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Pioneer Titles - pg. 5

NO MARGIN FOR ERROR, Messimer, Dwight, Naval Institue, 1981, f/f (as new), see scan, Sept. 1, 1925, a Naval aircraft factory PN-9 took off from California on a flight to Hawaii. It went into the sea 560 miles short. The crew improvised sails & made it to Hawaii, photos, 167 pgs. $15.00
NORTHROP STORY,THE, 1929-1939, Allen, Richard Sanders, Orion, 1990, vg/vg, see photo, the formative years at Northrop, many photos, 178 pgs. $15.00
NORTH-WEST AERIAL FRONTIER 1919-1934,Wixted, Edward, Boolarong Publications, 1985, vg (pictorial cover), see scan, people, events & aircraft in early Australian aviation history, many photos, 216 pgs. $19.00
OLD FLYING DAYS, Turner, C.C., Sampson Low, 1927, Very good condition for age (no dust jacket, minor cover wear, spine fade, some foxing), see scan, an informal history of aviation in Great Britain from the early days ro the early 1920s, 40 photos, 374 pages. $45.00
ONE DAY AT KITTY HAWK, Walsh, Jown, Crowell, 1975, f/f, see scan, Wilbur Wright was the true aero genius that led to the first powered flight in 1903, photos, 305 pages. $15.00
ON TOP OF THE WORLD , Brontman, L., Gullanez, 1938, vg (no dj), see scan, A group or Russian scientific technicions flew to the North Pole to set up an observation station, photos, maps, 287 pgs. $12.00
OPENING TOMORROW'S AIRWAYS, Royal Danish Ministry, 1956, good (card cover, ex-library), see scan, English text, Danish Aviation from Ellenhammer (1905) to S.A.S., many photos, 44 pgs. $8.00
OUR AIR NAVY - 1928, Very good soft cover booklet, see scan,National Interest Photos, photographs of the navy in 1928, example of photograph, 64 pgs. $50.00
OUR ATLANTIC ATTEMPT, Hawker & Grieve, Nonsuch, 2012, new (soft cover), see photo, 18 May 1919 Harry Hawker, chief test pilot for the Sopwith Aviation Company & K. Mackenzie Grieve, took off from Pearl Aerodrome, near St John's in Newfoundland, in a Sopwith Atlantic aeroplane. This was the first ever attempt to fly across the Atlantic. Unforturnatly they developed engine trouble after only 1,050 miles and were rescued by a passing ship, photos, 116 pgs. $15.00
PASSION FOR WINGS, Wohl, Robert, Yale University, 1994, vg, soft cover, see photo, The impact of aviation on western civilization, 1908-1918, photos & illustrations, 320 pgs. $10.00
PIONEER AVIATORS OF THE WORLD, Matthews, Hart, McFarland, 2003, new (issued w/o dj),see photo, the first pilots from each of a hundred countries have their stories told in this work, a brief biography & description of his or her attempts to fly are provided for each early aviator, except in a very few cases where facts are hard to find, photos, 208 pgs. $15.00
PIONEERING AVIATION IN THE WEST, Bungey, Lloyd (Editor), Hancock House, 1992, fine (soft cover), see scan, Canadian Museum of Flight interviewed these aviators, who pioneered flight in British Columbia from 1910 to the Martain Mars, photos, 328 pgs. $10.00
REAR ADMIRAL BYRD AND THE POLAR EXPEDITION, Foster, Coram, A.L. Burt, 1930, vg, see scan, Byrd's flight (1926) over the North Pole & (1929) over the South Pole, photos, 287 pgs. $15.00
RACE TO THE SKY, Goddard, Stephen, McFarland, 2003, new (issued w/o dust jacket), see photo, Everyone knows that the Wright brothers were the first to fly, but few people know that they were engaged in a David and Goliath struggle with their own Federal Government. President McKinley’s administration decided to dedicate an unprecedented amount of money and to tap such men as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Samuel P. Langley to make sure that the first flyers would be American. The Wright brothers refused financial support from the government for fear of the strings that might be attached to it, and resolved to go it alone.
This book tells the story of the struggle between the Wright brothers and the Federal Government, and the raw ambition, high ideals, greed, and cloak and dagger tactics of each side. By 1903, the Federal venture was in its seventh year and the Wright brothers had been working nights and weekends often in secret for four years, but everything came to a head in eight tense days in December when the battle—and the fame and fortune that would follow—was decided and the Wright brothers emerged victorious, photos, notes, bibliography, 323 pgs.
RAF IN CAMERA, THE, 1903-1939, Nesbit, Roy, Sutton, 1995, f/f, see scan, collection of photos from government sources, many previously unpublished, 182 pgs. $18.00
RICHARD PEARSE, Rodliffe, Geoffrey, Walsh Mem. Library, 1978, soft cover (as new), see scan, Pearse was a very early New Zealand aviation pioneer whom some credit with first flight, photos, 3-view, maps, diagrams, 30 pages. $15.00
RIDER IN THE SKY, Hulls, John, Crown, 2003, f/f ( as new), see scan, Samuel Cody, an American showman, was aboarad the first powered British airship in 1907. In 1908, he piloted the first powered airplane in England, photos, 106 pgs. $15.00
RISE OF THE LUFTWAFFE 1918-1940 Mason, Herbert Molloy, Dial Press, 1973, vg/vg, covers the German Air Force from 1918 (no aircraft) through 1940 (the world's most powerful air force), photos, 403 pgs. $8.00

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