USS VALLEY FORGE (cv-45) 1951-1952,
Very good (embossed cover, corner bumped).Signed by over 80 Cruise Members, Cruise Book to the Carrier on it's 3rd Korean Cruise 1951-52. It's aircraft were Corsairs, Sky Raiders & Panthers, all photos, 160 pages.

BATTLEGROUND KOREA - 25th DIVISION, David, Capt.Allan, ed., 25th Infantry Division History, 1951,vg(embossed cover, minor edge wear). see scan, Colored end paper maps,18 pages of colored text maps, text illustrated with numerous b/w. photographs, list of commanders & staff, list of awards and decorations, in memoriam list, 368 pages. $75.00
EVERY MAN A TIGER, Blunk, Chester, Sunflower, 1987, fine (soft cover), see scan, The 731st Night Intruder served in the Korean War, flying B-26s, photos, 113 pgs. $13.50
51st TATICAL FIGHTER WING, Sullivan, John, Office of history, 1982, fine (soft cover, as new), see scan, The group began WW I with the 10th AF., later the 14th AF. It remained in Asia and in 1950 it was active in Korea, The 51st Fighter Wing, headquartered at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, provides combat ready forces for close air support, air strike. Written by the Commandeer. photos & drawings, 99 pages. $35.00
GREATEST AIRLIFT, Thompson, Capt. A.G., Dai-Nippon, 1954, vg,(embossed cover), see scan, The story of combat cargo in Korea, The author was one of the pilots, many photos, 464 pgsl $40.00
HOT SHOTS, Chancey & Forstchen (editors), Harper Collins, 2000, f/f (as new), see scan, Individual stories of American fighter pilots in the Korean War, photos, 240 pgs. $20.00
I.A.S. - ITALIAN AEROSPACE SHOW, vg (soft cover), see photo, issued in conjunction with the Italian Aerospace Show aboard the USS Intrepid, NYC, April, 1990, many photos depicting Italian aviation history, 287 pgs. $12.50
JACK NORTHROP AND THE FLYING WING, Coleman, Ted, Paragon, 1988, vg/vg, see photo, first hand report of the pioneering design of the Stealth Bomber, photos, 284 pgs. $10.00
KOREAN ENCORE, Lodecker, Street & Zeus, 1985, vg (embossed cover), see scan, This is a photo history of the second Korean cruise of the USS Philippine sea (CV-47), 116 pages. > $45.00
KOREAN WAR ACES,, Osprey Aircraft ot the Aces No. 4, as new. see scan, color profiles, photos, 96 pgs. $13.00
100 MISSIONS NORTH, Bell, Ken Brig. Gen., Brassey's, 1993, f/f (as new), see scan, author flew 100 missions in Vietnam in an F-105 (1966 & 1967), photos, 314 pgs. $27.50
MUSTANGS OVER KOREA, McLaren, David, Schiffer, 1999, f/f (as new), see scan, The F-51 was primarily a ground attack aircraft but was also involved in aerial combat including against the MiG-15, many photos, 185 pgs.
NAVAL AIR VIETNAM, mersky & Polmar, Nautical Aviation Publishing, 1982, vg/vg, see scan, signed by Randy Cunningham (the only Naval pilot Ace in Vietnam war), full account of naval aviation in action in Vietnam, personal experiences of pilots, over 200 photos, maps & drawings, 224 pgs. $35.00
NIGHT FIGHTERS OVER KOREA, O'Rourke, G.G., Naval Institute, 1998, f/f, (as new), see scan, The largely untold story of Navy & Marine Squadrons using Douglas F3Ds as night fighters in Korea, photos, 208 pgs. $23.50
NO GUTS NO GLORY, Blesse, Maj. Fred, ca 1955, reproductive copy from the original at Maxwell AFB, see scan, He describes the fighter tactics he developed in the Korean war, illustrations, 57 pgs. $20.00
ON YANKEE STATION, Nichols & Tillman, Naval Institute Press, 1987, f/f (as new),see scan, Signed by Cdr. Nichols, who flew more than 350 missions (F-8 Crusader) in the Viet Nam war. The book describes the naval air war in that conflict, photos, 179 pgs. $25.00
PAK SIX, Basel, G. I., Assoc. reative Writers, 1982, fine (soft cover, as new), see scan, Signed by author, He was a 105 pilot and most of his missions were in the Hanoi area of North Vietnam, photos 175 pages. $25.00
PARA-QUAERWEMASTER 8081st A.U. REPORT, Kovalick, John (Editor), Kanero Printing, 1952. VG (pictorial cover, see scan, with a program see scan, from 3/17/52 listing the entire unit). Unit history, C-119 Air Supply Unit inKorea, 8081st Army Unit, many photos, 58 pages. $20.00
PAK SIX Basel, G.I., Association Creative Writers, 1982, vg (soft cover), see scan, signed by author, Pak Six was the name for the target area which included Hanoi & Naiphong. The author (354th F.S.) flew F-105s to that area until he was shot down, photos, 175 pgs.
