AIRLINE INDUSTRY , Leary, William (editor), Facts On File, 1992, Fine (as new, oversized), see scan, biographical entries, background entries, and other topics integrated in alphabetical order, sometimes illustrated. The present volume contains 156 entries on such as African Americans in the airline industry, Airline Pilots Association, Allegheny Airlines, Frank Borman, Civil Aeronautics Board, Federal Express, helicopter airlines, Carl Icahn, Kirk Kerkorian, Charles Lindbergh, People Express, US Air Mail Service, World Airways, 531 pgs. $25.00
AIRLINER AND ITS INVENTOR ALFRED W. LAWSON, Faunce, Cy Q., Rockcastel Publishing, ca 1920, vg (embossed cover, minor foxing, edge wear), see scan, first published by Fly magazine bdginning in 1908, he designed the first airliner in 1919, photos, 206 pgs. $20.00
AIR MAIL, Monk & Winter, Percy Press, 1936, vg (Ocean Library's book plate, cover wear), see scan, describes Imperial Airways Empire, routes to Asia & Africa. The use of radio became an important factor, photos, maps, 304 pgs. $17.00
AIRWAY TO EVERYWHERE, Lewis & Trimble, University of Pittsburg, 1988, f/f, see scan, history of All American Aviation of western Pennsylvania, a commercial airline pioneer. All American Aviation would become Allegheny Airlines & later, U.S. Air, photos, 230 pages $12.50
BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON, Frater, Alexandar, William Heinemann, 1986, f/f (as new), see scan, story of Imperial Airways Eastbound Empire service from England to Australia, which started operations in 1935,439 pgs. $15.00
BIRD'S EYE VIEW, Dunkle, W.E., Juli Sellers Press, 1988, f/f (as new), see scan, inscribed by author, he first flew in 1935, then bush flying, Star Air Service & a 35 year career with United Airlines, photos, 346 pgs. $15.00
FLYING HIGH, Hall, Timothy, Methuen of Australia, 1979, f/f (as new) , see scan, story of Hudson Fysh, Qantas & the trail-blazing days of early aviation. An immensely readable & often very funny account of the story of Qantas and the man who created it, map on end pages, photos, 265 pgs. $10.00
FLYING THE ANDES, Krusen, William, University of Tampa Press, 1997, f/f (as new), see scan, signed by author, , story of Pan American Grace Airways and Commercial Aviation in South America, 1926-1967, photos, 257 pgs. $17.50
HIGH JOURNEY, Putnam, Carleton, Scribners, 1945, vg/vg, see scan, author founded Pacific Seaboard Airlines and later Chicago and Southern Airlines, C & S merged with Delta in 1951, 308 pgs. $10.00
HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS AIRCRAFT HISTORY, Lawson, Alfred, Humanity Benefactor Foundation, 1982, fine (embossed cover), see scan, Bulletins posted by Alfred Lawsoh(Jan. 1918 to Sept. 1918) to Congress promoting the idea of aerial trasportation for the public, photos, 83 pgs. $20.00
KANGAROO ROUTE, Hooper, Meredith, Angus, 1985, f, soft cover (as new), see scan, the development of the England-Australia Air Route, from the Record-breaking Flights to the beginnings of Commercial Aviation, maps, photos, 216 pages. $10.00
LONGEST HOP, THE, 1 Stackhouse, John, Focus Publishing, 1997, f/f (as new), see scan, 50 years of Qantas Kangaroo route (1947-1997), many photos & illustrations, 192 pgs. $17.50
A MILLION MILES IN THE AIR , Olley, Gordon Capt, Hodder & Stoughton, 1934, vg (no dj), see photo, author, an Imperial Airways pilot who flew in the early international airline days - 20s and mid-30s, photos, 320 pgs. $20.00
NOSTALGIA PANAMERICANA, Thomas, Don, self-published, 1987, vg, soft cover, see photo, A look at the flying boats and other early aircraft of Pan American Airways, its predecessors, associates and contemporaries via colorful brochures and other publicity, all color reproductions, 62 pgs. $18.00
PASSENGERS , Foxworth & Laurence, Doubleday, f/f, see scan, inscribed by authors, A novel about the co-pilot of a newly developed airliner that has potential faatal flaws. Has discovered corporate & govenernmental cover-ups that put his life in jeopardy, 422 pgs. $10.00
QANTAS RISING, Fysh, Sir Hudson, Angus & Robertson, 1966, f/f, see scan, the beginnings of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (Qantas) written by one of the founders of the famous Australian airline, Sir Hudson Fysh,, photos, 296 pages. $20.00
SHOWER OF SPRAY AND WE'RE AWAY!, A, Ladd, Fred, A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1971, f/f (as new), see scan, author opened Tourist Air Travel Limited of Auckland with a Widgeon amphibian, He got himself into & out of every imaginable kind of aerial mischief, photos, 233 pgs. $15.00
SOUTHERN CLOUD, Carter, I.R., Angus & Robertson, 1964, vg/vg (minor chipping), see scan, disappearance of a Fokker airline between Sydney & Melborne in 1931, maps & photos, 168 pgs, $15.00
UP HERE AND DOWN THERE, Witcomb, Nan, Self-published, 1986, vg hardcover (issued with pictorial cover, corner bumped), see photo, letters, photographs, cartoons and memorabilia, representing over 50 years of air hostessing in Australia with Australian Nationa' Airways, 340 pgs. $17.50
WHAT...NO LANDING FIELD? Ellis, Bob & Peg, E.S. Richardson, 1998, fine (soft cover), see scan, Bob Ellis moved to Alaska in 1929 as a bush pilot. He founded Ellis Airlines in 1936 in Ketchikan. The first of this book is Bob's personal accounts. The remained of the book is Peg's collection of newspaper articles on Bob's air life, photos, 167 pgs. $15.00
WINGS OF SPEED, Brittain, Sir Harry, Hutchinson & Co., 1934, vg (no dj, binding tight, minor cover wear,) development of British air transport with emphasis on air routes inaugurated by Imperial Airways, photos, 288 pgs. $20.00

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