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World War II Titles - pg. 3

GENERAL LEEMY'S CIRCUS, Snyder, Earl, Exposition Press, 1955, vg/vg, see photo, inscribed by author, signature author was a navigator on the B-29 "Umbriago-Dat's My Boy," which is pictured on the rear panel of the jacket. He took part in the first raid on Tokyo, though they never dropped their bombs. The name Leemy in the book's title comes from the Japanese pronunciation of General Curtis LeMay's last name, 175 pages
G FOR GENEVIEVE, Herbert, J. Lt., Roy, 1944, vg/g (chipping), see scan, The author in the Polish Air Force, after an arduous escape, made it to England & was assigned to a Wellington bomber, 254 pgs. $15.00
GLOBAL TWENTIETH - VOLUME I, , Marshall, Chester (Editor), Marshall Publishers, 1985, f/f, see photo, inscribed by Ray Halloran (878 Sqd, 499th BG), collection of 88 first hand stories from the five B-29 Bombardment Wings, photos, 399 pgs. $15.00
GLOBAL TWENTIETH - VOLUME III, Marshall & Stalings (Editors), Global Press, 1988, f (issued with embossed cover), see photo, anthology of first hand accounts of air assaults against Japan, photos, 396 pgs. $25.00
GOD IS STILL MY CO-PILOT, Scott, Robert, Augury Press, 1967, vg/vg, see photo, inscribed by publisher, Episodes of author's life since flying P-40s in China during WW II, photos, 276 pgs. $40.00
GOLDEN EAGLES, Firkins, Peter, St. George Books, 1980, f/f, see photo, stories of 15 Australian airmen, 8 from WW I and 7 from WW 2, photos, 242 pgs $10.00
GRASSHOPPER PILOT, Cummings & Cummings, Kent State, 2005, new, see scan, author flew 485 aerial reconnaissance missions for US Third Infantry Division, photos, maps & illustrations, 92 pgs. $17.50
GREATEST FIGHTER MISSIONS, Sims, Edward, Harper, 1962, vg/vg, see scan, Memorial missions of 11 USN & USMC fighter pilots in the Pacific (such as Foss, Wett, McCambell & Walsh), photos, 250 pgs. $16.00
GREY GEESE CALLING, Cleveland & Gartland, American Publishing, 1981, vg (soft cover, comb spine), see photo, This is a copy from the original GREY GOOSE CALLING, the chapters on the 11th BG history & the 98th Bomb Squadron were excerpted. The 11th BG B-17s & B-24s in the South & Soutwest Pacific as part of the 13th AF, 118 pgs. $35.00
GRIM REAPERS, Johnston, Stanley, E. P. Dutton, 1943, vg/vg, VF-10 at Midway and the Solomons, photos, 221 pgs. $15.00
HARVEST OF MESSERSCHMITS, Knight, Dennis, Pen & Sword, 1981, f/f (as new), see scan, a chronicle of the 1940 Battle of Britain as experienced in the Kent Villae of Elham. Based on the air battle & diary kept by an Elham school teacher, photos, 183 pgs. $30.00
HAWKER HURRICANE, Caruana, Richard, Squadron/Signal, 2007, new, soft cover, see photo, history, detailed photos, color profiles, scale drawings, 90 pgs. $19.95
HELL ABOVE AND HELL BELOW, Lewis & Larson, Delapeake, 1985, f/f (as new), see scan, Lewis was a 94th B.G gunner, his plane was shot down over France, then was taken in by the French, but he was captured by the Germans. He was liberated May, 1945, photos 163 pgs. $25.00
HELL ABOVE EARTH, Frater. Stephen, St. Martin's Press, f/f (as new), see scan, a 303rd BG B-17 pilot whose co-pilot was ordered to kill him if.... There are many other things that happened to the 303rd on raids, photos, 303 pgs. $10.00
