, 221 pgs. $8.00
NORTH TO THE ORIENT, Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, Harcourt, Brace& Co., 1935, vg (comments written on last fly page by previous owner)/g (chipped), see scan, firsthand account of the flight made by the Lindbergh's to the Orient in the summer of 1931 is told from the perspective of Mrs. Lindbergh & illustrated with maps by Charles Lindbergh, 255 pgs. $10.00
PIONEER AVIATOR, Gynn-Jones, Terry, University of Queensland Press, 1988, vg (soft cover), see scan, biography of Lores Bonney, an Australian lady pilot who first circumnavigated Australia, flew solo to South Africa & soloed to England in the early 1930s, photos, 190 pages. $12.50
POWDER PUFF DERBY, Walker, Mike, Wiley, 2003, f/f (as new), see scan, first Powder Puff Derby - 1929 and may female pilots including: Pancho Barnes, Katherine Stinson, Bessie Coleman, Bobbie Trout & of course, Amelia Earhart, photos, 287 pgs. $20.00
SISTERS IN THE SKY - Volume I, WAFS & Volume 2 WASPS, Scharr, Adela, Patrice Press, 1991, new, see scan, history of the Women's Auxilliary Ferrying Squadron, written by one of the country's first female commercial pilots and flight instructors who, in 1943, was to become the first woman to fly the P-39 Aircobra, photos, 1289 pgs.$50.00 (for the set)
SKY MY KINGDOM, Reitsch, Hanna, Casemate, new with dj, see photo, memoirs of Hanna Reitsch, famous German WW II test pilot, photos, 265 pgs. $22.00
STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING, Lovell, Mary, St. Martin's Press, 1987, vg/vg, see photo, biogrophy of Beryl Markham, in 1936 - she was the first person to fly the Atlantic solo, married 3 times & had many lovers, based on interviews & her own papers, photos & illustrations, 408 pgs. $10.00
THOUSAND SPRINGS, A, Chennault, Anna, Peter Ericksson, 1962, f/f, see photo, she was first woman correspondent for China"s largest news servicewhen she first met Gen. Chennault in 1944, biography of her marriage to General Chennault, photos, 318 pgs. $8.00
20 Hrs, 40 Min. , Earhart, Ameilia, National Geographic, 2003, new, soft cover, see photo, reprint of her early autobiography published in 1928, her flight across the Atlantic in the "Friendship", photos, 182 pgs. $10.00
UNITED STATES WOMEN IN AVIATION THROUGH WORLD WAR I, Oakes, Claudia, Smithsonian, 1978, vg (soft cover), see photo, women active in aviation, pilots, barnstormers, promoters, passengers & supporters, many photos, 44 pgs. $5.00
WINGED VICTORY - STORY OF AMY JOHNSON, Grey, Elizabeth, Houghton Mifflin, 1966, vg (ex-library - only 2 library stamps inside the front cover, see scan, FAA & Library of Congress), biography of Amy Johnson, record setting aviatrix in the 1930s, was married to Jim Mollison, 161 pgs. $8.00
WITNESS TO THE EXECUTION, Brennan, Buddy, Renaissance House, 1988, as new (soft cover), see scan, Amelia Earhart was executed by the Japanese on Saipan, as witnessed by a local lady, photos, 214 pgs. $10.00
WOMEN AND FLIGHT, Russo, Carolyn, Nat. Air & Space Museum, 1997, vg (oversized, soft cover), signed picture of Jean Howard-Phelon, the 13th licensed female helicopter pilot, see scan, Biographies of 36 modern women pilots whose jobs rainged from stunt piloting, bush flying to astronauts, photos, 192 pgs. $8.50
WOMEN AND AERONAUTICS, May, Charles, Nelson, 1962, vg/vg (minor water stain on back cover of dj), see scan, From Marie Tible's first balloon ascent in 1784 to the current jet age, photos, 260 pgs. $10.00
ZERO 3 BRAVO, Gosnell, Mariana, Knopf, 1993, f/f (as new), see scan, in the early 1990x, this 60ish lady took off (solo) from Spring Valley, NY airport and headed south to Florida, then west to California, then north to Idaho & then back to Spring Valley. Her trip took 3 months, flying her 1956 Luscombe Silvaire, photos, 371 pgs. $7.50

Nichols, Ruth, J.B. Lippincott, 1957, vg/vg, inscribed by Ruth Nichols "Arthur Morse, In memory of our Wainwright House Symposiums whose goals survey give Wings for Life. Sincerely, Ruth", her first flight in 1919, Nichols went on to fly more than 140 different aircraft, including jets, flew with Rogers Airlines in 1922, established three new international records for women in 1931, (altitude, speed, and distance). In 1932 she flew from LA to NYC in thirteen hours and twenty-one minutes. photos, 317 pgs.

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