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Aviation Biography Titles - pg. 5

SANTOS-DUMONT, Wykeham, Peter, Putnum, 1962, f/vg (spine fade), see photo, a Brazilian pioneer of aviation who worked in Paris in the 1890s, was the first man to fly in Europe, 1898 to 1910, photos. 278 pgs. $18.50
SCOTT'S BOOK, Scott, C.W.A., Hodder& Stoughton, 1934, vg/vg,see scan,, signed by Scott, see scan, After setting the record flight (England to Australia in 1931 & 1932, he won the McRobertson Race (1934) flying the D.H. 88 Comet. He beat the old record by over 100 hours, photos, 264 pages. $135.00
SENT FLYING, Pegg, Bill, Macdonald, 1959, vg/vg (minor chipping),see scan, autobiography, signed, see scan, he began flying with the RAF in 1925. In 1935, he joined Bristol and made the test flights for the Brazabon & Britannia. He flew 156 types, photos, 236 pgs. $40.00
SHOWER OF SPAY AND WE'RE AWAY!, Ladd, Fred, A,H. & A.W. Reed, 1971, vg /vg , see photo, author opened Tourist Air Travel Limited of Auckland with a Widgeon amphibian, He got himself into & out of every imaginable kind of aerial mischief, photos, 233 pages. $15.00
SILVER DART, Green, H. Gordon, Brunswick Press Limited, 1959, vg/vg (smoke damage to dj), see photo, biography of Hon. J.A. D. McCurdy, Canada's first pilot, 32 pages of photographs, 208 pgs. $15.00
SPEED, Allard, Noel, Burgess-Beckwith, 1976, vg/vg (has a scratch mark), see photo, signed by author, Biography of Charles Holman, Speed" Holman won the 1930 Thompson Trophy, 1st pilot for Northwest Airways, many photos, 87 pgs. $28.00
STORY ABOUT A REAL MAN, A, Polevol, Boris, Foreign Languages Publications, 1950, vg/vg (some edgewear), see scan, Based on the story of Alexel Maresyev, an I-16 pilot shot down in 1941. He survived over 2 weeks in the wild, was rescued & both legs were amputated. He returned to the cockpit & finished the war with 11 victories, illustrations, 575 pages. $20.00
STORY OF ART SMITH, Lane, Ruth Wilder (Editor), San Francisco Bullet, 1915, good (soft cover, lower right of front cover torn off, a 1915 gift insceiprion on title page), This book was first published as 29 newspaper see scan, articles in the San Francisco Bulletin in 1915. They were later republished in book form. It was written by Art Smith and edited by Rose Wilder Lane. The period covered is 1910 (he built his own airplane) and his trials & tribulations to 1915 when he became the star attraction at the Pan-Pacific exhibition in San Francisco, 94 pgs. $35.00
TAKEOFFS AND TOUCHDOWNS, Jacob, Fred, A.S. Barnes, 1981, f/f, see scan, The authora recounts his 60 years of flying. He ferried B-17s & B-24s to Europe. Then was assigned as a B-26 pilot with the 387th B.G., photos, 303 pgs. $13.50
TALES OF A WAR PILOT, Kirkland, Richard, Smitsonian, 1999, f/f, (as new), see scan, the author flew 103 missionsin P-38s & P-47s in New Guinea. In Korea, he flew 69 resue missions in a Sikorsky H-5 Helicopter, photos, 160 pgs. $15.00
THEY CALL ME MR. AIRSHOW, Sweet, Bill, Cook Transnational, 1972, vg/vg,see scan, inscribed by author,see scan, He was the director & announcer for National Airshows from the 1930s to the 1970s. His pat crossed with many aerial performers such as Roscoe Turner, Tex Rankin, Hal Krier on up to Bob Hoover, over 200 photographs, 265 pgs. $48.00
THOUSAND SPRINGS, A, Chennault, Anna, Peter Ericksson, 1962, f/f, see photo, she was first woman correspondent for China"s largest news servicewhen she first met Gen. Chennault in 1944, biography of her marriage to General Chennault, photos, 318 pgs. $8.00
20 Hrs, 40 Min. , Earhart, Ameilia, National Geographic, 2003, new, soft cover, see photo, reprint of her early autobiography published in 1928, her flight across the Atlantic in the "Friendship", photos, 182 pgs. $10.00
TO UNDREAMED MARKS, TRIBUTE TO JERRY VULTEE, Long, Thomas, General Dynamics, 1991, fine (soft cover), see scan, a tribute to Jerry Vultee, photos, 64 pgs. $18.00
UMPTEENTH VOYAGE, Gerow, Eugene, LuJenn Press, 1979, vg (soft cover, some minor scratches on the cover), see scan, Inscribed by author to a fellow TWA pilot, after getting his license in 1930 and 10 years of part-time flying jobs, he became an instructor in the CPTP. In 1941, he began a 25 year career flying for TWA, 261 pgs. $15.00
