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LAST FLIGHT - DVD see photo, starring Richard Barthelmess, 1931 film, The war is over but a new struggle begins for former World War I flyboys Cary Lockwood and his three friends. They are all shell-shocked by their combat experiences & ill-fitted for a world of workaday responsibility. (76 minutes running time) 76 minutes $17.95
LOST IN STRATOSPHERE - DVD William Cagney, June Collier, Eddie Nugent, 2 pilot at odds over a romance, they put their passions aside when ordered to pilot a dangerous mission. 65 minutes $7.95
MEN IN WAR - DVD see photo, just released in DVD format, staring Robert Ryan & Aldo Ray, best Korean War film I've seen. Robert Ryan was the perfect cast as the war weary Lieutenant trying to lead his platoon back to battalion HQ, 90 mins $9.95
NINTH AIR FORCE IN COLOR - WORLD WAR II - VHS see photo, aircraft of the 9th, Remagen bridge, Operation Varsity, USAAF & Luftwaffe leaders, German aircraft & VE Day in Paris, color. 1 hr. 40 mins $10.95
NORTH STAR (Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews) - VHSsee photo, Hollywood's answer to President Roosevelt's call to arms to support our Russian allies was this war drama depicting one Ukrainian village's efforts to survive the atrocities imposed upon them by Nazi invaders 102 minutes$4.50
OPERATION DESERT STORM - VHS special U.S. News video on the behind scenes of the Allied Air Strike on Iraq, all color. 48 mins $3.95
PAN AM, THE GOLDEN AGE OF AVIATION, DVD SET see photo, 10 Technicolor films from 1946/1947, about 30 minutes each promoting Pan Am destinations. The aircraft featured are DC-6, Constllation & Boeing 377. A 7 minute film on the history of Pan Am. 2 DVD set. 5 hrs.$12.95
PATHS OF GLORY - DVD, see photo, written/directed by Stanley Kubrick, staring Kirk Douglas, true story of Colonel Dax to take Ant Hill, a suicide mission, a blistering indictment of military politics. 1 hr. 27 min. $12.95
PEARL HARBOR, SEVEN VIEWS OF DEFIANCE - VHSsee photo, depicts the incredible events of the surprise attack using the best footage available from that historical day, an American sailor, a captured Japanese Pilot, a Navy nurse, high school student & a Japanese-American who recount their personal experiences. 60 minutes$7.95
POWER DIVE - DVD, filmed at Grand Central Air Terminal in 1941 - a test pilot & designer, scenes with a rare Phillips 1B Aeroneer 68 minutes$9.95
PLATOON - VHS, Oliver Stone, Tom Berenger, William Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp Academy Award Winner for Best Picture of 1986, first person account of a life of a young soldier in Viet Nam, 120 minutes$4.50
QUEEN OF THE SKY (SIKORSKY VS-44A FLYING BOAT) - VHSsee photo, historic account, evolution, design, wartime & postwar commercial use & the restoration, produced by the New England Air Museum 55 minutes $14.95
QUEST FOR ADVENTURE: South Pole Exploration (2 in boxed set) see photo, Byrd at the South Pole: Admiral Richard Byrd leads the first successful exploration of the South Pole. First Flight Over The North Pole: Richard Byrd became the first to fly over the North Pole. Conquest of Everest: climbers risk everything in their quest to summit the world's highest peak in the forbidding Himalayan Mountains of Asia. The Amundsen Polar Flight: In 1925, Roald Amundsen, the first person to reach the South Pole, attempted a daring flight to the North Pole. This is the story of Amundsen and his flying boat. 201 minutes $17.50
REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR - VHS CBS (1991) recorded with commercials. Charles Kuralt & General Swatzkopf. 1 hr 57 minutes$2.00
RETURN TO KITTY HAWK - DVD Ken Hyde's (The Wright Experience) attempt to recreate the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk on December 17, 2003 - the 100th anniversary. 45 minutes$14.95
RIGID AIRSHIP CONSTRUCTION - VHSsee photo, animation to explain construction techniques as well as live workship piece/part construction & hangar assembly, interior & control views, USS Los Angeles (ZR-3); USS Akron (ZRS-4); USS Macon (ZRS-5) 60 minutes$12.95
THE RIGHT STUFF - DVD , see photo, Journey into space - winner of 4 Academy Awards, 3 hrs$10.95

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