1ALBATROS W4 see photo, photos, line drawings, color plates n/aout of print
2PKZ 2 see photo, revolutionary WWI helicopter makes for one of our most unusual titles, 1:48 & 1:72 drawings + 13 photos & sketches $12.95
3LEWIS GUN see photo, 27 photos (1 in colour) n/a
4SPAD A2/A4 see photo, by J M Bruce, over 6 pages of drawings by Colin Owers, this monograph details the curious Spad pulpit fighters with the gunner's cockpit ahead of the engine & airscrew, includes over 20 photos + rear colour profiles $12.95
5MORANE SAULNIER TYPE A1 see photo,by J M Bruce, racy high wing monoplane fighter of striking design, 16 pages, 23 photos & over 4 pages of drawings with 2 colour photos + 2 profiles on the covers, n/a
6VICKERS GUN see photo,25 photos (4 in colour.) $12.95
7FOKKER E.IV see photo, n/aout of print
8MARTIN KITTEN see photo, by Jon Guttman, a real curio, JV Martin's diminutive biplane pioneered the semi-retractable undercarriage & wingtip ailerons, 12 pages with 15 archive photos, 3 in full colour, this unusual little biplane would be ideal for a flying scale project $12.95
9SOPWITH TABLOID see photo, by J M Bruce, 16 pages (including rear cover colour profile), this detailed monograph outlines the development of the classic Sopwith, with 36 photos & over 4 pages of drawings + airframe sketches n/a
10SPANDAU GUNS see photo,23 photos (1 in colour) n/a out of print
11FOKKER D.V. see photo, by P M Grosz, this nimble little fighter of which some 300 were built was destined to remain in the trainer role, 16 pages include 35 photos with markings section + rear cover colour profiles $14.95out of print
12DORNIER D.1 see photo, by P M Grosz, all-metal cantilever design that would help revolutionise aeroplane structures after WWI, 16 pages include 3 pages of scale drawings, over 36 archive photos + close-ups + 2 rear cover colour plates n/a
13AW FK.3 (Little Ack) see photo, by J M Bruce, profiled in 16 pages with detailed plans & over 36 archive photos + close-up photos - companion to DATAFILE 64, includes 2 colour profiles $12.95
14RUMBLER D.1 see photo, by P M Grosz, another late-war German fighter design of great promise, but one destined never to see service, 16 pages with 1:72 and 1:48 scale GAs, over 30 archive photos & close-ups + rear cover colour plates $12.95
15ANSALDO BABY see photo, by Gregory Alegi, over 20 rare photos & contemporary drawings, all new detailed multi-view1:48/1:72 scale plans by Marty Digmayer, + 3 rear cover plates $12.95
see photo, by Harry Woodman, reference for the Parabellum and Bergmann guns as well as others, this authoritatively-written book includes several scale drawings & over 40 photos (one in full colour)
see photo,by Gregory Alegi, describes the history of WWI Italian markings, their inception & their application, author supports his detailed narrative with over 30 rare photos & contemporary drawings + colour photos + profiles
18DFW T28 FLEA see photo, by P M Grosz, provides all new text, some recently discoveed photos and brand new, highly detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans by Marty Digmayer n/a

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