TO UNDREAMED-OF MARKS, Long, S. Thomas, General Dynamics, 1991, fine (as new, soft cover), see scan, story of and a tribute to Jerry Vultee, photos, 64 pgs. $25.00
UNACCUSTOMED TO FEAR, Willock, Roger, Privately Published 1968, vg/vg (tear on upper right corner (see scan), see photo, biography of Ltn. General Roy S. Geiger, USMC, enlisted in 1907, completed pilot training in 1917, flew nuumerous bombing missions in WW II, first Marine officer to command a field Army. He served in Europe in 1918 & worked his way up in Marine Corps aviation in the 20s & 30s. He led the Cactus Air Forace in Guadalcanal, was involved in the recapture of Guam & capture of Okinawa, photos, retired in 1946, photos, 321 pgs. $10.00
VERDICT ON A LOST FLYER, Barker, Ralph, st. Martin's Press, 1969, vg/vg,see scan, Bill Lancaster, an English pilot, flew the first woman to make the flight from England to Australia (1927-1928). Moving to America to seek his fortune, he went on trial for murder, 1932. In 1932, a French patrol found his airpland & his body in the Sahara, which had been there since 1933, photos, 238 pgs. $18.50
WAR BIRD, Davis, Burke, University of North Carolina, 1991, new, see photo, bio of Elliott White Springs, after gaining his wings he was posted to Europe where, after Pershing decreed that pilots were to be ranked as sergeants, he resigned his commission & joined the RFC, he first served in 85 Squadron, under Bishop, before being transferred to the US Army where he flew with 148th Squadron & ended the war as America's fifth ranking ace with 16 victories, after his return to the USA he spent a period barnstorming, photos, 267 pgs. $10.00
WAR BIRD ACE , Ballard, Jack Stokes, Texas A & M, 2007, new, see photo, Capt. Field Kindley flew a Camel with 148th Aero Squadron. He achieved 12 aerial victories which tied him with Elliott White Springs. Kindley was killed on a flying accident, 1920, at Kelly Field, photos, drawings, 208 pgs. $15.00
WAY OF A TRANSGRESSOR, Farson, Negley, Harcourt Brace, 1936, good (cover wear, no marks, tight binding, gift inscription on fly page), see scan, The author was an American adventurer who waitnessed the Russian revolution & ended up in the Royal Flying Corps during WW I, photos, 602 pgs. $10.00
WHAT...NO LANDING FIELD? Ellis, Bob & Peg, E.S. Richardson, 1998, fine (soft cover), see scan, Bob Ellis moved to Alaska in 1929 as a bush pilot. He founded Ellis Airlines in 1936 in Ketchikan. The first of this book is Bob's personal accounts. The remained of the book is Peg's collection of newspaper articles on Bob's air life, photos, 167 pgs. $15.00
WHERE NO ANGELES DWELL, Johnstone, Sandy Air Vice Marshall, Cedric Chivers, 1974, vg/vg see scan, author began flying in 1934. By the time he retired (1968), he had flown 104 types of aircraft. He led 602 Sqdn in the B.O.B and later flew in Malta, photos, 224 pgs. $17.50
WINDKILLER, King, Stephen, Word Association Publisher, 2004, as new, soft cover, see photo, inscribed by author, historical novel of Herbert Latham, his accomplishments, the Antoinette monoplane and early aviation meets, photos, 281 pgs. $6.00
WINGS OF A HERO, Reid, Sheila, Vanwell, 1998, new, soft cover, see photo, Wop May was Richthofen's intended 81st victim, survived & became renowned bush pilot, photos, 102 pgs. $15.00
WINGS OF MADNESS Hoffman, Paul, Hyperion, 2003, new, Alberto Santos-Dumont and the Invention of Flight, introduces the dashing inventor who entertained Paris with his airborne antics - barhopping in a little dirigible that he tied to lamp posts, circling around the Eiffel Tower & crashing into rooftops, a glimpse into the mind of an extraordinary & tormented man that also vividly depicts the sights and sounds of turn-of-the-century Paris, photos, 369 pgs. $15.95
WINGS OVER ISTANBUL, Polando, Johnnie, Randall, 2000, fine (soft cover, as new), see scan, Autobiography, he began his career in the early 1920s with the Air Guard, barnstorming. Highlighted in 1931 as co-pilot setting distance flight of 5,011 miles (New York to Istanbul). He competed in the 1934 MacRobertson race and served in WW II with the Air Transport Command, photos, 144 pgs. $18.50
WRIGHT BROTHERS - HOW THEY INVENTED THE AIRPLANE, Friedman, Russell, Holiday House, 1991, vg (soft cover), see photo, original photographs by Wilbur & Orville Wright, 129 pgs. $12.00

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