HANNS SCHARFF (1907-1992) - Signed Envelope,
As sn interrogator, Scharff was a master at getting information from captured Allied airmen without torture.

ROLAND BEAMONT - signed photograph,
He was an RAF fighter pilot with 491 operational sorties (Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tempests). He was shot down in October, 1944. He finished the war with 6 1/2 aircraft & 32 V-1s destroyed.

MARTIN JENSEN (1900-1992) - signed envelope & photo,
A former Naval pilot & barnstormer, he was most noted for his second place finish in the 1927 Dole Race. There are 2 signatures, on on the envelope (July 24, 1929) & the other on the photo of his airplane in the race (Aloha).

A 7"x9" photo signed by Eddie Rickenbacker (America's leading ace in WW I, and signed by Dick Bong (America's leading ace in WW 2).

Envelope signed by Amy Johnson (1903-1941), set several records (1930s), first female pilot to solo from England to Australia, Barnes Wallis (1887-1979), designed the structure of the Wellington bomber and the bouncing bomb used in the Dambusters raids, T.O.M. Sopwith, (1888-1989), founded the Sopwith Aviation Co. which produced his most famous Sopwith Camel.

He was the first Luftwaffe pilot to score 150 aerial victories in WW II. He became General of the Fighters replacing Adolf Galland, in 1995. He signed this on note paper thanking the addressee for his letter. Also included is the envelope which it was sent.

VICE ADM. JOHN A. COLLINS (1899-1989),
Photograph & bio of Sir John A. Collins. He commanded HMAS Sydney, Battle of the Mediterranean, 1940-41. Was wonded , 1944, HMAS Australia, in the first recorded kamikaze attack.

RUTH NICHOLS (1901-1960) - Signed Envelope (dated 1931)
She became the first licensed femal seaplane pilot in 1924. In 1925, co-pilot on first NYC to Miami (non-stop). She co-founded the Ninety Nines in 1929. In the 1930s she set several speed, endurance & altitude records.

EDWARD TELLER (1908-2003) - signed photograph,
Hungarian born Teller emigrated to the U.S. in 1933. In April, 1943, he joined the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. After the war his further research culminated in the first successful detonation of the hydrogen bomb.

HUBERT WILKINS (1888-1958) & Charles Sherman (Casey) Jones (1894-1976) - Signed Envelope
Wilkins, with pilot Carl Ben eilson, explored the Polar Regions by air. In 1928, they were the first to fly over the North Pole (Pt. Barrow to Spitsbergen). In 1932, he made an unsuccessful to cros the Atlantic by submarine.

Jones learned to fly during WW I. In 1919, he joined the Curtiss Aeroplane Company in sales & as a test pilot. He competed in several air races in the 1920s. 1929 saw him become a V.P. at Curtiss. In 1932, he started his own flying school.

ARCH WHITEHOUSE (1895-1979) - Signed Letter
He was born in England, raised in New Jersey, he served as an aerial gunner with the RFC/RAF. He later trained on fighters. He became a prolific writer on the air war of World War I.

WOLFGANG SPATE (1911-1997) - Signed post card
Spate was a 99 Victory Ace in WW II and prominent in the development of the Me-163, the first rocket fighter. Five of his 99 victories were while flying the Me-262.

FRANK ELLIS 1898-1979,
Signed first day envelope, Canada's last surviving pioneer pilot.
1914 Constructe & flew the first aircraft built and flown in Canada
1919 First Canadian to parachute into Canada
1920 Flew the first Canadian air flight
He was prolific in writing books & articles on Canadian aviation history.
signed envelope, they set an endurance record (August 24 to October 10, 1949) of 46 days, 20 hrs flying an Aeronca Sedan.
6 1/2" X 3 1/2 ". He was involved in the planning of Byrd's 1927 North Pole flight. Was the pilot of Byrd's trans-Atlantic flight and the 1929 South Pole flight. During WW II, he was involved in clandestine missions to Scandanavia for the USAAF.
6 1/2" X 3 1/2 ". Flew dive bombers from the WASP & Lexington during WW II. He became famous in the late 1940s flying F2G Corsairs to victry in the Thompson Trophy Races of 1947 & 1949.
WALTER G. BRENZ (1919 - ?),

Signatures are on an enveloe commemorating the 40th Anniversary of V-E Day. Certified copy No. 0094.
Also signed by Peter Jarvis, RAF, who flew the mission.
Gabby Gabreski gained fame flying P-47s with the 56th FG with 28 victories and 6 1/2 more in Korea.
Walter (Jim) Benz achieved 8 victories against the Japanese with the 5th AF. He flew combat and led the 8th Fighter Bomber flying F80s & F-86s.
CHARLES WILLARD (1883-1977) - The Exhibition Years

He was Glenn Curtiss's first fying pupil. He soloed June 30, 1919. He inscribed this 16 page booklet which covers his flying for the years 2909 to 1919, with photos & 2-view drawings of the Curtis Golden flyer.
envelope signed, he soloed April 29, 1912 at the Sebastopol Army Flying School, on a Farman IV. After service as Chief of Ukranian Navy Aviaition andlater Polish Naval Aviation, he emigrated to the U.S. in 1928.

Framed (12" x 15")
Signed by:
Air Vice Marsha D.C. M. Bennett
Air Marshal Sir Harry Burton
Group Captain John Cunningham
Group Captain Denys Gillam
Air Vice Marshal Johnnie Johnson
Wing Commander David Shannon
Group Captain Hugh Verity
Canadian bush piot, awaded the Trans-Cananda (McKee) Trophy in 1933, He wrote his memoirs "Artic Pilot in 1939. Envelope signed by Gilbert.
9 envelopes, each signed by a Snowbird pilot (1992)
WILLIAM C. REID, VC - SIGNED ENVELOPE, Flew Lancasters with 61 Sdn. On Nov. 3, 1943, his plane was severely hit by Night Fighters twice. He was wounded but continued e on to hit the target (Dusseldorf) and returned to England. After recovering from his wounds, he transfered to 617 Sqdn.

Framed & Matted 23" x 17"
Original lobby card

signed photograph
EACH DAY I DIE - MOVIE LOBBY CARD & AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO, 1939 starring James Cagney & George Raft - 1939 film. Original lobby card and photograph autographed by James Cagney & George Raft. Please note: Cagney signed Raft's photo & Raft signed Cagney's photo (I guess they did it to be funny). In the film Cagney is framed, sent to prison, where he meets tough guy, Raft. Framed & Matted 23" x 17".

Framed & Matted 18 1/2" x 24 1/2"
Movie Poster

signed photograph
Inscribed Photograph
THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE - MOVIE POSTER (reproduced) & AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS, 1939 Movie poster and photographs autographed by Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. Portrays America's hugely popular early 20th century husband and wife dance team. Vernon served as a pilot and flight instructor during World War I. In 1918, while conducting flight maneuvers at Benbrook Field near Fort Worth, Texas his plane crashed and he was killed instantly. Fred Astaire's photograph is signed. Ginger Roger's photograph is inscribed "To Sue A. Salter, My warmest blessing, Ginger Rogers 1988" Framed & Matted 18 12" x 24 1/2".

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