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FIGHTER COMBAT IN THE JET AGE, Isby, David, Harper Collins, 1997, vg (no dust jacket), a new generation of jet airplanes fought over Korea & in the Middle East, by the 1960s, more powerful engines were allied to air to air missiles & effective airborne radar, describes the fighters & weapons developed during the Cold war, illustrated with color & duotone photography, 192 pgs. $5.00
FIGHTING AIRMAN , Biddle, Charles, Doubleday, 1968, vg/vg , Air Combat Classic, author flew w/SPA 73, 13th & 103rd Aero Sqdns., photos, 289 pgs. $10.00
FIND, FIX AND STRIKE, Horsley, Terrence, Eyre & Spostswoode, 1945, vg (minor cover wear, no dj), work of the Fleet Air Arm during WW II, photos, 144 pgs. $10.00
FIREBIRDS, West, Bruce, illustrated by James Lumbers, Ministry of Natural Resources, 1974, vg/vg, see photo, bush flying, account of the first 50 years of Ontario Provincial Air Service, photos & drawings, 258 pgs. $7.50
FIRESIDE BOOK OF FLYING STORIES, Jensen, Paul (Editor), Simon & Schuster, 1951, vg/vg (chipped), see scan, a collection of 35 short stories (fiction & non-fiction), on aviation history, Some of the authors - James Michener, Ronald Dahl, Bierne Lay & Antoine De Saint Exuprey, 464 pgs.
FIRST AIRBORNE, Packe, Michael, Secker & Warburg, 1948, g (no dust jacket, spine fade, no marks, binding tight), campaigns of 1st Airborne Division, North Africa, Sicily, Italy & Arnhem. Based on author's experience with the division. Most of the soldier's names have been changed by the author, 2 fold-out maps, 252 pgs. $8.00
FIRST AIR CAMPAIGN, August 1914- November 1918, Lawson, Eric & Jane, Combined Books, 1996, as new, see photo, recounts the development of the airplane as a weapon in warfare, leading aces, order of battle, photos, 249 pgs. $10.00
FIRST AIRWAR, Kennett, Lee, Free Press, 1991, as new, see photo, complete history, Eastern Front, Western Front,based on extensive research of official records, scholary works, diaries, correspondence, memoirs & oral interviews, photos, 275 pgs. $10.00
FIRST AIR WAR, A PICTORIAL HISTORY 1914-1919, Treadwell & Wood, Barnes & Noble, 1998, as new, see photo, over 200 photos illustrate this book about U.S. aviators & aircraft in the WW I, including American volunteers in France, creation of US Air Service, Army & Navy air units, and POWs, 152 pgs. $10.00
FIRST CROYDON AIRPORT 1915-1928, Learmonth, Nash & Clvetti, Sutton Libraries, 1977, fine copy,hardbound for protection, see scan, airport established in 1915 for aerial defense of London, it later became a major commercial airport, photos, 87 pgs. $10.00
FIRST TO FLY, Flood, Charles, Atlantic Monthly, 2015, f/f (as new), see scan, the Americans who joined the French in WW I & formed the first all American Squadron, Escadrille N124, the LAYFETTE ESCADRILLE, photos, 266 pgs. $10.00
FLIGHT IN AMERICA, Bilstein, Roger, John Hopkins University Press, 1991, vg (soft cover, some underlining), aviation history from Wright brothers to astronauts, photos, 356 pgs. $4.50
FLIGHTS INTO HISTORY, McLachlan, Ian, Sutton, 2007, new with dust jacket, see photo, author, an aviation archaeologist has reconstructed the last flights of WW II airmen, events, often from wreckage recovered, new lines of research and eyewitness accounts. photos, 204 pgs. $10.00
FLIGHT OF EAGLES, Karolevitz & Fenn, Brevet Press, 1974, vg/vg, see photo, Kosciuszko Squadron of American volunteers who flew for Poland against Russia 1919-20, photos, 281 pgs. $10.00
FIRST CROYDON AIRPORT 1915-1928, Dwiggins, Don, Arthur Barker, 1969, vg/vg, see scan, American title: "The Barnstormers", aviation gone wild in the 1920s, many photos, 151 pgs. $10.00
FLYERS IN SEARCH OF WILBUR & ORVILLE WRIGHT, Adams, Noah, Crown, 2003, new, see photo, Adams, cohost of NPR's All Things Considered, sets out to learn about the Wright Brothers, their family & why they loved to fly so much, he visits all the spots important to the brothers, from the Outer Banks, where they flew gliders, to France, Dayton, & New York, a personable guide into the Wright Brothers' world, offering a refreshing look at these aviation pioneers, photos, 221 pgs. $8.00
