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World War I Titles - pg. 1

ABOVE FLANDERS FIELD, , Pieters, Walter, Grub St. 1998, f/f (as new), see scan, part played by the Belgian Air Force in World War I. a biographies of each of the 78 pilots, combat reports showing confirmed &d unconfirmed victories, lists of honours & awards they received along with casualties, the identity of many German opponent, photos, 123 pages $45.00
ABOVE THE TRENCHES, Shores, Franks & Guest, Grub Street, 1996, new, see photo, complete record of British & Commonwealth aces w/detailed logs of their victories, photos, 397 pgs. $50.00
ACE OF THE BLACK CROSS, Udet, Ernst, Frontine Books, 2013, new (reprint of the original 1935 publication), see photo, Memoirs of Udet, he captures what many young piots felt, he later became a stunt pilot, joined the Nazi Party & became involved in the early development of the Luftwaffe, photos, 202 pgs. $34.95
ACES HIGH, Clark, Alan, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1973, vg/vg, see photo, illustrated chronicle of aerial warfare during five turbulent years, study of the tatics & strategies of the combat 'Aces' that led to Allied victory, photos, 192 pgs. $10.00
ACE WITH ONE EYE, Oughton & Smyth, Frederick Muller Limited, 1963, vg/vg see photo, story of 'Mick' Mannock, VC, who officially shot down 73 enemy planes & unoffically nearly a hundred, he was blind in one eye, 307 pgs. Soft cover reprint available, new copy (Fortunes of War), see scan,184 pgs. $10.00 $25.00
ACES, THE, Oughton, Frederick, Spearman,1961, vg/vg, see photo,stories of the men who converted the skies over France and Germany into a modern jousting field" Includes Boelcke, Immelmann, Eschwege, Manfred von Richthofen, 'Mad Major' Thompson, Edward Mannock, etc. photos, 384 pages. $10.00
ACES AND AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR I, Campbell, Christopher, Blandford Press, 1981, f/f, see photo, covers the careers of 29 WW I pilots & their aircraft, photos & color plates, 144 pgs. $10.00
ACES AND AIRMEN OF WORLD WAR I, Wood, Alan, Brassey, 2002, new, see photo, biographical sketches of aces from all the major nations, photos, 176 pgs. $10.00
ACES AND KINGS, Sutherland, L.W., Aviation Book Club, 1935, vg (minor foxing, cover wear), reminiscences by Flight Lieutenant Sutherland who served with No. 1 Squadron of the Australian Flying Corps, which operated in a Royal Flying Corps wing, photos, 276 pgs. $30.00
AEG AIRCRAFT OF WW I, Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, describes & illustrates the development of AEG aircraft in WWI, 277 photos, 70 color profiles, production quantities & serial numbers of aircraft, dimensions & performance specifications, 8 AEG aircraft types are illustrated in either 1/72 (2 aircraft) or 1/48 (6 aircraft) scale drawings. 186 pgs. $49.95
AGAINST THE ODDS, Williams, W. Alister, Bridge Books, 1989, new (soft cover) , see photo, signed by author,life of Group Captain Lionel Rees VC, photos, maps, 281 pgs. $24.00
AIR ACES OF THE 1914-1918 WAR, Robertson, Bruce, ed., Harleyford, 1959, vg/vg (foxing on the title page), see photo,brief AF histories of the 8 major battles, bios. of major aces & ace lists, many photos, 212 pgs. $25.00
AIRCO, Davis, Mick, Crowood, 2001, new, see photo, aircraft manufacturing company, covers Farmans, blimps, flying boats, D.H. 1 thru 11, serial list, photos, 192 pgs. $28.00
AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR I, Herris & Pearson, Amber, 2014, new, see scan, covers all types arranged chronologically & by theatre. There are more than 250 color profiles, 192 pgs. $20.00
AIRFIELDS & AIRMEN OF THE CHANNEL COAST, O'Connor, Mike, Pen & Quill,2005, new, soft cover, see photo, air actions that took place along the Belgian and North France coastline during The Great War, in addition to the Royal Fighting Corps & RAF aspect this volume covers the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) & Belgian Air Service (AMB) as well as the German Naval Air Service, photos, 208 pgs. $16.00
AIRMANS OUTINGS, AN , "Contact" (Alan Bott), Greenhill, 1986, vg (soft cover), see scan, Bott was an RFC observer with No.70 Squadron flying in Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutters on the Western Front, first part of the book deals with British reconnaissance, the second part is entitled "letters from the Somme", 323 pgs. $18.00
