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Unit No.TitlePrice
11th BG THE RECORD: THE ELEVENTH BOMBARCMENT SQUADRON (M) Cates, Michael, Old Dominion Press, 1947, VG (spiral bound), see scan, Attached to the 341st B.B., operated B-25s in Idian & China, 1942-45, photos, 104 pgs. $60.00
15th FG LONG CAMPAIGN, Lambert, John, Sunflower, 1982, very good (embossed cover, corner bumped, rubbed).see scan Signed by author,see scan, The 15th Fighter Group began the war in Hawaii with P-36, P-40 & P-47 aircraft. In 1944, they acquired P-51 & moved ro the Western Pacific where they were active in Iwo Jima, Okinawa & Japan, photos, 186 pgs. $35.00
22nd BG MARAUDER, Brosius, Capt. J.W. (editor), Halstead Press, 1944, vg (embossed cover). see scan, Unit history of the 22nd Bomb Group with In Memorium, awards & unnamed group photos. Record of ordnance dropped & aircraft destroyed. Heavily illustrated with photos. Color illustrations of squadron insignia. Drawings of nose art. 120 pages. $150.00
23rd BS23rd BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON, Smith, Marion, 1997, Notebook, see scan. History of the 23rd Bomb Sqdn 1917-1987. A privately put together history. The text & photos are done on a copy machine in a 3-ring binder. Several group reunions are covered through 1986, They began WW II at Hickham field with B-17s in 1943. They switched to B24s. Most of their action was in the S.W. Pacific. $20.00
24th Inf. Div. 24th FORWARD, Koyosha Printing Co., 1953, vg (embossed cover), see photo, pictorial history of the Victory Division (Infantry) in Korea, unpaged. $75.00
31st FGIN A NOW FORGOTTEN SKY, Kucera, Dennis, Flying Machine Press, 1997, new, issued w/o dj, see photo, flew Spitfires & Mustangs, Med. Theatre, many photos, 418 pgs.$25.00
31st FG HISTORY OF THE 31st FIGHTER GROUP, Lamensdorf, Rolland, self-published, 1948, vg (embossed cover), see scan, illustrations, fold-out map, list of aces, roster of officers and enlisted men, list of Group and Squadron commanding officers photos, 79 pgs. $150.00
34th BG 34th BOMBARDMENT GROUP- H 1941-45, Hatch, Garner, Turner, 1988, as new (embossed cover), see scan, Its inception in 1941 and moved to England in 1944. Converted from B-24's to B-17s in the Fall of 1944. After campaigns in France, bombed targets in Germany. photos, 128 pages. $49.00
47th BG 47th BOMB GROUP (L), Turner Publishing, 1996, f/f (as new). They patrolled Calif. West Coast afer Pearl Harbor. In 1942, they moved to No. Africa & the Mediterranean Theatre for the rest of the war flying Douglas A-20 with the 12th AF. Has short biographie of 177 members, photos, 104 pgs. $75.00
52nd FG SPITFIRES AND YELLOW TAIL MUSTANGS, Ivie & Ludwig, Hikoki, 2005, f/f, (as new), see scan, The 52nd Fighter Group saw action mostly in North Africa (12th AF) and later based in Italy (15th AF) beginning with Spitfires, then converted to P-51s in May, 1944, many photos, 176 pgs. $40.00
57th FG FABULOUS FIFTY-SEVENTH FIGHTER GROUP, Dodds, Wayne (Editor), Walsworth, 1985, F (embossed cover,as new), see scan, The 57th began with P-40s & switched to P-47s. They campaigned in No. Africa, Italy & France, many photos, 181 pages. > $125.00
78th Fighter Group EAGLES OF DUXFORD, Fry, Garry, Phalanx, 1991, f/f (as new) see scan, Unit history of the 78th Fighter Group based at Duxford. They started with P-47s and oater P-51s. Very active against German Air Bases, photos, 140 pgs. $27.50
79th FGHOSTILE SKY, Woerpel, Don, Andon Press, 1977, f/vg, see photo, Pilots logged over 4,000 missions and 38,000 sorties in Africa, Sicily and Italy mostly in support of the British Eigth Army but also Mark Clark's Fifth Army in capture of Rome and 7th Army in invasion of southern France. Over 200 Photos and Maps, Lists of Victories and Losses, Bibliography, Index, 260 pgs. $36.00
