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AMERICAN FLYING BOAT, Knott, Richard, Naval Institute, 1979, f/f (as new), see scan, Fine condition with dust jacket, no marks, tight binding, from the 1910 Curtiss Albany Flyer to the 1960 Martin P6M Seamaster, many photos, 3-views & maps, 262 pages. $20.00
AMERICAN FLYING BOATS, Duval, G.R., Bradford-Barton, 1974, f/f (as new), see scan, Photos & descriptions of American Flying Boats from Curtiss (1912) to Martin (1955), many photos, 96 pages. $22.00
CURTISS HS FLYING BOATS, Molson & Shortt, Naval Institute, 1995, new, soft cover, see photo, development & history of HS type flying boats from their beginning as a maritime patrol aircraft through WW I, HS-2L flying boat's role in the development of aviation in Canada is presented, as well as the Hx of the only HS-2L now in existance, it's recovery & restoration at Canada's National Aviation Museum, photos & drawings, 147 pgs. $18.00
FLYING BOATS OF BERMUDA, Pomeroy, Colin, self-published, 2000, as new, soft cover, see photo, from the first sea planes in 1919 to the last in the 1980s, many photos, 254 pgs. $32.00
SEA PLANES AND FLYING BOATS OF THE SOLENT, Rance, Adrian (editor), Southampton University, 1981, as new (soft cover), see photo, virtually & photographic history of seaplane testing & manufactoring of the South Coast of England near Southampton. The final 2 Schneider Trophy Races, 115 photos, 64 pgs. $12.50
SEA WINGS, Jablonski, Edward, Doubleday, 1972, f/f, see scan, the illustrated history of flying boats, military & civil, photos, 259 pgs. $12.00
SIKORSKY VS-44 FLYING BOAT, Pember, Harry, Flying Machines Press, 1998, as new, soft cover, see photo, design , constuction & operation of the Sikorsky VS -44 4 - engine flying boat in the late 1930's , their use includes in Antilles Air boats, under Charles & Maureen O ' Hara - Blaid , the restoration of the surviving example, photos, line drawings & color plates, 71 pgs. $6.00
SOLENT FLIGHT, Hilliker, Ivor, Kingisher Publications, 1990, vg (soft cover), see photo, virtual photo album of the seaplane flights on the Solent with the empasis on the history of Saunders-Roe, 127 pgs. $19.00
SPIDER WEB, THE, Hallam, T.D. Sqdn. Leader, Nautical & Aviation, 1979, f/f see photo, account of life at Felixtfowe air station during WW I, where the author flew flying boats in search of enemy submarines, photos & maps, 278 pgs. $18.00
THOSE FABULOUS AMPHIBIANS, Wigton, Don, Harlo Press, 1973, f/f, see scan, signed by author, a photographic history of American amphibious aircraft, 191 pages. $19.00
WINGS OVER WATER, Oliver, David, Chartwell, 1999, f/f, as new, see photo, chronical of flying boats & amphibians of 20th century, many photos, 128 pgs. $10.00
WINGS TO THE ORIENT, Cohen, Stan, Pictorial Histories, 1999, new, soft cover, see photo, photographic coverage of Pan Am's far east service on Martin and Boeing Clippers, 214 pgs. $14.95

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