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Pioneer Titles - pg. 6

SEARCH, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Brewer-Warrem & Putnam, 1932, f/f, see scan, up to the publication of this book, the author was most noted for his 1925 attempt & 1926 success flying to & past the North Pole with Amundsen, photos, 184 pgs. $50.00
SECOND BOY'S BOOK OF MODEL AIRPLANES (1911) Collins, Francis, Century Company, vg (cover wear, discoloration on spine), see scan, the original hardback publication of what were the first guides on model building airplanes (aeroplanes) have changed in the las 105 years, photos,262 pgs. $20.00
SEE THEM FLYING, Peterson, Houston, Richard Baron, 1969, vg/vg (oversized), see photo, collection of newspaper articles from 1909 - 1910, covering current events, worldwide in aviation, photos, 261 pgs. $10.00
SIKORSKY VS-44 FLYING BOAT, Pember, Harry, Flying Machines Press, 1998, as new, soft cover, see photo, design , constuction & operation of the Sikorsky VS -44 4 - engine flying boat in the late 1930's , their use includes in Antilles Air boats, under Charles & Maureen O ' Hara - Blaid , the restoration of the surviving example, photos, line drawings & color plates, 71 pgs. $12.00
SIR ALAN COBHAM'S BOOK OF THE AIR, Lyons, R.S., Blackie & Sons, 1938, vg (no dj), see scan, history & progress of aviation since the beginning of flight, edited by Cobham, photos, 176 pgs. $15.00
SMITHSONIAN TREASURY OF SCIENCE, VOLUME III True, Webster (editor), Simon & Schuster, 1960, vg (no dj), Of the 14 chapters, 5 are on aviation, by Langley, Ellsworth, Loening and an article on the Wright Bros. as engineers, photos, 373 pgs. $5.00
SPANISH REPUBLICAN ACES, Lopez, Rafael, Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #106, 2012, new, soft cover, see photo, Republican fighter force (1936-37), fighter pilots in the North, Chato piots, Mosca pilots, nightfighter pilots, technical, specification & performance tables, list of top scoring pilots, color plates, 96 pgs. $15.00
STORY OF ART SMITH, Lane, Ruth Wilder (Editor), San Francisco Bullet, 1915, good (soft cover, lower right of front cover torn off, a 1915 gift insceiprion on title page), This book was first published as 29 newspaper see scan, articles in the San Francisco Bulletin in 1915. They were later republished in book form. It was written by Art Smith and edited by Rose Wilder Lane. The period covered is 1910 (he built his own airplane) and his trials & tribulations to 1915 when he became the star attraction at the Pan-Pacific exhibition in San Francisco, 94 pgs. $50.00
TAKING FLIGHT, Hallion, Richard, Oxford Press, 2003, new, see photo, a ground-breaking & comprehensive new history of flight, stressing its global roots, follows its pre-history, early attempts by pioneers to invent the aeroplane, the impact of air power on the outcome of World War I & finally considers the effects of flight on world affairs, both military and civil, photos & diagrams, 531 pgs. $10.00
T-HANGAR TALES, Juptner, Joseph, Historic Aviation, 1994, new, soft cover, see photo,119 stories of the 1920s & 30s with photos of the aircraft involved,120 pgs. $17.95
TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHT Stoff, Joshua, Dover, 2000, new, soft cover, see photo, photo history from 1873-1939, 120 pgs. $10.00
TWENTY THOUSAND MILES IN A FLYING BOAT, Cobham, Sir Alan, David McKay, 1930, vg/g (dust jacket has some chipping & a small piece missing at the top), see scan, In 1927/28, the author made an adventurous 20,000 mile survey flight around Africa which led to the Trans-Afrrican Air Route, 46 photos, 251 pages.$40.00
UNDAUNTED, Dunmore, Spencer, McClelland & Stewart, 2004, new with dj, see photo, long distance pilots in the Golden Age of aviation, photos, 327 pgs. $9.95
UNLOCKING THE SKY, Shulman, Seth, Harper Collins, 2002, new, see photo, Glenn Curtiss and his race to invent the airplane, Wright brothers took to the courts to keep Curtiss & his airplanes out of the sky, photos, 258 pgs. $6.00
U.S. ARMY AVIATION SERIAL NUMBERS AND ORDERS, 1908-1923 (RECONSTRUCTED), Casari, Robert, Military Aircraft Publications, 1995, new (soft cover) see photo, 108 pgs. $10.00
UNITED STATES NAVAL AVIATION, 1910-1918, Shirley, Noel C., Schiffer, 2000, new, see photo, comprehensive study, includes naval activities, lighter than air craft, Naval Air Stations (domestic and foreign), many photos, 336 pgs. $36.00
VAGABONDS OF THE SKY McAllister, Bruce, Roundup Press, 2004, new, soft cover, see photo, photographic history of America's barnstorming pilots & daredevils, 151 pgs. $5.00
WHEN HOLLYWOOD RULED THE SKIES - THE YEARS BETWEEN THE WARS 1920-1941, Orriss, Bruce, Aero Assoc, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, includes all the films from this time period including such classics as "Devil Dogs of the Air", "Helldivers", "West Point of the Air", "Test Pilot", "I Wanted Wings", "Flight Command", "Dive Bomber" and "Captains of the Clouds". Each is covered in detail with production histories, cast and crew lists and profusely illustrated, 143 pgs. $25.00
WINGLESS EAGLE, Johnson, Herbert, University of North Carolina, new, 2001, see photo, history of U.S. Army aviation, explores cutural, technical political & organization factors that stunted it's evolution, 298 pgs. $29.95
WINGS - BOOK OF FLYING ADVENTURES, Johns, W.E. (Editor), John Hamilton, 1931, vg (illustration pasted on first title page), see photo, chapters of flying adventures by such McCudden, Springs, Vigillant, Dixaon and of course the editor, 255 pgs. 323 $35.00
WINGS OF SPEED, Brittain, Sir Harry, Hutchinson & Co., 1934, vg (no dj, binding tight, minor cover wear, development of British air transport with emphasis on air routes inaugurated by Imperial Airways, photos, 288 pgs. $25.00
WINGS OVER BROOKLANDS, Johnson, Howard, Whittet Books, 1981, f/f (as new), see photo, From the beginning (1907, A.V. Roe) through WW I & WW II to the final days of the VC-10, photos, 157 pgs. $25.00
WINGWALKER, Krippene, Bernice, New Past Press, 1995, fine (soft cover), see scan, the Larson Brothers & Cousin Clyde Lee established Wisconsin's first commeercial airport. After training students & barnstorming, they attempted a flight to Norway in 1932, photos, 255 pgs. $10.00
WRIGHT BROTHERS AND THE BIRTH OF AVIATION, A, Garber, Lester, Crowood, 2005, vg with dust jacket, see photo, this thirteen-chapter book is written at the same intellectual level as was used by the Wright brothers, it is structured around three fundamental questions: What is the problem of flight? In 1899, what was known? How did the Wright brothers do it? illustrations, photos, formulae, 272 pgs. $25.00
WRIGHT BROTHERS - HOW THEY INVENTED THE AIRPLANE, Friedman, Russell, Holiday House, 1991, vg (soft cover), see photo, original photographs by Wilbur & Orville Wright, 129 pgs. $12.00

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