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World War II Titles - pg. 1

ACE!, Porter & Hammel,Pacifica, 1985, f/f, as new, see photo, author was F6F night fighter pilot with VMF, photos, 278 pgs. $10.00
ACES OVER THE OCEANS, Sims, Edward, Aero, 1987, vg (soft cover), see scan, 12 great air battles over the seas: Norway, Guadalcanal, English Channel & Raabaul. The pilots are American, British, German & Japanese, photos, 181 pgs. $10.00
AERIAL RECONNAISANCE, Ivie, Tom, Aero, 1981, vg (soft cover), see scan, The 10th Photo Recon Group flying mostly F-3, F-4 & F-6 out of England, France & Geermany, photos, 200 pgs. $12.50
AFTER THE MONSOON , Moxon, Oliver, Robert Hale,1958, vg/g (chipped), see scan, based on the writings of Stefan James (pseudnym), a Hurricane pilot of No. 5 Sqdn., based in the Imphal Valley, East India, in early 1944, photos, 160 pgs. $15.00
AIR INTERDICTION IN CHINA IN WORLD WAR II, Taylor, Joe, USAF Historical Study #132, soft cover, spiral bound, see scan, This monograph recounts the air interdiction operations of the 14th AF in China during WW II, maps, 116 pages. $28.00
AMERICAN HEROES OF THE WAR IN THE AIR, Mingos, Howard, Lanciar, 1943, vg (gift inscription on fly page)/vg, see scan, American Air War (all theaters) individually & extensive list of airmen who received medals. Mosst re listed, but some have their actions covered (1941-1943), photos, 557 pgs. $35.00
Fishman, Jack, MacMillan, 1982, vg/vg, see scan, On Feb. 18, 1944, the RAF bombed the Amiens Prison, allowing 700 prisoners to escape. One of the esccapers had the secrets of the upcoming D-Day invasion, photos, 422 pgs.
BACK LOAD Guile, Lt. Col. Cecil, Halstead Press, 1945, vg (pictorial cover), see scan, 433rd Carrier Group, 5th AF, operated from New Guinea & the Philippines, many photos, 247 pages. $100.00
BADER WING, Turner, John, Pen & Sord, 2007, new with d.j., see photo, account of the Duxford Wing - the five Hurricane squadrons which Douglas Bader led with great success in WW2, including his own 242 Squadron. Also provides a good account of the pilots themselves, and an assessment of Bader’s controversial ‘Big Wing’ tactics during the Battle of Britain, photos, 153 pgs. $10.00
BATTLE AXE, A HISTORY OF 105 SQUADRON RAF, Ranson, Derek, Air Britan, 1967, Small paper booklet, see scan, history of 105 Squadron RAF. The squadron was formed before WW II, but this booklet concentrates on its WW II activities, flying in the battles Blenheim & Mosquito. They were based in France (1940); Malta (1941) and back to England, photos, 55 pages. $10.00
BIG BROTHERS, STORY OF THE B-29s, Sinclair, William, Naylor, 1972, f/f, see photo, based originally in India & China, long distance missions, attacks on Tokyo, interviews with veterans, 132 pgs. $10.00
BIZARRE TALES FROM WORLD WAR II, Breuer, William, Castle Books, 2005, f/f (as new), see scan, 145 unusual incidents from WW II, all theatres & all services, photos, 220 pgs. $8.00
BLENHEIM BOY, Passmore, Richard, Thomas Harmsworth Publishing, 1981, f/f (as new), see scan, Blenheims were sent over the Channel on solo raids,usually in daylight. The author, at the outset a humble AC1, was a crew-member who had to fend off attacking fighters from his turret in the top of the fuselage. He did this knowing that the range of his gun was inadequate and that it was he who was most likely to be killed. photos, 254 pgs. $19.00
BLOODY SHAMBLES - VOL. TWO, Shores, Cull & Izawa, Grub St., 2000, new (with dj), see photo, Defense of Sumatra to the fall of Burma, photos, maps, personnel, air formations, 494 pgs. $25.00