98th BS (H) GREY GEESE CALLING, Cleveland & Gartland, American Publishing, 1981, vg (soft cover, comb spine), see photo, This is a copy from the original GREY GOOSE CALLING, the chapters on the 11th BG history & the 98th Bomb Squadron were excerpted. The 11th BG B-17s & B-24s in the South & Soutwest Pacific as part of the 13th AF, 118 pgs. $30.00
313th Troop Carrier 313th TROOP CARRIER GROUP, 47th TROOP CARRIER SQUADRON, Inter-Collegiate Press, 1978, VG (Embossed cover), ex-library, see scan, Unit history C-47s & C-46s, North Africa, Sicily, Italy with the 9th AF in Northern Europe, photos, 565 pgs. $85.00
356th FG ESCORT 356th FIGHTER GOUP ON OPERATIONS OVER EUROPE 1943-45, Miller, Kent, Academy Press, 1985, vg (soft cover), see scan, Unit history of the 356th F.G., 8th A.F. Engaged in escort missions & ground support using P-47s & P-51s, many photos, 185 pages $35.00
357th FG YOXFORD BOYS, Olmsted, Merle, Aero, 1971, fine (soft cover, inked name), see photo, 357th FG on escort over Europe & Russia, photos & drawings, 103 pgs. $30.00
357th FG 357th OVER EUR0PE, Olmstead, Merle, Phalanx, 1994, f/f (as new). see scan, The 357th (8th AF, P-51 unit) had 42 aces flying in Europe, 1944-45, photos, 159 pgs. $75.00
359th FG 359th FIGHTER GROUP, Raines, Thomas, Editor, Battery Press, 1978, see scan, Fine condition (soft cover, as new). Reprint of the 1945 edition. 8th A.F., P-51 Group 1943-1945, photos, 68 pages. $25.00
367th BGA 367th COMBAT DIARY, Richardson, Allan, 306th BG Historic Assn., 1993, Fine condition (soft cover, comb bound), see scan, Based in England (1942-1945), this B-17 group was part of the 306th Bomb Group. The book is a day by day format, listing the missions, rosters & aircraft listings, 163 pgs. $35.00
367thFG367th FIGHTER GROUP IN WORLD WAR II, Moody, P.R., Sunflower University Press, 1979. Fine condition (comb bound), see scan, The 9th AF group trained on P-39s, converted to P-38s & early 1945 to P-47s. Their main action areas were France & Germany, photos, 70 pages. $48.50
387 BG387th BOMB GROUP (M), 559th BOMB SUADRON, Fallon, George, 1998, fine, spiral bound (as new),see scan, signed by one of their pilots, see scan, A Martin B-26 Group attached to the 8th AF, later to the 9th AF. Their targets were in Normandy, France & Germany. Includes their history & personnel. 222 pages. $75.00
392nd BGLIBERATORS FROM WENDLING, Vickers, Robert, Unit Memorial Collection, 1977, fine (soft cover), see scan, Signed by author, see scan, The 392nd B.G. (B-24s) flew 285 missions with 8th A.F., which all are described. photos,, 283 pages. $50.00
454 BG FLIGHT OF THE LIBERATORS,, > Barker, John, DuBois Press, 1046, good (edge ware),, see scan, Original 1946 edition. Unit history of the 454th Bomb Group (B-24s). They participated in the campaigns of Italy, Southern France & Central Europe, list of targets destroyed, maps, photos, 172 pages. $95.00 (sold)
457th BG FIREBALL OUTFIT, Blakebrough, Ken, Aero, 1968, VG (soft cover). see scan, . The 457th Bomb Group (8th AF) B-17s Unit History, 1944 &45. Written by one of its pilots. List of missions, many photos, scale drawings, 3-views,see scan, 96 pages. $20.00
474 FG 474th FIGHTER GROUP IN WORLD WAR II, Keller, Isham, Roma Assoc., 1982, vg (soft cover). see scan, An enlisted man's observations, Their accomplisments in England, France, Belgium & Geremany, photos & maps, 138 pgs. $38.50

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