Bill has loved aviation ever since he was a little boy, putting together airplanes from cereal boxes. His love of aviation developed into a dream of having an aviation bookstore. He & Barbara opened up an aviation bookstore in Lomita, CA in 1987.
Barbara was supportive of his ambition and desire, but her knowledge of aviation was minimal. She says "I know more about aviation than I ever wanted to!"

In 1993, we sold their bookstore in California and headed for Williamsburg, VA. We live on 4 acres of land with 3 buildings (all temperature controlled) dedicated to aviation books & magazines.

As we age, we are more willing to sell some of Bill's private collection. Some of his titles will cover a broader aspect of aviation. We will still specialize in inventory which includes early aviation, pioneer, autographed, biographies, women, LTA, airline, technical, windsock datafiles, WW I , WW II and a collection of magazines & videos.

In our spare time, we plan to travel and enjoy ourselves. We will not have regular hours but will be open by appointment or chance.

Please be aware they are only 2 individuals, so when you request research, book evaluations, it places an added burden on our already cumbersome tasks.

If you do not see a title on our web page - send an e-mail. We may have it.

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