ALASKAN BUSH PILOYS IN YHE FLOAT COUNTRY, Satterfield, Archie, Bonanza Books, 1969, vg/vg, see scan, early history of bush pilots in southeastern Alaska, focus on float planes, many photos, 159 pgs. $10.00
MUDHOLE SMITH - ALASKA FLIER, Janson, Lone, Alaska Northwest Publishing, fine (soft cover), see scan, 1981, his biography from barnstormer to bush pilot, taught himself how to fly, provided air service to remote villages, spotting enemy submarines in WW II, photos, 143 pgs. $6.00
PIONEER BUSH PILOT, Harkey, Ira, University of Washington, 1974, vg/vg, bio of Noel Wien, see scan, after a barnstorming period, he moved to Alaska & was their first bush pilot. He later founded Wien Alaska Airways, photos, 307 pgs. $16.50
SOURDOUGH SKY, Nills & Phillips, Superior Publishing, 1969, vg/vg, see scan, development of commercial flying in the North, the work of missionaries, the military with Col. 'Hap' Arnold, a salute to all Alaskan airmen of 1913-1943, photos, 176 pgs. $15.00
WHAT...NO LANDING FIELD? Ellis, Bob & Peg, E.S. Richardson, 1998, fine (soft cover), see scan, Bob Ellis moved to Alaska in 1929 as a bush pilot. He founded Ellis Airlines in 1936 in Ketchikan. The first of this book is Bob's personal accounts. The remained of the book is Peg's collection of newspaper articles on Bob's air life, photos, 167 pgs. $15.00

SKY PIONEERING; ARIZONA IN AVIATION HISTORY, Reinhold, Ruth, University of Arizona, 1982, vg/vg, see photo, author, a commercial pilot & flight instructor, recounts the early aviation history of Arizona - by 1927 home of two aricraft companies & the largest airport in the United States, photos, 232 pgs. $19.95

EIGHT NINE ROMEO PAPPA - STORY OF ARKANSAS AVIATION, Wallis, Dave, Arkansas Aviation Historical Society, 2000, f/f (as new) see photo, signed by author, 89 years of aviation history in Arkansas, illustrated with photos & drawings, 269 pgs. $30.00

CALIFORNIA WINGS, Schoneburger, William, Winsor Publications, 1984, f/f, see scan, from the first take off of a dirigible in San Francisco in 1869 to the space shuttle Columbia's landing in 1981, photos, 189 pgs. $20.00
FROM JENNIES TO JETS - ORANGE COUNTY, Smith, Vi, Sultana Press, 1974, f/f , see photo, beginning with Glenn Martin building his first plane in a former church building, there has been many great names in aviation, photos, 211 pgs. $22.00
LOS ANGELES AERONAUTICS 1920-1929, Hatfield, D.D., Northrop University Press, 1973, f/f, see scan, aviation history in the Los Angeles area 1920-1929, photos, 223 pages. $13.00
MADCAPS, MILLIONAIRES AND "MOSE", Underwood, John, Heritage Press, 1984, fine (embossed hard cover, see scan, signed by author, story of Grand Central Airport (Glendale, CA) from it's glory days (1920s & 30s) through WW II. It was used by airlines, Hollywood celebrities & the military. The downhill road to closure in 1959, many photos, 144 pgs. $60.00
SAN DIEGO: AIR CAPITAL OF THE WEST, Scott, Mary, San Diego Aerospace Museum, 1991, f/f (as new), see photo, history of aviation in San Diego, and illustrated with over 300 vintage & modern photographs from the archival collection of the San Diego Aerospace Museum," 192 pgs. $25.00
IMAGES OF AVIATION: TORRANCE AIRPORT, Lobb, Charles, Arcadia, 2006. new (soft cover), see photo, after Pearl Harbor, commercial flights were terminated, one of these was the Lomita Flight Strip, now known as Zamperini Field, photographic history of the Torrance Airport, 127 pgs. $15.00

FIRST FIFTY YEARS OF FLIGHT IN COLORADO, Scamehorn, Howard, University of Colorado, 1961, small 19 page booklet. $3.00

DELAWARE AVIATION HISTORY, Frebert, George, Dover, 1998, f/f (as new), see scan, an expansive report on aviation in Delaware, detailed history of Bellanca, two fold-out Aeronautical Sectional Maps (1932 and 1947), many photos, 372 pgs. $32.00

WINGS IN THE SUN, Lazarus, William, Tyn Cobb's Florida Press, vg/vg, see photo, signed by author & A.B. McMullen (Executive VP of National Associal of State Aviation Officals, see scan, effect of world and national aviation events upon Florida, photos & illustrations, 310 pgs. $25.00

GLIMPSES OF GEORGIA AVIATION, Program to celebrate Georgia Aviation Day, 1977, fine (soft cover), see scan, Booklet celebrates Georgia's role in aviation history, highlighting facts about individuals, businesses, and airports that previously had never been printed , photos, 96 pgs. $5.00


