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Aviation Biography Titles - pg. 4

Francis, Devon, Iowa State University Press, 1973, f/f (as new), Included are 2 inserts (A Biographical article from Pennsylvania History Magazine & a Piper Plant Vistor's Guide), a biography of William Piper and his company, photos, 256 pages.
MAJ. T.B. McGUIRE STORY, Covello, Art (Editor), Akron Printing, 1981, vg (soft cover), see scan, a tribute ro Tommy McGuire, America's 2nd leading WW II ace. Includes a brief history of McGuire Air Force Base, photos, 24 pages. $15.00
MAGNIFICENT MOISANTS, THE, Rich, Doris, Smithsonian, 1998, new with dj new, see photo, Illinois family performed pre-WW I air shows, taught Harriet Quimby to fly, photos, 248 pgs. $17.50
MAD MAJOR, Draper, Major Christopher, Air Review Ltd., 1962, vg/vg, see photo, autobiography, RFC flyer in WW I and later flew under the Tower Bridge in London. photos, 231 pgs. $10.00
MAN FLIES - STORY OF ALBERTO SANTOS-DUMONT, Winters, Nancy, Ecco Press, 1997, new, see photo, internationally acclaimed as the first man to fly, Santos-Dumont was feted for several years in Europe & America before learning that the Wright Brothers, whose early efforts had been discounted, had actually preceded him, photos & illustrations, 160 pgs. $8.00
MERCY PILOT, Tordoff, Dirk, Epicenter Press, 2002, fine (soft cover, as new), see scan, Joe Crosson, noted for his mercy missions in A laska, helped in the serach for Ben Eilson, who crashed in Siberia & brought Wiley Post's body back to the U.S., photos, 256 pgs. $15.00
'MICK', Dudgeon, James M., Robert Hale, 1981, f/f, see photo, biography of Major Edward Mannock, 208 pgs. $20.00
MUDHOLE SMITH - ALASKA FLIER, Janson, Lone, Alaska Northwest Publishing, fine (soft cover), see scan, 1981, his biography from barnstormer to bush pilot, taught himself how to fly, provided air service to remote villages, spotting enemy submarines in WW II, photos, 143 pgs. $6.00
PIONEER AIRCRAFT 1903-14, Munson, Kenneth, Macmillan Co., vg/vg, see photo, 79 color plates, 82 pages of text covering pre-WW I aircraft. $7.50
PIONEER AVIATORS OF THE WORLD, Matthews, Hart, McFarland, 2003, new (issued w/o dj),see photo, the first pilots from each of a hundred countries have their stories told in this work, a brief biography & description of his or her attempts to fly are provided for each early aviator, except in a very few cases where facts are hard to find, photos, 208 pgs. $28.00
PIONEER BUSH PILOT, Harkey, Ira, University of Washington, 1974, vg/vg, bio of Noel Wien, see scan, after a barnstorming period, he moved to Alaska & was their first bush pilot. He later founded Wien Alaska Airways, photos, 307 pgs. $16.50
PIONEER WITH WINGS, McCullo, Marion, Bretheren, 1951, vg/vg, see scan, The story of Dewey Biggs, who learned to fly in the 1920w. During WW II, he ferried planes to England & across the Pacific. After the war, he flew a lot in South America, photos, 101 pages. $10.00
QUICK AND THE DEAD, Waterton, W.A., Muller, 1956, vg/vg, see scan, After service in the RAF in WW II, the author became chief test pilot for Gloster Aircraft company. He tells the thrills & near fatal hazards in that line of work, photos, 237 pages. $15.00
REAR ADMIRAL BYRD AND THE POLAR EXPEDITION, Foster, Coram, A.L. Burt, 1930, vg, see scan, Byrd's flight (1926) over the North Pole & (1929) over the South Pole, photos, 287 pgs. $15.00
RECORD FLIGHTS, Chamberlin, Clarence, Dorrance & Company, 1928 (2nd Printing), vg /vg (chipped, small piece missing on upper left), see scan, signed, see scan, autobiography, he contributed to the exciting & spectacular development of American aviation after WW I. Chamberlain is best known for his flight across the Atlantic by reaching Germany, broke Lindbergh's 2-week old distance record, in less spectacular, but perhaps more valuable ways, Chamberlain before and after his flight contributed to the growth of American aviation, he was a test pilot for Giuseppe Bellanca, a pioneer designer of aircraft who also built the "Columbia" [the plane in which Chamberlain made his historic trans-Atlantic flight], flying all of Bellanca's early planes to test their speed, mileage, handling & safety. He made the first trans-Atlantic airmail flight. Photos, 286 pgs. $39.00
REAPER LEADER, Ewings, Steve. Naval Institute Press, 2002, f/f (as new), see scan, Life of Jimmy Flateley, at the age of 36 his combat career began at the Battle of Coal Sea with VF-42. He later led VF-10 in the Solomons & helped develope tactics that made the Wildcat superior to the Zero, photos, 384 pgs. $15.00
REUBEN FLEET, Wagner, William, Aero, 1976, f/f, see scan, Biography of Reuben Fleet & the history of Consolidated aircraft, many photos, 324 pgs. $25.00
R.G. SMITH, THE MAN AND HIS ART, Smith, R.J. Schiffer, 1999, new, see scan, autobiography of the noted aviation artist, featuring 140 of his works, many illustrations, 112 pgs. $25.00
RYAN, THE AVIATOR, Wagner, William, McGraw-Hill 1971, vg/vg,see photo, inscribed by Ryan & signed by Wagner. , see scan, Bio of T.Claud Ryan, and his aircraft manufacturing company, many photos, 253 pgs. $85.00 Unsigned copy available for $20.00

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