Began publishing in August of 1927, became Aeronautics in June, 1929 and back to Popular Aviation in August, 1930.

Year MonthContentsPrice
1927August Vol. 1 #1, Flights to Europe, Byrd, Honolulu Flight; Aerial Surveying, ABC's of Aviation. complete magazine $10.00

September Byrd's Atlantic Trip, First Channel Crossing, Lindbeerg tour, Chicago to San Francisco, complete magazine $10.00

November Naational Air Races, Aviationin Canada, Potomac Flying Services; Speed Records; Model Aviation Construction; complete magazine $10.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1928August 10th Anniversary of Air Mail, Cross Country Flights, Engine Tests, Women & Flying, Forced Landings, Brook's Field, complete magazine $10.00

December Wright Brothers, Army Aviation, 20 Years Navak Aviation, Future of Air Mail Service, Aiplane Instruments, Aviation Engines, Sailplane Construction, complete magazine $10.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1929June Collapse of Coolidge Air Policy, Nobile's Rescue, Pilot Trouble vs. Engine Trouble, Mosquitoes, Valkyries, Large Scale Operations, complete magazine $10.00

Year MonthContentsPrice

November 95th Squadron, Motoring More Dangerous Than Flying, Lincoln Beachy, Trouble Shooting, Navy Air School, Schenider Trophy Race for Seaplanes, Instruments, Airplane & Autogyro Compared, complete magazine $10.00

Complete year (1931) 12 issues bound without their covers.

Year MonthContentsPrice
1932February Enemy Station T-S-F, German Transport, World's Record Jump, 100 MPH, Blimp, New Army Planes, Smuggling, How to Build Light planes, complete magazine$8.00

March Aviation Political Problems, Diesel Engines for Dirigibles, Capelis Tandem Nonoplane, French Stratospheric Plane, Instrument Board, Hornet-Corsair Scout, Airplane Engines, complete magazine$8.00

May Washington & Aviation Conditions, Blind Flying, Lowell Bayles, Airport Dispatcher, Planes of WW I, Guiberson Diesel Engine, Stunt Flying, Mexican Parachute Jumper, complete magazine$8.00

September Spad Plane Breaks World Records, Radio Beams, Caterpilar Club, 9 Famous German War Planes, Building a Small Airport, Winged Monoplanes, Design Floats for Small Hydro-Aircraft, complete magazine $8.00

October Attempted Kidnapping of von Richthofen, Russian Airlines, Guggenheim Airship, Parachute Jumps, Breda 32, Tobot Gyro, Meteorology, Popular Aviation 1st International Model Contest, complete magazine $8.00

December What Billy Mitchell thinks about Bombers, Dog Fights, Ormer Locklear, Squadron of Spads, Use of Radio, New Steam Engine, Pegna Pc-7, Converting Ford Model "A" Engines, Pusher-Puller, PZL-6, complete magazine $8.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1933March Flight Testing Army Planes, Paris Aero Show, Raimondi Effect, Seaplanes and Rescue Work, Airmail - The Movie, German Air Yacht, Cross-Country Flying, Spad Replica Model, Sparrow-Hawk, complete magazine$8.00

May Biplane vrs Monoplane, Lt. Martinus Stenseth, Vought Corsair, Aeero Radio, Squadron OX-t, Aerobatics, Corben Junior Ace, Testing Light Planes, complete magazine$8.00

September Line Squalls, Coast Guard, Gas Tank Hazard, Corsair, Pusher Pursuit, Potez Baby, Flexible Wing, Building Corben Junior Ace - Continued, Practical Lessons in Aviation, Gee-Bee Transport, complete magazine $8.00

October Ringside View of C Compton Piccard Fiasco, Wiley Post, Balbo's Squadron, 14 Cylinder Wasps, Aero Engine Maintenance, complete magazine $8.00

Year MonthContentsPrice
1934July Anthony Fokker, Hammondsport, British S.E.F. James V. Martin, Monocoupe "D:, Beechcraft, Inside Story of the "Bullet", High Altitudes, Britains Imperial Airways, Model of Waco "D" Pursuit, complete magazine$8.00

August Vultee V.IA, Capt. Ball, Caterpiller Club, Aviation Stunts in Movies, Rapier "H" Type Engines, Katzmayr Effect Xplanes, Knight Wister Flies, Scale Plans of Epps Plane, Model of Monocoupe D-145, complete magazine (no back cover - photocopy inserted)$8.00

September Did Nazis Shoot Don Transatlantic Flyers?, Sikorsky, Birth of Airship, Warplanes in China, Waco Line Additions, Kinners Folding-Wing Plane, Caproni Bomber, Seversky 3-L, Building the Epps Lightplane, complete magazine $8.00

October Saving Tax Dollars, Bert Hall, Air Circus, Beachey's Death, Air Races, Auto-Pilot, Menasco Powered Racing Planes, Development of Parachutes, Origins of Noises, Designing Morvay "alerte", Consolidated P-30, Camouflage, complete magazine $8.00

December Commercial Airline Traffic Dept., bio of Glenn Curtiss, TWA Trimotors, Modern Chute, Bellanca Bimotor Bomber, Development of Aircraft Carriers, Wing Flutter, Corben Converted Ford "A", Glider Clubs, BoeingP-26 A, Dog Fights, complete magazine $8.00

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