RAVENS, THE, Robbins, Christopher, Crown, 1987, f/f/ (as new), see scan, signed by author, the secret air war in Laos, the low & slow pilots who spotted targets and directed fire, photos 420 pgs. $45.00
READY DECK AIR GROUP 19, Toppan Printing Co., 1952, vg (embossed over, oversized), see scan, Cruise book USS Princeton, 1952, Korea as part of Task Force 77, many photos 284 pages. $60.00
SAGA OF CARRIER AIR GROUP TWO, VG (Embossed cover with wear (black with no lettering visable), gift inscription inside from Ward Miller (Flight Leader). see scan, The group compromised of the carrier Boxer, Philippine Sea, Bon Homme Richard & Princeton in action in Korea 1950-1952. This is primarily a photo album of actio & personnel, 150 pgs. $50.00
SECOND HITCH, VG (embossed cover), Cruse book, see scan, USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) in Korea, 1951, many photos, 92 pages. $50.00
67th TACTICAL FIGHTER WING 1953 YEARBOOK, Watson, M/Sgt. Kenneth, Koeki Printing 1953, vg (embossed cover), see scan, The 1953 actiivites in Korea, using their P-51s, P-80s & RB-26s, many photos, 112 pages. $60.00
SUCH MEN AS THESE, Sears, David, De Capo Press, 2010, f/f (as new), see scan, Naval pilots who flew in the Korean War, photos, 395 pgs. $15.00
3rd INFANTRY DIVISION IN KOREA, Dolcater, Capt Max (Edit), Toppan Printing, 1953, VG(oversized,spine fade). see scan, Unit history. The division was based in Korea in 1950 & was affiliated with the South Korean Army. It was involved in everything from the Pusan perimeter to the Yalu river, many photos, 422 pages. $100.00
TROPIC LIGHTNING IN KOREA, Pullen, Maj. Richard, Albert Love Enterprises, 1954, vg (pictorial cover, minor edte wear), see scan, Unit history of the 25th Infantry Division in the Korean War, roster, many photos, 158 pages.
24th FORWARD, Koyosha Printing Co., 1953, vg (embossed cover), see photo, pictorial history of the Victory Division (Infantry) in Korea, unpaged. $75.00
27th FIGHTER ESCORT WING, Taylor Publising, 1951, vg (embossed cover), see scan, First edition. First to fly Republic's F-84 Thunderjet in combat-Korea, The 27th Fighter-Escort Wing flew 12,000 combat missions, mostly photos, approximately 378 pages. $175.00
UNITED STATES AIR FORCE IN KOREA, Futrell, Robert, Duell, Slan, 19161,f/f, see scan, Offical history of the Air Force in the Korean War, 1950-1953, photos 774 pages. $25.00
U.S.S. PHILIPPEAN SEA (CV-47), L.Commander M.S. Smith, Lederer, Street & Zeus, 1952, Fine (embossed cover, as new), see scan, Cruise book, Korea 1950-1952, many photos, 111 pages. $60.00
WHO'S WHO IN AVIATION AND AEROSPACE - 1983, Warren, Gorham & Lamont, National Aeronatical Institute, 1983, f/f,(as new), see scan, More than 15,000 individuals are profiled, 1415 pages. $30.00

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