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Having now produced Windsock and the Datafile series for over 30 years we have decided to take a break from regular publishing in order to recharge our batteries and pursue further research into planned future titles for our growing range of World-renowned journals. We would like to thank all of you for your support over the years and wish you a healthy and prosperous 2019.

151ALBATROS D.V/D.Va AT WAR, Volume One
see photo, C. A. Owners, 151, First of a classic two-parter, many photos, detailed 1:48 & 1:72 scale plans, close-up detail photos, color plates.
n/a (Out of Print)
152ALBATROS D.V/D.Va AT WAR, Volume Two
see photo, C. A. Owners, 152, detailed coverage of these famous WWI German fighters,packed with great photos, plus detailed D.VA scale plans & profiles
n/a (Out of Print)
see photo, Paul Hare, 153, detailed monograph on the 'Harry Tate'. photos, mono & color, 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings, color profiles.
154VICKERS BULLETS see photo, C.A.Owers, Windsock 154, coverage of these portly fighters, over 80 photos, scale plans of the ES.1, FB.19, Mk.I/II, color profiles. color profiles. $21.95
155ITALIAN SPADS AT WAR see photo, Alegi & Varriale, Windsock 155, Two of Italy's top WWI aero historians combine talents for this all-new study of the SPAD VII and XIII in Italian service $21.95
156EARLY AVRO 504 BIPLANES see photo, Owers, C.A., profiles the early 504 with stacks of photos and drawings. n/a
157HALBERSTADT CL.II AT WAR! see photo, Alcorn, J.S., revised study of the famouus German two-seater with photos, detailed drawings,colour profiles & more $21.95
158THE UFAG C.I see photo, Varriale, aolo, Austro-Hungarian, with photos, detailed drawings,colour profiles & more $n/a
159AD FLYING BOATS see photo, Owers, C.A., the story of the AD flying boats with colour profiles, photos & a dozen pages of scale drawings in the usual scales $21.95
160NIEUPORT NIGHTHAWK see photo, Owers, C.A., Front-line fighter that never was, the fascinating story of a late British WWI 'might-have -been' photos, scale drawings & color profiles. $21.95
161CAUDRON R.11 see photo, Owers, C.A., its torpedo-like fuselage housing pilot and a pair of gunners' stations ,the lanky Caudron provided close escort/protection to French day bombers as they made their depredations over German territory, 60 photos, contemporary sketches,plus eight pages of detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale general arrangement drawings. $21.95
162MACCHI M.71 see photo, Alegi, Gregory, profiles a classic Italian fighting flying boat in great detail, plans, photos $21.95
163RAF BE2/ BE2a/ BE2b see photo, Hare, Paul, over 67 photos and great new drawings based on RAF blueprints. $21.95
164HANDLEY PAGE V/1500 see photo, Owers, C.A., detailed 1:72 scale plans, rare photos and six new cover profiles from Ronny Bar. $21.95
165RAF B2E2 AT WAR see photo, Hare, P., new study of this classic RAF -designed two-seater with extra colour pages-includes many close-ups of the two TVAL reproductions. $21.95
166 THOMAS MORSE S-4 SCOUT see photo, Owers, C.A., full story of the American Thomas Morse Scouts which featured in many Hollywood movies after the war. This highly-detailed monograph provides all the usual DATAFILE features plus an up-to-date listing of all Tommy survivors with colour photos of nearly every one. $21.95
167 NIEUPORT 24/27 AT WAR see photo, Varriale, Paolo, new study of the late war Nieuport 'Vee-strutters' with an excellent selection of archive images,fresh scale plans & 9 Ronny Bar profiles $21.95
168 'HAWA' Volume 1 see photo, new coverage of the German Hannover two-seaters of 1917/1918, photos, line drawings & color plates. n/a
169 'HAWA' Volume 2 see photo, Harry Woodman and Ray Rimell complete their coverage of the Hannover biplanes with more rare photos, superb scale drawings and three pages of new Ronny Bar artwork. n/a
170 2F.1 SHIPS CAMEL 1 see photo, Navalized version of the mercurial Sopwith Camel is given 4-star treatment by Colin Owers in this all-new revisionist monograph. $21.95
171 AVIATIK (BERG) D.I AT WAR see photo, Austro Hungarian fighter with many rare photos, line drawings & colour profiles $21.95
172 RAF BE2C AT WAR! see photo, photos, 1:72 and 1:48 scale drawings & color profiles. $21.95
173 PFALZ D.IIIA AT WAR - Volume 1, see photo, photos, 1:72 and 1:48 scale drawings & color profiles. $21.95
174 PFALZ D.IIIA AT WAR - Volume 2, see photo, comprehensive and informed captions, pilots' accounts, more unique colour profiles and over 80 photos. n/a

Links to numbered datafiles:
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