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Aviation Biography Titles - pg. 2

EDDIE RICKENBACKER, Adamson, Hans Christian, Mamillan, 1946, vg/vg (minor chipping), see scan, The author knew Capt. Eddie for more than 25 years, so nothing much from his life is omitted from this biography, photos, 209 pgs. $10.00
EIGHTH SEA, THE, Courtney, Frank, Doubleday, 1972, vg/vg, author began flying in WW I, flew for deHavilland, Instone & later Consolidated, photos, 297 pgs. $7.95
EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTERS OF GEORGE CLARK MOSELEY, Mosley, George Clark, privately printed, 1923, f, boxed, enlisted first in the Aviation section of the New York Naval Militia on 6 April 1917, In May 1917 he enlisted in the Lafayette Flying Corps; first flying Caudrons & later Nieuports & Spads (from 10 October Dec. 1917 to 4 February 1918); On Feb. 4th, he was transferred to U.S. Naval Aviation Service at the rank of ensign, here he was stationed at the U.S. Naval Seaplane Station at Dunkirk where he flew Spads with pontoons and protected seaplanes, after training at the Bombing School in Clermnont-Ferrand, he was attached to the R.F.C.'s Day Bombing Squadron 218 on 25 July 1918 and flew D.H.9s, he was finally attached to the French Escadrille de Saint-Pol from 25 September to 5 November 1918 where he flew Spads once again, he finished the war with the rank of Lieutenant J.G. and was awarded the Navy Cross, photos, 239 pgs.$125.00
FIRST BLUE, Wilcox, Robert, St. Martin's Press, 2004, new, see photo, Butch Voris, WW II Navy ace, may be best know for his efforts in the creation of the Blue Angels. Also instrumental in the development of the F-14 Tomcat and NASA"s Lunar Excursion Module for Grumman, photos, 337 pgs. $15.95
F. J. CAMM, THE PRACTICAL MAN, Cullingham, Gordon, Thameslink Ltd, 1996, see photo, signed by author, limited to 250 copies, fine, soft cover, involved in airplane modelling, radio, telegraphy and automobiles, he was the brother of Sydney Camm, designer of the hurricane, illustrations, photos, 104 pgs. $25.00
FLIGHT OF THE MEW GULL, Henshaw, Alex, John Murray, 1980, f/f, see scan, After an aerobatic & air racing career (2932-1958), he set a record in 1939 (London to Caape Town - round trip - 17,500 miles) in 4 days , Feb. 1939, photos, 310 pgs. engineering test pilot, photos, 297 pgs. $20.00
FLYERS IN SEARCH OF WILBUR & ORVILLE WRIGHT, Adams, Noah, Crown, 2003, new with dj, author encounters the Wright brothers though the lens of his own experience as ell as orignal reporting, letters, diaries to help us understand the talent & intensity of the brothers, photos, 221 pgs. $7.00
FLYING NORTH, Potter, Jean, Macmillan, 1947, vg/vg (small piece missing from upper edge), see scan, episodes from many Alaskan bush flyers such as Wien, Crosson, Jefford, Ben Eilson & Archie Ferguson, photos, 261 pgs. $35.00
FOKKER - THE MAN & HIS AIRCRAFT , Robertson, Bruce (editor), Harleyford, 1961, f/vg (lazer copy),see photo, biography & history of his aircraft, many photos, 3-view tone drawings, 224 pgs. $35.00
FOR VALOUR: THE AIR VCs, Bowyer, Chaz, Caxton, 2002, new, see photo, biographies of 19 WW I pilots & 32 WW II airmen who won the Victoria Cross, photos, 250 pgs. $15.00
FROM BIPLANE TO SPITFIRE, Baker, Anne, Pen & Sword, 2003, new, see photo, Life of Air Chief Marsal Sir Geoffrey Salmond who fought in WWI, opened up new air-routes to Australia & was instrumental in developing the Schneider Trophy-winning S-6B eventually leading to the Spitfire, photos & maps, 236 pgs. $17.50
FROM PRIVATE TO AIR MARSHAL, Jones, Sir George, Greenhouse Publications, 1988, f/f (as new), see scan, signed by author, He achieved 4 victories aboard Camels & 3 victories flying Snipes with the 4 Sqdn, AFC. In 1942, he became air chief on staff, RAAF. photos, 155 pgs. $25.00

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