HERITAGE OF VALOR, Peaslee, Bud, J.B. Lippincott, 1964, vg/vg, see photo, inscribed by author in honor of Sgt. Van S. Jones (KIA 8/12/43 on a mission to Germany) 384th BB, 8th AF, photos, 288 pgs. $40.00
HERO, Nolan, Brian, Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1981, vg/vg, see scan, "Screwball" Beurling was a Canadian sptfire pilot who gained notoriety at Malta by shooting down 27 German planes in 14 days. He finished the war with 31 victories, photos, 201 pgs. $15.00
HEROES HAVE WINGS, Firkins, Peter, Hesperian Press, 1993, vg (soft cover), see photo, account of operations of the RAAF ranging over all geographical theaters of WW II, documentation of triumphs & defeats, photos, 212 pgs. $15.00
HEROES OF THE FIGHTING R.A.F., Gribble, Leonard, Harrap, 1941, vg/vg (worn, chipping), see scan, The first 23 chapters deals with the Royal Air Force's WW I air war. The evolution of the R.A.F. and early WW II action are in the last 6 chapters, photos, 203 pgs. $15.00
HEROES OF THE R.A.F., Various Authors, Herbert Jenkins, 1960, vg/vg , see scan, T the best biographical stories from the R.A.F. Flying Review, photos, 142 pgs $10.00
HIGH BLUE BATTLE, McIntosh, Dave, Stoddard, 1990, f/f (as new), see scan, a log book of operations of 1 Sqdn (RCAF)/401 Sqdm (RAF) from the Battle of Britain to 1945, photos, 178 pgs. $15.00
HISTORY OF MARINE FIGHTER ATTACK SQUADRON 312, Sambito, William Maj., U.S.M.C., 1978, vg (soft cover), see photo, Checkerboard squadron, photos, maps, 3-views, 24 pgs. $8.00
HISTORY OF THE 31st FIGHTER GROUP, Lamensdorf, Rolland, illustrations, fold-out map, list of aces, roster of officers and enlisted men, list of Group and Squadron commanding officers photos, 79 pgs. $200.00
A HISTORY OF THE 38th BOMBARDMENT GROUP (M), Henry, John "Hank", MA/AH Publishing, 1978, Fine condition (soft cover, comb bound), see scan, the 38th B.G. (B-25's) was based mostly in New Guinea & the Philippines. The author was a bombardier-Navigator in the group, 47 pgs. $50.00
HISTORY OF 64th FIGHTER WING 1942-1945 original unit history, 1945, cover wear with some foxing, inked names on fly page, this wing saw continuous duty from North Africa to Sicily, Italy, France, & into Germany, received 8 campaign & 1 invasion credit (Anzio),t conducted over 12,970 sorties, over 31,000 hours in the air, credited with destruction of: 157 aircraft on the ground, 40 locomotives, 654 railway cars, 23 tanks, 1,000 motor transport vehicles, 5 bridges, 12 barges, photos, 199 pgs. $175.00
HORNETS AND THEIR HEROIC MEN, Glass & Buell (eds), Hornet Club, 1992, soft cover, f, see photo, first person accounts of action on CV-8 & CV-12, photos, 128 pgs. $18.50
HOSTILE SKY, Woerpel, Don, Andon Press, 1977, f/vg, see photo, 79th FG, pilots logged over 4,000 missions and 38,000 sorties in Africa, Sicily and Italy mostly in support of the British Eigth Army but also Mark Clark's Fifth Army in capture of Rome and 7th Army in invasion of southern France. Over 200 Photos and Maps, Lists of Victories and Losses, Bibliography, Index, 260 pgs. $45.00
HUMP, THE , Thorne, Bliss, J.B. Lippincott, 1965, f/f, see photo, author flew the hump ( Himalayn airlift) in 1943/44, C-46 pilot, photos, 188 pgs.
