DIE EROBERUNG DER LUFT - Garbaty Cigarette Cards, Flex Bound (fine condition), 1932, German text. see scan, Complete collection of the 234 cigarette trading cards in color. The cards depict military & civil aircraft from Germany. Sailplanes & LTA are also depicted. see scan, The cards are mounted in a custom 39 page album.
LOG OF H.M.A. R 34, JOURNEY TO AMERICA AND BACK, Maitland, E.M. Air -Commodore, Hodder & Stoughton, 1921, vg (original, rebound), the first double crossing of the Atlantic by air, a day by day account of the two flights, the outward from East Fortune, Scotland to Mineola, New York and the return to Pulham, Norfolk, the westbound flight was not without drama, over 97% of the ship's fuel supply was used up, the first aerial stowaway was discovered & a severe storm encountered, the commander Captain G.H. Scott commented that he wouldn't have wanted to be in a 23-class rigid in the conditions the R34 passed through, two observers were carried - LLt CmdrZachary Lansdowne westbound and Col. William Hensley on the return, Lansdowne unluckily lost his life in the SHENANDOAH breakup, Hensley became rather notorious for his secret negotiations with the Zeppelin Co. for a rigid airship for the US Army, photos (1 photo missing), fold-out map, 168 pgs. $95.00
OFFICIAL AERO BLUE BOOK 1919, Woodhouse, Henry, Century, 1919, Fine condition (tight binding, 2 marks that indicate it one belonged to a public library), see scan, covers all things aerial, including transportation, sports, mail service, records, pilot lists, trophies & Aeronautial Associations, it covers civil aviation not WW I, maps, drawings, many photos, 202 pgs of text, 30 pgs in front & 16 pgs in rear of advertising. $150.00
PRACTICAL AERONAUTICS, Hayward, Charles, American Technical Society, 1917, vg (inked name, the spine has been professionally rebuilt), originally published in 1912, this is the 1917 edition which was updated to 1917, Example of illustrations, the theory of and history of balloons, dirigibles & aviation and aero engines. There are also descriptions of more than 30 current aircraft types, photos & many illustrations, 769 pgs. $100.00

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