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Unit No.TitlePrice
4th FG ESCORT TO BERLIN, Fry & Ethell, Arco, 1980, f/f, see photo, history of the 4th FG, list of Aces, Commanders, Victories, Personnel Losses, Combat Pilots, Aircraft, photos, 226 pgs. $26.00
5th AF5th OVER THE SOUTHEAST PACIFIC, Bozung, Jack (Editor), AAF Publications, 1947, vg (soft cover), see scan, The 5th operated extensively over the Solomons, New Guinea & the Philippines. There is a 6 page history, the rest is a photographic history, 80 pages. $60.00
5th AF Fighter Command PACIFIC SWEEP, Wistrand, R.B. Capt., F.H. Johnson Publishing, 1945, vg/vg, see scan, pictorial history of the 5th AF Fighter Command, South Pacific area, many photos, 112 pgs. $85.00
9th AF 9th AIR FORCE IN WORLD WAR II, Rust, Ken, Aero, 1967, f/f, see scan. The 9th AF began opeerations in North Africa including Ploesti Missions. On to Italy & England where they were active in Normandy, the Ardennes & Bastogne, photos, 245 pages. $65.00
18th Fighter Wing TRUCKBUSTERS, combat diary of 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing , Korea - 1951, original printing with dust jacket, see scan, photos, 145 pgs. $125.00
20th FG KING'S CLIFFE, Steiner, Ed (editor) , 20th Fighter Group, 1983, as new, see photo, reprint of the original unit history, roster, crew photos & operational stories, 284 pgs. $125.00
24th Inf. Div. 24th FORWARD, Koyosha Printing Co., 1953, vg (cover rubbed & corners bumped), see photo, pictorial history of the Victory Division (Infantry) in Korea, unpaged. $75.00
31st FGIN A NOW FORGOTTEN SKY, Kucera, Dennis, Flying Machine Press, 1997, new, issued w/o dj, see photo, flew Spitfires & Mustangs, Med. Theatre, many photos, 418 pgs.$40.00
31st FG HISTORY OF THE 31st FIGHTER GROUP, Lamensdorf, Rolland, illustrations, fold-out map, list of aces, roster of officers and enlisted men, list of Group and Squadron commanding officers photos, 79 pgs. $200.00
38th BGA HISTORY OF THE 38th BOMBARDMENT GROUP (M), Henry, John "Hank", MA/AH Publishing, 1978, Fine condition (soft cover, comb bound), see scan, the 38th B.G. (B-25's) was based mostly in New Guinea & the Philippines. The author was a bombardier-Navigator in the group, 47 pgs. $50.00
64th FWHISTORY, THE 64th FIGHTER WING 1942-1945, Cambell, et al, Air Force Historical Research Center, 1945, vg (inked gift inscription hidden under dust jacket flap)/vg (in slipcase), see scan, Comprised of at lease 5 fighter groups at the time, including the 27th, 31st, 334d, 36th, 86th, 324th & 354th. They were with the 12th AF in Tunisia, Sicily & Italy. Later they moved to France & Germany, photos, 199 pgs. $175.00
79th FGHOSTILE SKY, Woerpel, Don, Andon Press, 1977, f/vg, see photo, Pilots logged over 4,000 missions and 38,000 sorties in Africa, Sicily and Italy mostly in support of the British Eigth Army but also Mark Clark's Fifth Army in capture of Rome and 7th Army in invasion of southern France. Over 200 Photos and Maps, Lists of Victories and Losses, Bibliography, Index, 260 pgs. $45.00
93rd BG TED'S TRAVELLING CIRCUS, , Stewart, Carroll (Cal), Sun World Communicationsk 1996, f/f (as new), see scan, The 93rd Bomb Group (B-24s) flew mostly from England (8th A.F.), A detachment was sent to Libya where they participated in the infamous ploesti raid, photos 582 pages $235.00
98th BS (H) GREY GEESE CALLING, Cleveland & Gartland, American Publishing, 1981, vg (soft cover, comb spine), see photo, This is a copy from the original GREY GOOSE CALLING, the chapters on the 11th BG history & the 98th Bomb Squadron were excerpted. The 11th BG B-17s & B-24s in the South & Soutwest Pacific as part of the 13th AF, 118 pgs. $35.00
