AIRSPEED, Middleton, D.H., Tereance Dalton, 1982, f/f (as new), see scan, Airspeed LTD. was founded in 1931 & built aircraft until 1951. Two of the founders were Nevil Shute & Sir Alan Cobham, photos, 206 pages. $28.00
AVRO AIRCRAFT SINCE 1908, Jackson, A. J., Putnam, 1965, vg/vg, (chipping on dj). see scan, Descriptions of aircraft built by Avro from 1908 to 1965, includes photos & 3-views of most, 470 pages. $25.00
BOOK OF BRISTOL AIRCRAFT, Lukin, A.H., Harborough, 1946, vg/vg (small piece missing on dj). see scan, Bristol bean aircraft manufacturing in 1910. Describes each of their aircraft with photos & 3-views, 141 pgs. $45.00
BRITISH CIVIL AIRCRAFT SINCE 1919 (3 VOLUMES) Jackson, A. J., Putnam 1973-4, All 3 volumes are in fine condition with dust jackets. aee scan, Describes 186 types of civil aircraft from private aircraft to commercial jets. Included are some foreign designed aircraft, 3-views, photos. Vol. 1 - 567 pages; Vol 2 - 560 pages; Vol. 3 - 636 pages. $65.00
BOOK OF WESTLAND AIRCRAFT, Lukins, A.H., Harborough, 1944, vg/vg, see scan, . Westland began building airplanes in 1915. Described are each of their aircraft with photos & 3-views. They also built aircraft of other manufactures, 92 pgs. $30.00
BOOK OF WESTLAND AIRCRAFT, Lukins, A.H., Harborough Publishing, 1973, fine condition, see photo, Westland Aircraft Works was founded in 1915. The company started with the Short "Two-two-five" seaplane for the British Navy, and it built 34 seaplanes before turning its hand to land planes. There followed the "Wagtail", the "Weasel", the "Limousine", the "Widgeon Mark III", the "Wapiti", the "Lysander", and others. They"re all here, complete with photos, specifications and 3-way views, incl. some fold-outs, 104 pgs. $23.50
BOX KITES TO BOMBERS - ca 1946, Story of the Glenn L. Martin Company, see scan, photos, 38 pgs.
CESSNA, A MASTER'S EXPRESSION, Phillips, Edward, Flying Books, 1985, f/f (as new). see scan, Biography of Clyde Cessna, his company & aircraft he built, photos, 152 pgs. $12.50
CESSNA'S GOLDEN AGE Abel, Abel & Matt, Wind Canyon, 2001, new, soft cover, see photo, history of cessna, primary gliders, airmasters, T-50 bobcat, CG-4A glider, cessna 120 & 140, photos & drawings, 90 pgs. $22.95
FLYING THROUGH THE YEARS - NORTHROP, Northrop Corporation, 1971, vg (soft cover), see scan, Contains 20 full page color photos of Northrop aircraft with descriptions (1940 -19660), 44 pgs. $15.00
FORD IN EAA'S FUTURE, Nevill, John, EAA Historical Series, 1974, fine (soft cover), see scan, The story of the Ford Tri-motor acquired by the EAA. The partnership of William Stout & Henry Ford. An 8 part article originally published in AVIATION magazine is included. photos, 58 pages. $12.00
FIFTY YEARS OF FIRST FLIGHTS, 1923-1973, Sikorsky, VG (soft cover), see scan, 6 pages near the end of the book have. been marked by ball point pen). A history of Sikorsky aircraft & helicopters, many photos, 55 pgs. $10.00
FORD TRI-MOTOR, Larkins, William, Schiffer, 1992, f/f as new, see scan, History of the Ford Tri-Motor from its beginning 1929 to 1882k many photos, 332 pgs. $32.50
PIPER'S GOLDEN AGE Abel, Abel & Matt, Wind Canyon, 2001, new, soft cover, see photo, details the formation of the Piper Aircraft Corporation, how Piper & Taylor got together and their split. Includes models built from the 1920s through post WW II, Taylor Chummy, Taylor E-2 Cub, Taylor/Piper J-2 Cub, Piper J-3 Cub, Piper J-4 Cub Coupe, Piper Experimentals, Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser, Piper PA-11 Cub Special, Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser, Piper PA-15 Vagabond, Piper PA-16 Clipper, and Piper PA-18 Super Cub, photos, line drawings, 90 pgs. $18.00
TAPERWING WACOS, Brandly, Raymond, self-published, 1984, vg (embossed name), soft cover, see photo, many photos, 132 pgs. $35.00
WELCH AIRPLANE STORY, Welch-Able, Drina, SunShine House, 1983, f/f, see scan, compulation of the aircraft manufactured by Welch Aircraft Company, Orin Welch was lost in WW II flying a C-47 over the Hump, many photos, 130 pgs. $30.00
YESTERDAY'S WINGS, Bowers, Peter, AOPA, 1974, vg (issued w/o dj), see photo, an insight into the many aircraft of general aviation from its very beginnings through the post-war era, descriptions & photographs of more than seventy great aircraft. 160 pgs. $12.00

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