FLYING BLIND, Morle-Mower, Geoffrey, Yucca Tree Press, 2000, f/f (as new), see scan, with poor eyesight, he out-foxed the system & became an RAF pilot in 1937. He was assigned to No. 5 Squadron in Waziristan, photos, 289 pgs. $10.00
FLYING CATHEDRAL, Gould-Lee, Arthur, Methuen, 1965, vg/vg, see scan, Samuel F. Cody, a Texan, built & flew the first aeroplane in Great Britain (1908), photos, 272 pgs. $10.00
FLYING HIGH, Hall, Timothy, Methuen of Australia, 1979, f/f (as new) , see scan, story of Hudson Fysh, Qantas & the trail-blazing days of early aviation. An immensely readable & often very funny account of the story of Qantas and the man who created it, map on end pages, photos, 265 pgs. $10.00
FLYING SCOTS, Webster, Jack, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, vg (soft cover, lower corner bend), see photo, a Century of aviation in Scotland, from Percy Pilcher's gliders to the Mollisons and Dowding, to today, many photos, 88 pgs. $10.00
FOKKERS OF WORLD WAR I, Bowers, Peter, Hobby Helpers, 1960, vg, soft cover (spiral bound), see photo, each full- page photo is accompanied by a few comments, 68 pgs. $8.50
FOUR MILES HIGH , Bowman, Martin, PSL, 1992, vg (small gash on back cover which isn't visable because of dust jacket)/vg, see photo, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Divisions of the 8th AF based on interviews with crewmen, many photos, 240 pgs. $8.00
FRAGILE WINGS & GENTLE GIANTS, Salut, Harold, Blackbird Press, 1985, fine (soft cover), see scan, This Minnesota born author-pilot recalls his barnstorming days in the Northwestern United States & Southwestern Canada in the year 1932, photos, 257 pgs. $8.50
FREEDOM FLYERS, Moye, J. Todd, Oxford University Press, 2010, new, see photo, training & combat operations of the Tuskegee Airmen, photos, 241 pgs. $10.00
FREEMAN FIELD MUTINY, Warren, Lt. Col. James, soft cover(as new), see scan, This mostly Black 477th Bomb Group was training for combat in 1945. They collided with the White command system at Freeman Field, Indiana, photos, 187 pgs. $10.00
FRIENDLESS SKY, THE, McKee, Alexander, Morrow, 1964, f/f, see photo,development of the airplane through narratives of air battles, photos, 256 pgs. $10.00
FROM THE GROUND UP, Adkins, F.J., Airlife, 1983, vg/vg, see photo, history of the RAF ground crews and their increasingly complex role from World War I, photos, 219 pgs. $10.00
GATCHINA DAYS, Riaboff, Alexander, Smithsonian, 1986, new, see photo, rare look at the early days of Imperial Russian military aviation, author graduated from the Gatchina flying school at St Petersburg in 1917, his career covers the Russian Revolution, transfer to the anti-Bolshevik White Russian armies, 2 years of operational flying, ending with a retreat across Siberia and eventual escape to China in 1920, photos & maps, 183 pgs. $10.00
GETTING OFF THE GROUND, Vecsey & Dade, E.P. Dutton, 1979, vg/vg, see photo, bio's of 31 pioneer aviators including, Newell, Stadlman, Ryan, Wysong, Girney, Bruno, Northrop, Merril and others, photos, 304 pgs. $10.00
GERMAN ACE TELLS WHY, Guenther, Newhard, Sci-Art Publisher, 1942, VG, see scan, the author uses an unnamed Luftwaffe pilot's diary to show the emotions & total depression of Hitlerism. The pilot's family was still in Germany at the time of publication, 82 pgs. $4.50
GERMAN FIGHTER ACES OF WORLD WAR ONE, Treadwell & Wood, Tempus, 2003, new, soft cover, see photo, airmen who fought in the war, aircraft manufacturers & their aircraft, specifications, photos, 320 pgs. $10.00
GERMAN KNIGHTS OF THE AIR, Treadwell & Wood, Brassey's, 1997, new, see photo, the 81 German airmen who were awarded the Pour le Merite, photos, 208 pgs. $10.00
GOLDEN EAGLES, Firkins, Peter, St. George Books, 1980, f/f, see photo, stories of 15 Australian airmen, 8 from WW I and 7 from WW 2, photos, 242 pgs $10.00
GOGGLES, HELMENTS & AIRMAIL STAMPS, Bachon, Georgette, Clark Irwin, 1974, f/f (as new), see scan, from the first balloon ascent (1856) in Ontario, the first heavier than air flight (the June Bug in 1909), Canada's contribution to WW I victory and of course, bush flying, photos, 150 pgs. $10.00