AIRMAN'S WAR 1914-18, AN, Liddle, Peter, Blandford Press, 1987, f/f, see photo, letters, diaries, log books, related papers & other archives this work reveals the personal observations of airmen during WW I, many photos, 226 pgs. $18.00
AIRMEN OF WORLD WAR 1, Bowyer, Chaz, Arms & Armour, 1975, vg/vg, see photo, photographic record of British & Empire air forces, covers Air Aces, Women, incudes songs & statistics, 128 pgs. $19.00
AIRSHIP VC, THE, Rimell, Raymond, Aston, 1989, f/f, see photo, Captain William Leefe Robinson of the Royal Flying Corps. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for shooting down the first airship over London on the night of Feb. 3rd September 1916, photos, 128 pgs. $20.00
AIR VCs, THE, Cooksley, Peter, Sutton, 1996, new, see photo, describes the actions that led the the awarding of all 19 air VCs during WW I, photos, 204 pgs.$19.00
AIR WAR FLANDERS-1918, Jackson, Robert, Airlife, 1998, new,see photo, examines the development of air fighting between April & November 1918, assessing German & Allied air power in 1917 then moves on to cover the development of bombing operations on both sides, new aircraft and the contribution of the US & French air forces , many photos, 160 pgs. $29.95
ALBATROS AIRCRAFT OF WWI, VOL. 1 , Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2016, new (soft cover), see scan, development of early Albatros two-seaters of WWI through the C.IV with text, production quantities and serial numbers of aircraft includes aircraft dimensions and performance specifications, 444 photos, 56 color profiles, 230 pgs. $49.95
ALBATROS AIRCRAFT OF WWI, VOL. 2 , Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2017, new (soft cover),see scan, describes & illustrates the development of later Albatros two-seaters of WWI, production quantities & serial numbers of aircraft, includes aircraft dimensions, performance specifications. Five aircraft are illustrated in scale drawings to 1/48 scale, 359 photos, 48 color profiles, 212 pgs. $49.94
ALBATROS AIRCRAFT OF WWI, VOL. 3 , Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2017, new (soft cover),see scan, describes & illustrates the development of Albatros bombers, seaplanes, and J-Types, of WWI, 188 photos, scale drawings, 34 color profiles, production quantities & serial numbers of aircraft, aircraft dimensions,d performance specifications, 142 pgs. $34.95
ALBATROS AIRCRAFT OF WWI, VOL. 4 , Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2017, new (soft cover),see scan, describes & illustrates the development of Albatros fighters of WWI, production quantities, serial numbers of aircraft, aircraft dimensions & performance specifications, 10 aircraft are illustrated in 1/48 scale drawings , 316 photos, 125 color profiles, 22 color plan views, 224 pgs. $49,95

ALBATROS D.I-D.II, Miller, James, Osprey Vanguard Series #5, new, soft cover, 2012, see photo, photos, color plates, fold-out cut-way, 64 pgs.
ALBATROS D-II, Hofling, Rudolf, Schiffer, 2002, new, soft cover, see photo, history, registration numbers, many photos, line drawings, color plates, 53 pgs. $12.00
ALBATROS D.III, Miller, James, Osprey, 2014, new (soft cover), see scan, Air Vanguard #13, Johannisthal, OAW & Oeffag variants, design & development, technical specifications, operational history, many photos & color plates, 64 pgs. $15.00
ALBATROS D.V/D.Va - BUILDING THE WINGNUT WINGS - MODELLING SPECIAL No. 2, see photo, reference material and modelling know-how aimed at builders of the new 1:32 WINGNUT WINGS Albatro D.V/D.Va, kit, many photos, detail sketches, colour profiles $35.00
ALBERT BALL, VC, Bowyer, Chaz, Bridge Books, 1994, new, see photo, credited with 44 combat victories in a period of 15 months of active service, photos, 197 pgs. New soft cover edition available for $19.95 $29.95
ALLIED AVIATION OF WORLD WAR I Cowin, Hugh, Osprey, 2000, new, soft cover, see photo, Aviation Pioneer Series, many photographs with captions, 96 pgs. $8.00
AMERICAN AIR INTELLIGENCE BULLETINS - March 29 to November 16, 1918, see scan, American Air Intelligence bulletins (copies) mounted in a card cover binding, coves March to November 1918, oversized, 368 pages. $35.00
AMERICAN FOR LAFAYETTE, AN, Brown, Dale (editor), University Press of Virginia, 1981, f/f (as new),see scan, diaries of E.C.C. Genet, shot down in his Nieuport on 4/16/17, first American to die in combat, photos, 224 pgs. $20.00