BALLOONS TO JETS, Scamehorn, Howard, Henry Regnery, 1957, vg/vg, see photo, history of aeronautics in Illinois, 1855-1955, photos, 271 pgs. $10.00
FILL THE HEAVENS WITH COMMERCE, Young & Callahan, Chicago Review Press, 1981. f/f (as new), see photo, Chicago aviation from 1855 to 1926, photos, 167 pgs. $10.00
CHICAGO AVIATION - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, Young, David, North Illinois University, 2003. f/f (as new), see photo, recounts tales of the pilots, patrons, & passengers who sparked public interest in the early days of flight, in 1910, when a group of wealthy flying enthusiasts formed the Aero Club of Illinois, audiences flocked to see the club's spectacular aviation shows & visit Cicero Field, where many of America's first aviators learned to fly. photos, 254 pgs. $17.50

IOWA TAKES TO THE AIR - VOLUME 1 (1845 - 1918 & VOLUME 2 (1919 - 1941), Pellegreno, Ann, Aerodrome Press, 1980 & 1986, f/f (as new), see photo, both volumes signed by author, she completed Amelia Earhart's 1937 globe-circling flight in 1967, these books contain extensive research on air races, air shows as well as personalities & accomplishments of Iowa's pilots, mechanics, manufacturere, many photos, maps, 596 pgs (total for both volumes) $55.00

BORNE ON THE SOUTH WIND, Rowe & Miner, Wichita Eagle & Beacon Publishing, 1994, vg/vg (edgewear), , see photo, Stearmans to Starships, B-25s to B-52s, photos, maps, 244 pgs. $18.50

LOUISIANA AVIATION, Caire, Vincent, Louisana State University, 2010. f/f (new), see photo, photographic history of Louisiana aviation, 130 pgs. $25.00

EARLY WINGS OVER MAINE, Davis, J.D., Potts Point Books, 2011. f ( soft cover, as new), see photo, beginning of aviation in Maine from Lindbergh to Beryl Markham, stories & historical photographs, 181 pgs. $17.95

VOYAGES INTO AIRY REGIONS, Scott, John, Ann Arrundell Historical Society, 1984, vg (soft cover), see scan, a salute to places, planes & people that made Maryland's aviation history, photos, 119 pgs.
IMAGES OF AVIATION - MARYLAND, Breihan, John, Arcadia, 2009, new (soft cover), see scan, photographic history of Maryland aviation, 127 pgs,

CHRONOLOGY OF MICHIGAN AVIATION, Ball, Robert, Michigan Dept. of Aeronautics, 1953, vg (soft cover, inked & embossed name), see scan, aviation history from 1834 to 1953, photos, 64 pgs. $8.00

MINNESOTA AVIATION HISTORY 1857-1945, Allard & Sandvick, MAHB, 1993, new (soft cover), see scan, describes the careers of over 350 of Minnesota's pioneer aviation personalities, information about flying in the earliest years,photos, 288 pgs. $25.00

CITY OF FLIGHT, Horgan, James, Patrice Press, 1984, f/f (as new), see scan, History of aviation in St. Louis, goes back to the 1830s, photos, 500 pgs. $12.50

MONTANA AND THE SKY, Wiley, Frank, Montana Aeronautical Commission, 1966, f/f, see photo, history of the beginnings of aviation in the great West, more than 200 rare aviation photographs & stories about the adventures of 100 pioneer pilots, 343 pgs. $25.00

RUDDER, STICK & THROTTLE, Adwers, Robert, Making History, 1994, fine (soft cover, as new), see photo, Inscribed by author, aviation in Nebraska from 1906, photos, 440 pgs. $20.00

HISTORY & HEROES OF NEW HAMPSHIRE AVIATION, Batchelder, Jean, Arrow Publishing, 2004, fine (soft cover) see photo, history of aviation in New Hampshire including weather & terrain, biographies of 61 aviators, such as Alan Shepard, Jr.& Christa McAuliffe, photos, 240 pgs. $25.00

BALLOONS TO BOMBERS, Alberts, Don, Albuquerque Museum History, 1987, fine (soft cover) see photo, aviation in Albuquerque from 1882 to 1945, photos, 88 pgs. $10.00

FROM THE BALLOON TO THE MOON, Reilly, H.V. Pat,HV Publisher, 1992, vg, soft cover, see photo, inscribed by author to previous owner, chronological history of New Jersey aviation from 1793 to 1989, photos, 318 pgs. $15.00
NEW JERSEY'S AERONAUTICAL HERITAGE...A CONCISE CHRONOLOGY, Reilly, H.V. Pat, HV Publisher, 1982, vg, soft cover, see photo, aviation history program for a 1982 Annual Induction Dinner, photos & history of New Jersey aviation, 64 pgs. $12.00

