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World War II Titles - pg. 5

PACIFIC AIR COMBAT, WW II, Sakaida, Henry, Phalanx, 1993, fine (soft cover), see scan, 14 episodes including LBJ's aborted mission on which was awarded the silver star & Japanese pilot's braging about shootind down Pappy Boyington & other victories he did not get, photos, 94 pages. $15.00
PILOT OFFICER JAMES NEALE THORNE, Floyd, Olive, Privatey Printed, 1956, vg (no dj),see scan, Thorne from Rye, NY, flunked pilot training for the USAAC. He became an RAF ace flying spitfires & mustangs. He was killed by Flak in 1944, photos, 345 pgs. $12.00
R.A.F. BIGGIN HILL, Wallace, Graham, Mackay, 1959, vg/vg, see scan, Strategically located, fighter pilots from Biggin Hill defended London in two World Wars, photos, 288 pgs. $22.00
RAF IN CAMERA 1939-1945, Nesbit, Roy Conyers, Sutton, 1997, vg/vg, see photo, archive photos from the Public Record Office & Ministry of Defense, 182 pgs. $12.00
RAIDER - THE HALIFAX AND ITS FLYERS, Jones, Geoffrey, Kimber, 1978, f/f, see photo, development & operations of the Halifax, with many personal stories woven in, photos, 240 pgs. $20.00
RAIDERS APPROACH! Sutton, H.T. Sqdn Leader, Gale & Poden, 1956, vg/vg (large piece missing on upper left had area), see photo, history of RAF Hornchurch, from 1915 through 1940. It was a key base in the defence of London, photos, 181 pgs. $12.00
RARE BIRDS, Bain, Charles, Fonthill, 2016, new, see scan, a look at 40 WW II combat aircraft (fighters & bombers), that were not the primary combat types used by the U.S., U.K., France, Russia, Germany, Japan & Italy, photos, 208 pgs. $25.00
THE RECORD: THE ELEVENTH BOMBARCMENT SQUADRON (M) Cates, Michael, Old Dominion Press, 1947, VG (spiral bound),see scan, Attached to the 341st B.B., operated B-25s in Idian & China, 1942-45, photos, 104 pgs. $60.00
RED PHOENIX, Hardesty, Von, Smithsonian, 1982, as new, see photo, chronicles the rise of Soviet air power 1941-1945, maps, photos, 288 pgs. $12.50
REGIA AERONAUTICA, Shores, Chistopher, Squadron/Signal, 1978, Fine condition (soft cover), see scan, Pictorial history of the Italian Air Force (1940-43), many photos, color profiles 64 pages. $18.00
ROYAL AIR FORCE IN WORLD WAR II IN COLOR, Freeman, Roger, Speciality Press, 1993,see scan, Fine condition (as new) with dust jacket, over 300 color photographs detailing fighter units, bomber squadrons, coastal reconnaissance & transport aircraft, maps, 160 pages. $25.00
SHIPS AND AIRCRAFT OF THE U.S. FLEET, Fahey, James, Ships & Aircraft, 1942, Good (soft cover), see scan, Naval vessels, aircraft, fleet auxiliaries & Coast G uard. This is the war edition. A brief description of each type. photos, 64 pgs. $16.00
SKY GIANTS OVER JAPAN, Marshall, Chester, Apollo Books, 1984, vg/vg , see photo, pilot on B-29 crew, 499th BG, Saipan, photos, 214 pgs. $15.00
SPITFIRE ATTACK, Rolls, W.T., Flt Lt., Kimber, f/f (as new), 1987, see scan, The author achieved 17 victories in 1940 to 1942, flying spitfires in defense of England & Malta, photos, 232 pgs. $21.00
SPITFIRE INTO BATTLE Smith, Duncan, John Murray, 1981, f/f, see photo, Group Captain Duncan Smith provides memories of his time as a Spitfire leader who flew ahead of his pilots into battle over England, France, Malta, Sicily and Italy during four heady years of WW II, photos, 235 pgs. $19.00
SPITFIRE RCW, Nelson, Kenneth, self-published, 1994, f/f (as new), see scan, signed by author, Wartime exploits of W.C. Wilkinson, who did most of his combat flying in France in 1940. He served in 2 Eagle Squadrons. He returned to combat, but was shot down & made it back to England. He finished the war commanding the Darwin Spitfire Wing, photos, 156 pgs. $20.00
SPITFIRES AND YELLOW TAIL MUSTANGS, Ivie & Ludwig, Hikoki, 2005, f/f, (as new), see scan, The 52nd Fighter Group saw action mostly in North Africa (12th AF) and later based in Italy (15th AF) beginning with Spitfires, then converted to P-51s in May, 1944, many photos, 176 pgs. $40.00
STORY OF G.I. JOE, Pyle, Ernie, World Publishing, 1945, vg/vg (minor chipping), see scan, Pyle was with the Army in battles for No. Africa in WW II. This book was made into a movie, photos 246 pgs. $10.00
STRIKE WINGS, Nesbit, Roy, Kimber, 1984, f/f, see photo, November 1942 the RAF formed special Strike Wings to attack the heavily defended and seemingly invulnerable convoys that brought Germany s vital supplies of iron ore from Scandinavia down the coast of Europe. Roy Nesbit, himself a survivor of strike aircraft of Coastal Command, photos, 288 pages $20.00

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