357th FG YOXFORD BOYS, Olmsted, Merle, Aero, 1971, fine (soft cover, inked name), see photo, 357th FG on escort over Europe & Russia, photos & drawings, 103 pgs. $30.00
357th FG TO WAR WITH THE YOXFORD BOYS, Olmsted, Merle, Eagles Editions, 2004, new, oversized, see photo, complete story of the 357th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, the official historian for the 357th & dedicated history buff, author Merle Olmsted, included are listings from the official documents tallying the groupís accomplishments, utilizing mission reports, monthly statistical & operational reports, the pilotís individual encounter reports, the Missing Air Crew Reports, USAAF accident reports & the British police reports, personal notes, books, and articles, plus the original 357th Group records on file at the Air Force Historical Archives, the book also features 43 full color profiles by Tom Tullis, 376 pgs. $45.00
359th FG MUSTANGS & UNICORNS, Smith, Jack, Pictorial Hisories, 1997, new, soft cover, see photo, history of the 359th FG, commander,s pilots, aces, missions list, many photos, 248 pgs. $15.00
361st FGLITTLE FRIENDS, Gotts, Steve, Taylor, 1993, fine (as new, embossed cover), see photo, photo history, 8th AF Fighter Group in Jan. 1944 flying P-47s, transitioned to P-51s in May 1944, 176 pgs. $75.00
367th BGA 367th COMBAT DIARY, Richardson, Allan, 306th BG Historic Assn., 1993, Fine condition (soft cover, comb bound), see scan, Based in England (1942-1945), this B-17 group was part of the 306th Bomb Group. The book is a day by day format, listing the missions, rosters & aircraft listings, 163 pgs. $50.00
368th FGSECOND TO NONE, Grace, Timothy 368th F.G. Assoc., 2006, as new, soft cover,see scan, the 368th FG was with the 9th AF. They felw P-47s & were active in France, the Low Countries & Germany, many photos, 540 pgs. $47.50
392nd BG 392nd BOMB GROUP: TWENTIETH CENTURY CRUSADERS, Hawkins, Ian, Turner Publishing, 1997, fine (as new, pictorial cover), see scan, B-24 Group based at Wendling, England from mid-1943 to July 1945. They flew 285 missions, many photos, 183 pgs. $65.00
419th BS HISTORY OF THE 419rh BOMB SQUADRON (H), Baxley, Joe (Editor), 1992, new copy, Issued w/o dust jacket, see scan, B-17 Squadron assigned to the 8th A.F. (England), the 12th A.F. (Africa) & the 15th A.F. (Italy). They were part of the 301st Bomb Group, 214 pages. $50.00
449th BGOF MEN AND WINGS, (H), Shepherd, D. William, Norfield Publishing, 1996, f/f (as new), see scan, The first 100 missions of the 449th B.G. (15th A.F., Italy) flying the B-24H, photos, maps,343 pgs. $45.00
458th BG458th BOMBARDMENT GROUP III, Reynolds, George, self published, 1988, Fine condition (hard cover embossed), see scan, 8th Air Force, B-24s, based at Horsham, primary targets were in Germany, many photos, 88 pages. $85.00
483rd BGHEROES OF THE 483rd, Grimm, Jacob, 483rd B.G. Assoc.,Fine (issued with pictorial cover, as new), see scan, B-17 Group (15th A.F.), the book is composed of experiences of each combat crew, photos, 306 pages. $250.00
493rd FS 493rd FIGHTER SQUADRON, , Cooper, J. Col Editor, Souther Heritage Press, Fine copy (pictorial cover, as new),see scan, 493rd Fighter Bomber Squadron (P-47s), 9th A.F. operated from France & Germany 1944 & 1945, photos 296 pages $80.00

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