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World War I Titles - pg. 4

DARNESS SHALL COVER ME, Wynn, Humphrey, Airlife, f/f (as new), see scan, Lt. Leslie Blacking's adventures flying night bombing missions in a Handley-Page 0/400, with 207 Sqdn on the Western Front, 239 pgs. $20.00
DeHAVILLAND AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR ONE, Bruce, J.M. Arms & Armour, 1991, f/f, see photo, a definitive study of First World War aviation, early De Havilland designs, technical detail, individual squadron deployment of each type throughout the war years; and each aircraft is illustrated & reproductions of the original De Havilland technical drawings, 96 pgs. $25.00
DeHAVILLAND AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR I, Volume 2: D.H.5 - D.H.15 Owers, Colin, Flying Machines Press, 2001, new, soft cover, see photo, color illustrations by Juanita Franzi, many photos, fold out drawings, color plates, see examples, 84 pgs. $30.00
de HAVILLAND DH-4, Boynr, Walter, Smithsonian, 1984, fine (soft cover, as new),see scan, Pictorial history of the workhorse aircraft of W.W. I, many photos, performance, data, 120 pgs. $17.50
DIARY & LETTERS OF A WORLD WAR I FIGHTER PILOT, Burgess, Christopher, Pen & Sword, 2008, see photo, a first-hand account of the authorís grandfather, Guy Mainwaring Knocker & his experiences as a pilot in the R.F.C. in WW I written as a series of letters & diary entries. He wrote letters virtually every day to his family, while he trained in England and was in service in France, & often illustrated them with little sketches. Guy was a gifted artist, particularly pencil, pen & ink, also an excellent photographer. He flew with No 65 (Fighter) Squadron that was formed in June, 1916 as a fighter squadron, flew to France in March 1917 in time to play a prominent part in the air operations during the Battles of Arras. In June 1917, the squadron moved to Calais for special patrol work in the Dover Straits area, to intercept enemy aircraft raiding England. 246 pgs. $15.00
DIE ALBATROS (OEFFAG) JAGDFLUGZEUGE, Schiemer, Peter, H. Weishaupt Verlag, 1984, f/f (as new), see scan, German text, Albatros fighters in WW I, many photos, 264 pgs. $40.00
DOVER PATROL - VOLUME II, Bacon, Richard, Adm., Doran, 1919, vg (tight binding)/vg (worn, small piece missing from upper spine), see scan, This volume concludes the Naval battles along the channel, but also includes the aviation action including the attacks on zeppelins, photos, maps, 346 pgs. $15.00
EAGLES HEIGHT, THE, Elliot, Robert, Air Review Limited, 1961, f/f, see photo, fictionalized account of aviation & the men of the Royal flying Corp in WW1, Bw plates of various aircraft deployed in WW1 256 pgs.$6.00
EAGLES OF THE BLACK CROSS, Musciano, Walter, Ivan Obolensky, 1965, vg/g (worn, edge wear), see photo, comprehensive review of German Aces of World War I including over one hundred photographs and illustrations, 301 pgs.$18.00
EAGLE OF TRIESTE Volume 1, Wilberg, James, Aeronaut, 2019, new (soft cover), see scan, Gottfried von Banfield, his biography, the leading Austro-Hungarian naval ace of the Great War & the last surviving holder of the Order of Maria Theresa of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 260 photos, 16 in color, 15 color profiles, + 33 color paintings and postcards, 222 pgs. $45.00
EAGLE OF TRIESTE Volume 2, Wilberg, James, Aeronaut, 2018, new (soft cover), see scan, supplements the biography Gottfried von Banfield, with additional information about the air war over the Adriatic that covers specific people, events, & aircraft in detail, 229 photos, 20 in color, 50 color profiles + 24 color paintings and graphics. In addition, scale aircraft drawings of 12 different Austro-Hungarian naval aircraft are included, 196 pgs. $45.00
EARLY BIRDS, Miller, H.C., Anbus & Robertson, 1968, vg/vg (spine fade), autobiographical account of early aviation by the founder of Australia's MacRobertson Miller Air Services, the author gives a colourful picture of his early experiences in Australia, then in Britain where he went to learn how to build and fly aircraft, RFC in France during World War I & his return to civil aviation in Australia, photos, 166 pgs. $15.00
EARLY BIRDS OF WAR, Funderburk, Thomas R.,Grosset & Dunlap, 1968, vg/vg (minor chipping), see photo, fighter pilots & their aircraft, photos, 3 views, 156 pgs.$10.00
ECHOES OF EAGLES, Woolley & Crawford, Dutton, 2003, f/f (as new), see scan, American fighter pilots in WW I, based on diaries, letters & interviews, photos, 310 pgs. $10.00
EISERNES KREUZ UND BALKEN KREUZ, Nowarra, Heinz, Hoffman, 1968, vg/vg see photo, German & English text, markings & camouflage systems of Luftwaffe aircraft of WW I, photos and color plates, example, 159 pgs. $25.00
ESCAPE FEVER, Harding, Geoffrey, Hamilton, 1935, Good condition (rebound, cover wear, spine fade, see scan, The author was an FE-2b observer with No. 25 Sqdn. He was captured when his plane was shot down. He tells of his imprisonment & eventual escape on Sept. 29, 1917, photos, illustrations 224 pages. $45.00
EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTERS OF GEORGE CLARK MOSELEY, Moseley, George Clark, privately printed, 1923, f, boxed, enlisted first in the Aviation section of the New York Naval Militia on 6 April 1917, In May 1917 he enlisted in the Lafayette Flying Corps; first flying Caudrons & later Nieuports & Spads (from 10 October Dec. 1917 to 4 February 1918); On Feb. 4th, he was transferred to U.S. Naval Aviation Service at the rank of ensign, here he was stationed at the U.S. Naval Seaplane Station at Dunkirk where he flew Spads with pontoons and protected seaplanes, after training at the Bombing School in Clermnont-Ferrand, he was attached to the R.F.C.'s Day Bombing Squadron 218 on 25 July 1918 and flew D.H.9s, he was finally attached to the French Escadrille de Saint-Pol from 25 September to 5 November 1918 where he flew Spads once again, he finished the war with the rank of Lieutenant J.G. and was awarded the Navy Cross, photos, 239 pgs.$75.00 Unboxed copy avaible in very good condition - $45.00

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