BOMBER INTELLIGENCE, Jones, W.E., Midland Counties, 1983, vg/vg, see scan, author was intelligence officer with 103, 150, 166 & 170 Squadrons, involved with night photography, decoys, target marking & electronic counter measures, photos, 304 pgs. $18.00
BOMBERS OVER BERLIN, Cooper, Alan, Kimber, 1985, as new, see photo, 16 Berlin raids by the RAF from November 1943 to March 1944, 495 aircraft were lost, photos, 319 pgs. $12.00
BOMBS AWAY, John Sands (publisher), 1944, f/f (as new), see scan, a photo book of the B-24 321st Bomb Squadron, 90th Bomb Group, 5th A.F. Most of their action was in the New Guinea & Philippine areas. 40 pages. $110.00
BOMBERS ON TARGET - 319th BOMB GROUP OPERATIONAL HISTORY, Corey, Wilford, A photocopy of the original 1945 edition with a plastic cover. see scan, Operated B-26 bombers in North Africa & Italy. In 1945, they trained on A-26 bombers and moved to Okinawa, photos & maps, 130 pages. $20.00
BOOSTER McKEESTER AND OTHER EXPENDABLES, Chapman, Willie, Global Press, 1998, as new (issued w/o dj), see photo, inscribed by author, Author a pilot with 415th Squad. 98th Heavy Bomb Group, 9th AF, Middle East Theatre 1942-43, illustrations, 202 pgs. $20.00
BRINY TO THE BLUE, Peterson, Capt. Bernard, Chuckwalla Publishing, 1992, f/f (as new), see scan, author began WW II as an aviation machinist mate aboard aircraft carriers. In 1993, he went to flight school, got his ticket and transferred to the Marines. He piloted a corsair on combat missions in Philippines & Okinawa, photos, 381 pgs. $20.00
B-25 MITCHELL AT WAR, Scutts, Jerry, Motobooks, 1983, f/f, see scan, The B-25 was used in all theatres, beginning with the D oolittle Raid in 1942 through the end of the war. This book is signed by 6 veterans of the 310th Bomb Group which was based around the Mediterranean.see scan, many photos, 144 pgs. $30.00
CALLED TO COMMAND, Johnson, Gerald Lt. General & McClure, Turner, 1996, as new, see photo, signed by Johnson, personal experiences of a World War II Triple Fighter 'Ace' (P-48 pilot), he spent 13 months in a German POW camp & went on to become a 3-star general, photos, 240 pgs. $32.00
CHECKERTAIL CLAN, Rust, Ken, Aero, vg (soft cover), see scan, The 325th FG from P-40 to P-47s to P-51s in North Africa & Italy, photos, drawings, 98 pgs. /TD> $17.50
COMBAT CHRONICLES OF THE BLACK WIDOW, Thompson, Warren, Squadron Signal, 2011, new (soft cover), see photo, first-hand accounts by the pilots, radar observers, and gunners , the first in Squadron/Signal's new Combat Chronicles series Northrop was able to come up with designs for a new, specially designated night fighter & a contract for what was to become the P-61 Black Widow was signed on 11 January 1941. the P-61 went on to operate in the European, Pacific, China-Burma-India, and Mediterranean Theaters, iIllustrated with 152 photographs, 112 pgs $15.00
COMBAT UNITS OF THE REGIA AERONAUTICA, Dunning Chris, Air Research, 1988, Fine condition (soft cover), see scan, Italian Air Force Units (1940-43) are featured, many photos + color profiles. Profiles of SM79 & Me205 are pasted inside of covers, see scan, 48 pages. $20.00
CURTISS P-40 WARHAWK (TOMAHAWK/KITTYHAWK, Szlagor, Tomasz, Kagero, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, English-Polish text, over 110 B&W photos, 6 color shots, 18 color profiles, see scan, a set of adhesive USAAF insignia “mask foils”, 81 pgs. $24.00

Ejremgardt, Christian, Sero Editions, 2000, New condition, French & English text, colors, markings & insignia used by the French, 1938-1945. 17 pages of color photos & profiles + a color chart insert, mostly photos, 70 pages.

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