FLIGHT OF MEMORY: LONG ISLAND'S AERONATICAL PAST, Shodell, Elly, Port Washington, 1995, as new (soft cover), see photo, historic b/w photos of aircraft, (esp. flying boats), pilots & passengers, ephemera, plus line drawings & illustrations, 86 pgs. $14.95
IMAGES OF AVIATION: LONG ISLAND AIRCRAFT CRASHES 1909-1959, Stoff, Joshua, Arcadia, 2004. new (soft cover), see photo, For the first 50 years of American aviation, Longa Island was the center of innovation & flight, pictorial history, 128 pgs. $15.00

FIRST TO FLY, Parramore, Thomas, University of North Carolina, 2002, f/f (as new), see photo, inscribed by author, account of North Carolina's significant contributions to the early history, were on the cutting edge of aviation technology well before Wilbur and Orville Wright's first powered flight in 1903, produced some of the most notable airmen & women of the early 1900s, photos, 372 pgs. $15.00

GIANT LEAP: A CHRONOLOGY OF OHIO AEROSPACE EVENTS & PERSONALITIES, 1915-1969, Crouch, Tom, Ohio Historical Society, 1971, vg ( soft cover), see photo, 70 page booklet with photos. $8.00
THEY WALKED ON WINGS, Burwell, Robert, Saracen Publications, 1988, fine, (as new, soft cover), see photo, history of early Stark county aviation, photos, 158 pgs. $14.00

OKLAHOMA AVIATION STORY, Tolman, Jones, Gregory & Moore, Oklahoma Heritage, 2004, f/f (as new), see scan, signed by all 4 authors,from the first flight (1910) to the present day. You'll meet such people as Wiley Post, Charles Lindbergh & Amelia Earhart, as well as Douglas Aircraft Co. & Braniff Airlines, many photos, 188 pages. $45.00

AVIATION AND PENNSYLVANIA, Smith & Harrington, Franklin Institute Press, 1981, fine (embossed cover) , see photo, detailed history of aircraft in Pennsylvania, photos, 186 pgs. $28.95
HIGH FRONTIER: A HISTORY OF AERONAUTICS IN PENNSYLVANIA, Trimble, Williams, Univerity of Pittsburg Press, 1982, fine (soft cover) , see photo, from hot air balloons to supersonic jet aircraft, photos, 344 pgs. $15.00

GENERAL DISCUSSION OF DEVELOPMENT OF AVIATION IN SOUTH CAROLINA, Martin, Dexter, 1944, small booklet of the lecture. $5.00

IMAGES OF AVIATION: SOUTH DAKOTA'S FIRST CENTURY OF FLIGHT, Kraemer, Norma, Arcadia, 2010. new (soft cover), see photo, pictorial history of aviation in South Dakota, 127 pgs. $15.00

AVIATION HISTORY OF TENNESSEE, Fulbright, Jim, Tenn. Dept. of Transportation, 1989, f (soft cover), see photo, an account of some of the key people & events that brought aviation in Tennessee, photos, 157 pgs. $14.00

AVIATION IN TEXAS, Bilstein & Miller, Texas Monthly Press, 1985, f/f, see photo, stories of Confederate balloons & blimps, early air races, barnstorming, aircraft design & construction, military training schools, Women's Air Service pilots, rocketry, commercial airlines, ultra-lightsaviation, many photos, 288 pgs. $15.00
HISTORY OR MILITARY AVIATION IN SAN ANTONIO, Manning, Thomas (Editor), 1996, vg (cover curl, soft cover), see photo, Fort Sam Houston, Kelly Field, Brooks Field, Randolph Field & Lackland Air Force Base photos & maps, 117 pgs. $15.00

PLANES, PILOTS & GOFER TALES OF LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA'S OLD PRESTON GLENN AIRPORT, Rogers, Jim, Hamilton's. 1997, new (soft cover), see photo, author grew up during the Golden Age of aviation, shares his expeiences as a "gofer" at Lynchburg airport, photos, 154 pgs. $6.95

GENERAL MITCHELL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Hardie, George, Friends of the Mitchell Gallery of Flight, 1996, fine (soft cover) see photo, signed by author, from hot &5 year history of Milwaukee's Airport, photos, illustrations & route map, 184 pgs. 352 pgs. $15.00
FORWARD IN FLIGHT: HISTORY OF AVIATION IN WISCONSIN, Goc, Michael, Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame, 1998, f/f (as new), see photo, from hot air ballooning in the 1850s to the astronauts who circled the moon, biplanes, barnstormers & Air Force bomers in between, anecdotes and photos, 352 pgs. $35.00
WINGWALKER, Krippene, Bernice, New Past Press, 1995, fine (soft cover), see scan, the Larson Brothers & Cousin Clyde Lee established Wisconsin's first commeercial airport. After training students & barnstorming, they attempted a flight to Norway in 1932, photos, 255 pgs. $10.00

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