HURRICANE AND SPITFIRE PILOTS AT WAR, Kelly, Terence, Kimber, 1986, f (embossed name)/f, see photo, author has interviewed many fighter pilots from both Hurricane and Spitfire squadrons and recorded not only their views on the merits of their aircraft but their many and varied experiences in different theatres of war: in Britain, in the Middle East & the Far East, photos, 222 pgs. $28.00
HURRICANE SQUADRON, Adams, Perry, Air Research, 1988, fine, soft cover, see photo, No. 87 Squadron at war 1939-1941, photos, color plates, 48 pgs. $12.50
IN A NOW FORGOTTEN SKY, Kucera, Dennis, Flying Machine Press, 1997, new, issued w/o dj, see photo, 31st FG, author flew Spitfires & Mustangs, Med. Theatre, many photos, 418 pgs.$40.00
IN THE LION'S MOUTH, Adlen, Robert, Emis Publishing, 1985, as new (soft cover), see photo, diary of a B-24 navigator, David Gandin, 9th & 13th AF (98th BG), WW II, killed in Korea. photos, 142 pgs. $15.00
IN THE SKY ABOVE THE FRONT, Cottam, K.J. (Editor & Translator), Sunflower University Press, 1984, fine (soft cover, comb bound),originally published in Russia (1962). see scan, This is a collection of mostly personal memoirs of Russian female pilots of WW II, who flew night bombers, dive bombers & fighters, photos, 270 pages. $95.00
INVASIONS WITHOUT TEARS, Berger, Monty & Street, Brian, Random House, 1994, f/f (as new), see photo, Canada's top scoring spitfire wing (No. 126) in Northern Europe, photos, 240 pgs. $25.00
ISLAND WAR, Hough, Maj. Frank, Lippincott, 1947, vg/vg (chipping), see scan, Marine Corps' campaign in the Pacific from Guadalcanal through places like Tarawa, Peleliu, Iwo & finally Okinawa, photos, 413 pgs. $20.00
I SOLEMNY SWEAR, Brown, Robert, Vantage Press, 1957, vg/vg, see scan, author was captured at Corregidor, accused of treason but survived, 203 pgs. $4.50
I WAS A P-51 FIGHTER PILOT IN WW II, White, James Neel, iUniverse, 2003, soft cover (as new), see scan, The author not only covers his career as a fighter pilot (352nd FG), but relates 150 short stories on the history of aviation from 1903 to 1945. The first 20% of his book covers to 1939, the rest is WW II air war, photos, 507 pgs. $17.50
JAPANESE NAVAL ACES & FIGHTER UNITS IN WORLD WAR II, Hata & Izawa, Naval Institute, 1989, f/f as new, see scan, comprehensive history of Japan's fighter pilots & their air groups as well as brief descriptions of the principal Japanese aircraft & summaries of important battles, illustrated with nearly 350 B&W photographs of aces & aircraft & 100 line drawings of aircraft showing unit markings & paint colors, 442 pgs. $25.00
JG 54, Scutts, Jerry, Motorbooks, 1992, f/f (as new), see scan, signed by Wolfgang Spate and Kurt Schulze (both 109 pilots) see scan, < History of the German Fighter Group 54. They were stationed mostly and very successfully on the Western Front. They had victory claims of over 8,000 aircraft, photos, color profiles, 165 pgs. $65.00
JOHN 'CAT'S EYES" CUNNINGHAM, Golley, John, Airlife, 1999, f/f (as new), see scan, signed by Cunningham,see scan, Cunningham was arguably the greatest RAF night-fighter pilot of WWII. Serving principally with 604 & 85 Squadrons, he is credited with 20 kills, of which 19 were claimed at night. After the war he was appointed chief test pilot for De Havilland, photos, 225 pgs. $100.00
KIDD HOFER - THE LAST OF THE SCREW BALL ACES , White,Troy, Stardust Studios, 2003, fine (soft cover, as new), see scan, signed by author, Hofer flew with the 334th FS, 4th FG. He had 2 victories in the P-47 and 13 more in the P-52. He was shot down & killed, July 1944, many photos, 199 pages. $95.00
KING OF THE HEAVIES - 380th BOMB GROUP, Horton, Glenn & Gary, 1983, fine (embossed cover), see scan, 380th Bomb Group served in the 5th Air Force, attached to the Royal Australian Air Force in the Pacific Theatre during WW II, photos, 184 pgs. $100.00
KING'S CLIFFE, Steiner, Ed (editor) , 20th Fighter Group, 1983, as new, reprint of the original unit history, roster, crew photos & operational stories, 284 pgs. $125.00
KNIGHTS OF THE SKY, Valencia, Jerry, Reed Enterprises, 1980, vg/vg, see scan, signed by author, stories of 14 aces, WW I, WW II & Korea. One of the aces Gene Valencia was the author's father. Book is signed by 2 of the aces - Beede & Thyng, who got 5 in WW II and 2 more in Korea, photos, 216 pgs. $37.50

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