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SAINT EXUPERY, Migeo, Marcel, Macdonald, 1961, vg/vg, see scan, He wrote several very successful books, was a pre-WW II air mail pilot & jointed the Free-France Air Force in Africa. His plane was mysteriously lost on a recon. flight, phtotos 335 pgs. $17.50
SOLO, Mackenzie, R.D., Angus & Robertson, 1963, vg (embossed name)/vg, see scan, He served in the RNAS in WWI. In 1928, this Australian pilot flew the first England to Australia solo flight. In 1931, he flew from Canada, to NY, to Jamaica, to Brazil, to Africa and to London, photos, 144 pages. $30.00
SUMNER SEWALL, Wilberg, James, Aeronaut, 2019, new (soft cover), see scan, He joined the aviation section of the Army Signal Corps. Eventually Sumner flew with the 95th Aero Squadron, U.S.A.S., of the First Pursuit Group, where he fortunately survived the harrowing experience of being shot down in flames to achieve acedom. Sumner returned home after the war and was prominent in Maine business & political life, later serving as governor of Maine during WW2, 25 paintings & posters, 187 photos, 18 in color, color profile & plan views of 3 aircraft,154 pages. they$29.95
SURVIVOR'S STORY, Gibbs, Air Marshall, Hutchinson, 1956, vg/vg, see scan, The author began flying with the RFC in WW I. He stayed in the RAF & was in the H Group during WW II. He ended his service in India in 1955, photos 182 pgs. $12.50
TAKEOFFS AND TOUCHDOWNS, Jacob, Fred, A.S. Barnes, 1981, f/f, see scan, The authora recounts his 60 years of flying. He ferried B-17s & B-24s to Europe. Then was assigned as a B-26 pilot with the 387th B.G., photos, 303 pgs. $13.50
TALES OF A WAR PILOT, Kirkland, Richard, Smitsonian, 1999, f/f, (as new), see scan, the author flew 103 missionsin P-38s & P-47s in New Guinea. In Korea, he flew 69 resue missions in a Sikorsky H-5 Helicopter, photos, 160 pgs. $15.00
20 Hrs, 40 Min. , Earhart, Ameilia, National Geographic, 2003, new, soft cover, see photo, reprint of her early autobiography published in 1928, her flight across the Atlantic in the "Friendship", photos, 182 pgs. $10.00
TWENTY SMILING EAGLES, Bohrer, Walt & Ann, Vantage Press, 1962, vg/vg (yellowing of pages due to age), see scan, Unusual flight events that happened to 20 American pilots. These aare not accomplishments they are famous for. Included are Doolittle, Mantz, Rankin & Goebel,the authors wrote the book with a sense of humor, illustrations & photos, 128 pages. $20.00
UDET, A MAN'S LIFE, Merlin, Hans, MacDonaldm 1960, vg/vg.see scan, Udet was credited with 62 victories in WW I. After the war, he became an exhibition pilot. In the late 30's, he joined the Luftwaffe, but became despondent & committed suicide, photos, 256 pgs. $17.50
WAR BIRD ACE , Ballard, Jack Stokes, Texas A & M, 2007, new, see photo, Capt. Field Kindley flew a Camel with 148th Aero Squadron. He achieved 12 aerial victories which tied him with Elliott White Springs. Kindley was killed on a flying accident, 1920, at Kelly Field, photos, drawings, 208 pgs. $18.50
WILLIAM HENRY MEEKER, HIS BOOK,, Meeker, W.H., Privately Printed (limited to 150 copies), 1917, vg, see scan, This book is comprised of the author's diaries and letters. He became enthused by aviation while working for Thomas-Morse Aeroplane Company. He volunteered for the Lafayette flying corps.see scan, He was killed in air accident on July 11, 1917. His last entry in the book is a letter he wrote on July 8, 1917, 257 pages. $100.00
WILL ROGERS & WILEY POST: DEATH AT BARROW, Sterling & Sterling, Evans, 1993, f/f (as new), see scan, Biographies of Wiley Post & Will Rogers and their fatal plane crsh in 1935 (Alaska), photos, 344 pgs. $20.00
WINGS OF A HERO, Reid, Sheila, Vanwell, 1998, new, soft cover, see photo, Wop May was Richthofen's intended 81st victim, survived & became renowned bush pilot, photos, 102 pgs. $15.00
WINGS OF MADNESS Hoffman, Paul, Hyperion, 2003, new, see scan, Alberto Santos-Dumont and the Invention of Flight, introduces the dashing inventor who entertained Paris with his airborne antics - barhopping in a little dirigible that he tied to lamp posts, circling around the Eiffel Tower & crashing into rooftops, a glimpse into the mind of an extraordinary & tormented man that also vividly depicts the sights and sounds of turn-of-the-century Paris, photos, 369 pgs. $12.95
WRIGHT BROTHERS - HOW THEY INVENTED THE AIRPLANE, Friedman, Russell, Holiday House, 1991, vg (soft cover), see photo, original photographs by Wilbur & Orville Wright, 129 pgs. $10.00

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