GREAT ATLANTIC AIR RACE, Rowe, Percy, McClelland & Stewart, 1977, f/f, se scan, Early attempts to cross the Atlantic, climaxed by the Alcock & Brown flight in 1919, 40 photos, 224 pgs. $10.00
GREAT DIRIGIBLES, THE, Toland, John, Dover, 1972, as new, soft cover, see photos, formerly titled Ships in The Sky, their triumphs & disasters, photo section, 352 pgs. $3.50
HELL ABOVE EARTH, Frater. Stephen, St. Martin's Press, f/f (as new), see scan, a 303rd BG B-17 pilot whose co-pilot was ordered to kill him if.... There are many other things that happened to the 303rd on raids, photos, 303 pgs. $10.00
HERO, Nolan, Brian, Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1981, vg/vg, see scan, "Screwball" Beurling was a Canadian spitfire pilot who gained notoriety at Malta by shooting down 27 German planes in 14 days. He finished the war with 31 victories, photos, 201 pgs. $10.00
HEROES AND LEGENDS OF WORLD WAR I, Whitehouse, Arch, Doubleday, 1964, vg/vg see photo, major battles on land, at sea, and in the air, photos & maps, 368 pgs. $10.00
HEROES HAVE WINGS, Firkins, Peter, Hesperian Press, 1993, vg (soft cover), see photo, account of operations of the RAAF ranging over all geographical theaters of WW II, documentation of triumphs & defeats, photos, 212 pgs. $10.00
HEROES OF THE AIR, Fraser, Chelsea, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1927, vg (embossed cover, ex-library) see scam. biographies of early aviators, photos & maps, 487 pgs. $10.00
HEROES OF THE FIGHTING R.A.F., Gribble, Leonard, Harrap, 1941, vg/vg (worn, chipping), see scan, The first 23 chapters deals with the Royal Air Force's WW I air war. The evolution of the R.A.F. and early WW II action are in the last 6 chapters, photos, 203 pgs. $10.00
HEROES OF THE R.A.F., Various Authors, Herbert Jenkins, 1960, vg/vg , see scan, T the best biographical stories from the R.A.F. Flying Review, photos, 142 pgs $10.00
HEROES OF THE SUNLIT SKY, Whitehouse, Arch, Doubleday, 1967, vg/vg, see photo,short biographies of 134 WW I flyers, photos, 384 pgs.$10.00
HIGH ADVENTURE, Alexander, R.T., NAC, 1972, vg (soft cover), see scan, history of aviation in New Zealand, dedicated to all New Zealand aviators who flew between 1889 & 1968, illustrations, 95 pgs. $10.00
HIGH FRONTIER: A HISTORY OF AERONAUTICS IN PENNSYLVANIA, Trimble, Williams, Univerity of Pittsburg Press, 1982, fine (soft cover) , see photo, from hot air balloons to supersonic jet aircraft, photos, 344 pgs. $10.00
HIGH JOURNEY, Putnam, Carleton, Scribners, 1945, vg/vg, see scan, author founded Pacific Seaboard Airlines and later Chicago and Southern Airlines, C & S merged with Delta in 1951, 308 pgs. $10.00
HISTORY OF AVIATION, Taylor & Munson, Crown, 1977, vg/vg, see photo, compiled by the editors of Jane's All the World's Aircraft, full story of flight, 1500 illustrations, color, 511 pgs. $10.00
HISTORY OF MARINE FIGHTER ATTACK SQUADRON 312, Sambito, William Maj., U.S.M.C., 1978, vg (soft cover), see photo, Checkerboard squadron, photos, maps, 3-views, 24 pgs. $8.00
HISTORY OF PRIDE 1931-2001, Airline Pilot's Association, 1971, fine (soft cover), see scan, Outlines airline safety for 70 years, photos, 36 pgs. $2.50
HISTORY OF 30 SQUADRON, Everidge, Major, Naval & Military Press, 2004, soft cover, see photo, Reprint of Original Air Ministry Historical Branch manuscript, history of 30 Squadron’s operations against the Turks in Mesopotamia (iraq) in the Great War fronm the siege and fall of Kut to the occupation of Baghdad, 30 Squadron served in the Middle East theatre in the Great War after being formed from different Flights in England, Egypt and Mesopotamia (Iraq), account of a difficult and often neglected front of the Great War, 69 pgs. $10.00
HOWARD HUGHES, AVIATOR, Marrett, George, Naval Institute, 2004, as new with dj, see photo, biography of the elusive Hughes, he personally tested every plane that he built, details of the top-secret airport he owned in Culver City, photos, 255 pgs. $10.00
HURRICANE SQUADRON, Adams, Perry, Air Research, 1988, fine, soft cover, see photo, No. 87 Squadron at war 1939-1941, photos, color plates, 48 pgs. $10.00

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