AMERICAN MILITARY AIRCRAFT 1908-1919, Casari, Robert, Aeronaut, 2014, new (oversized, issued with pictorial cover, see scan, More than 1,000 photos & drawings, 38 color profiles. Covers all American military aircraft produced domestically or purchased from France, Britain, and Italy, 752 pgs. $99.95
AMERICAN'S PIONEER ACES, Farmer, James, BAC Publishers, 2003, new, see photo, comprehensive look at the demands placed on America's Great War pursuit fliers, photos & illustrations, 302 pgs. $25.00
AMERICA'S FIRST EAGLES, Thayer, Lucien, Bender, 1983, f/f, see photo, official history of the U.S. Air Service 1917-1918, photos & illustrations, 360 pgs. $20.00
AN AMERICAN PURSUIT PILOT IN FRANCE 1917-1919, Thomas & Becker (editors), White Mane Publishing, 1994, vg/vg , see photo, collection of letters & diaries from Roland W. Richardson, a pilot who flew in France with the 203rd Aero Squadron, from training to deployment overseas & combat, he flew a variety of aircraft incl Spads, Caudrons, Nieuports, Sopwiths & Avro's, photos, 198 pgs. $15.00
AMERICAN SPIRIT, Adams, Briggs Kilburn Ltn., Atlantic Montly Press, 1918, vg, see photo, letters of Briggs Kilburn Adams, Lieutenant of the RFC, served with American Ambulance Service in France, 1916, enlisted in the RFC, 1917, attached to No. 18 Squadron RFC, killled at the front in March 1918, photo, 103 pgs. $32.50
AN AIRMAN MARCHES, EARLY FLYING ADVENTURES 1914-1923 , Balfour, Harold, Greenhill, 1985, Vintage Aviation Library reprint, f, soft cover, Bookplate signed by Balfour along with "43 Sqdn R.F.C. 1916-1918" see photo, Balfour was commissioned Second Lt.in Special Reserves, he learned to fly by taking private lessons, 1916, he joined No. 43 Squadron in France, after a crash, he was posted to No. 43 Squadron as Flight Commander in Nov. 1917, he ended the war as a major, photos, 204 pgs. $45.00
ANNALS OF 100 SQUADRON, Burge, C. Gordon, Bivouac Books, 1975, fine, see scan, limited edition of original Squadron history, record of the war activities of the pioneer night bombing squadron in france from March 1917 - November 1918, includes operations within the Independent Air Force of the RAF, a list of all serving officers, NCOs and men, 211 pgs. $33.00
ARIZONA AVIATOR IN FRANCE, AN, Rosesler, Alan, Roseler Enterprises, 2005, f/f (as new), see scan, The life of Ernest Love who flew Nieuports & Spads with the 147th Aero Sqdn. He was killed on his 22nd mission, photos, 286 pages. $40.00
ARRAS: AIRFIELDS & AIRMEN, O'Connor, Mike, Leo Cooper, 2004, new, soft cover, see photo, new series on the WW I airfields & pilots, photos & maps, 192 pgs. $16.00
AUGUST EULER & HIS AIRPLANES 1909-1920 - Volume 1 Dussing, Michael (translator), Aeronaut, 2019, new (soft cover), see scan, August Euler was an important German aviation pioneer; he gained German pilotís license No.1, designed and built airplanes, was a flight instructor, & created a flight school. After WWI he served as Germanyís Secretary of State for aviation. plus 1/48 scale drawings of six Euler aircraft, 206 pages, 235 photos, 32 graphics & scale drawings of 2 aircraft. $39.95
AUGUST EULER & HIS AIRPLANES 1909-1920 - Volume 2, Dussing, Michael (translator), Aeronaut, 2019, new (soft cover), see scan, August Euler was an important German aviation pioneer; he gained German pilotís license No.1, designed and built airplanes, was a flight instructor, & created a flight school. After WWI he served as Germanyís Secretary of State for aviation, pages, 161 photos,136 graphics & scale drawings of 4 aircraft. $39.95
AUSTRALIAN HAWK OVER THE WESTERN FRONT Hellwig, Adrian, Grub Street, 2006, new, see photo, biography of Major R. S. Dallas, Australiaís leading air ace of all time and, with fifty victories, also one of the highest-scoring Commonwealth aces, until this excellently researched volume, there has never been a full biography of this exceptional pilot, whose fighting career spanned from 1916 to 1918, photos, 221 pgs. $30.00
AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN ALBATROS ACES OF WORLD WAR I, Varriale, Paolo, Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #110, see photo, new, soft cover, many photos, color plates, 96 pgs. $15.00
AVIATIK AIRCRAFT OF WW I, Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2014, new (soft cover), see scan, 160 photos, 34 color profiles, scale drawings of 7 aircraft in 1/48 scale, 90 pgs. $29.95

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