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SAVING PRIVATE RYAN - VHS see photo, 1998 American war film set during the invasion of Normandy in World War II, directed by Steven Spielberg, staring Tom Hanks, Winner of 5 Academy Awards. 169 minutes$4.50
SECRETS OF WW II - VHS 1998, Documentary of Tarket Okinawa, covers code breaking, Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway & Okinawa. 50 minutes$6.50
SEMPER FI - MARINES IN KOREA - DVD see photo, combat operations, documentary. 110 minutes$10.95
633 SQUADRON - DVD see photo, a 1964 British film which depicts the exploits of a fictional Second World War British fighter-bomber squadron. It was directed by Walter Grauman and produced by Cecil F. Ford for United Artists. The film stars Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris, and Harry Andrews. The script was adapted by author James Clavell and Howard Koch from the novel of the same name by Frederick E. Smith, which itself was based on several real Royal Air Force missions. 633 Squadron was the first aviation film to be shot in color and Panavision wide screen. 1 hr 35 minutes$14.95
SKYFIRE '86see photo, High action multi-class air racing, WWII aircraft, USAF Thunderbird demonstration, death defying aerobatics, plus incredible in-cockpit footage of the 1986 Unlimited Gold Races in Reno, Neveda 1 hr 32 min $4.95
SKY FURY - VHS over 60 aerial performers - including Blue Angels, Thunderbolds, Snowbirds, highlights of the Skyfire series.
STILWELL ROAD - VHS Documentary - General Stilwell road he build to support the Chinese forces when the Burma road got closed. 51 mins $2.00
STORY OF THE FIGHTING "I" - USS INTREPID - DVD History Channel 50 minutes $10.95
SUPERSONIC SPIES - VHS Nova - PBS (1998) SSTs, Tu 144 vs. Concord 55 minutes $3.50
TARGET BERLIN - VHSsee photo, all color footage, actual footage of the entire attack, access from the briefing roms to the bombing run with 600 Lancasters flying over the target in a 20 minute period 60 minutes$19.95
TARGET OKINAWA - VHSsee photo, U.S. bombardment of the Japanese held island, Okinawa. 50 minutes$6.50
10th MOUNTAIN DIVISION - VHS 1997, Documentary of Ridge Runners - combat outfit of expert mountain climbers trained by US Army, Italian Campaign 1944-45. 45 minutes$6.50
THEY WERE EXPENDABLE/ FLYING LEATHERNECKS - DVDsee photo, They Were Expendable (Robert Montgomery, John Wayne & Donna Reed/ Flying Leathernecks (John Wayne & Robert Ryan) 237 minutes $15.00
THIN RED LINE (Sean Penn, Jim Caviezel, Nick Nolte) - VHSsee photo, Thin Red Line follows a company of men through the battle for Guadalcanal in the Pacific theatre of WWII. While these men are not part of the first wave of the invasion, they still encounter a considerable force of Japanese infantry within the island, 7 Academy Award Nominations 170 minutes $4.50
THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO - DVDsee photo, Col Jimmy Doolittle (Spencer Tracy) and crewmen of the B-25 in a mission over Tokyo. Classic WW II filme includes Van Johnson, Robert Mitchum. 139 minutes $11.00
THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES - DVDsee photo, Comic version of the historic 1910 London to Paris air race 137 minutes$9.95
TOP GUN - VHS Tony Scott, Tom Cruise Kelly McGilis, Young studs vie for glory in the ground and in the air, won Oscar for best song, is still remarkably enjoyable to watch, 93 minutes$4.50
UP AND AWAY 1907-1942- DVDsee photo, Development of the USAF 3 hrs 15 minutes$9.95
U.S.S. HORNET -DVD see photo, visual history of CV-8 & CV-12, documents the history of CV-8 from launching to final moments at Santa Cruz; extensive footage of the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of Midway; Navy Secretary Knox's speech at the launching of the new Essex-class Hornet (CV-12); and the recoveries of Apollo 11 and 12. 4 hrs, 50 min. $17.50
VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE - DVD the Castles became the King & Queen of the ballroom, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers star in a classic film. Vernon Castle volunteers to join the Air Force (WW I) and is killed in a training accident. 93 minutes$14.95
VIETNAM WAR - 3 DISCS - DVDs, see photo, narrated by Walter Cronkite, tells the story of that prolonged conflict as seen through the eyes of CBS News. Dan Rather, Morley Safer and Ed Bradley report the stories of American courage, failed programs, an elusive enemy and ultimately an end to a tragic war. It is all graphically shown in these superb CBS documentaries which tell the story of the most divisive war in American history and its effect on those who fought it. 93 minutes$13.50
VIETNAM - AIR POWER IN ACTION - VHS introduction by Brigadier General Stanley Ulanoff, highlights some of the most destructive and crucial air battles. 50 minutes$2.00
V-2 ROCKET - VHSsee photo, British made story of the German V2 rocket, complete details, launch shots, how it impacted supersonic speeds 40 minutes$12.50
WAR IN THE PACIFIC, VOLUME 1 - DVD, originally broadcast in 1951 as Crusade in the Pacific, narrated by Westbrook Van Voorhis, covers rise of Japan through Bougainville. 298 minutes $8.95
WAR IN THE PACIFIC, VOLUME 2 - DVD, originally broadcast in 1951 as Crusade in the Pacific, narrated by Westbrook Van Voorhis, covers the Marshall Islands through the end of war. 298 minutes $8.95
WHIRLWIND - VHS Bombing of Germany (Sept. 1939- April 1945) - recorded 1981; It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow - Burma - recorded 1982 50 minutes$2.00
WILBUR & ORVILLE WRIGHT - DREAMS OF FLYING - DVDsee photo, A&E Biography, 50 minutes$9.95
Bataan; Back To Bataan; Green Berets; Destination Tokyo

WORLD WAR II HEROES - 4 DISC MOVIE SET, see photo, "The Great Escape"
"Battle of Britain"
"Run Silent, Run Deep"
"A Bridge Too Far"


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