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World War I Titles - pg. 6

GATCHINA DAYS, Riaboff, Alexander, Smithsonian, 1986, new, see photo, rare look at the early days of Imperial Russian military aviation, author graduated from the Gatchina flying school at St Petersburg in 1917, his career covers the Russian Revolution, transfer to the anti-Bolshevik White Russian armies, 2 years of operational flying, ending with a retreat across Siberia and eventual escape to China in 1920, photos & maps, 183 pgs. $10.00
GERMAN ACE TELLS WHY, Guenther, Newhard, Sci-Art Publisher, 1942, VG, see scan, the author uses an unnamed Luftwaffe pilot's diary to show the emotions & total depression of Hitlerism. The pilot's family was still in Germany at the time of publication, 82 pgs. $4.50
GERMAN AIR RAIDS ON BRITAIN 1914-1918, Morris, Joseph, Naval & Military Press, 2004, soft cover, see photo, full history of German airship and aircraft bombing raids on Britain in the Great War. The 103 attacks left 1,413 dead. Written with access to offical records and from both sides of the campaign, record of then fifty-one German airship and fifty-two aircraft bombing raids on England during the Great War in which 280 tons of bombs were dropped, casualties amounted to 1,413 killed & 3,408 wounded,5 maps & 16 pages b/w illustrations, 306 pgs. $25.00
GERMAN AIR RAIDS ON GREAT BRITAIN 1914-1918, Morris, Capt. Joseph, Sampson Lowe, 1925, vg (no dj). see scan, England suffered over 100 bombings by airships and aeroplanes, photos, 6 fold-out maps, 306 pages. $75.00
GERMAN ARMORED WARPLANES OF WW I, Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2012, new (soft cover), see photo, describes development, 160 photos, 38 color profiles, tables of information, production quantities & serial numbers, 116 pgs. $32.00
GERMAN FIGHTER ACES OF WORLD WAR ONE, Treadwell & Wood, Tempus, 2003, new, soft cover, see photo, airmen who fought in the war, aircraft manufacturers & their aircraft, specifications, photos, 320 pgs. $10.00
GERMAN KNIGHTS OF THE AIR, Treadwell & Wood, Brassey's, 1997, new, see photo, the 81 German airmen who were awarded the Pour le Merite, photos, 208 pgs. $10.00
GERMAN MONOPLANE FIGHTERS OF WW I, Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2014, new (soft cover), see scan, 310 photos, 50 color profiles, scale drawings of 4 fighter aircraft in 1/48 scale, 152 pgs. $32.95
GERMAN SEAPLANES OF WW I, Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, development of seaplanes built by Sablatnig, Kaiserliche, Werften, Lubeck-Travemunde, LTG & Oertz with test, 110 photos, 19 color profiles, production quanties & serial numbers, scale drawings, 114 pgs. $27.95
GERMAN SEAPLANE FIGHTERS OF WW I, Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2012, new (soft cover), see photo, production quantities & serial numbers of aircraft with technical specifications. Origins & evolution of each subclass of naval fighter, including single-seat floatplanes, single-seat flying boats, two-seat biplanes & two-seat monoplanes, photos, color profiles, scale drawings, 150 pgs. $29.00
GERMANY'S TRIPLANE CRAZE, Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2013, new (soft cover), see photo, 345 photos, 8 color photos, 44 color profiles, performance, specifications & production data, scale drawings 102 pgs. $25.95
GLINT IN THE SKY, Easdown & Genth, Pen & Sword, 2004, new, soft cover, see photo, account of the German air raid on Folkestone in 1917 & its appalling aftermath is the first comprehensive history of an episode to be published, description of the event, relying heavily on the eyewitness testimony from the townspeople who were there on that fateful day, records the experiences of the German airmen who carried out the raid & pioneered a new method of warfare, recounts in graphic detail similar attacks by bombers, seaplanes & Zepplins on other Kentish towns, including Dover, Ramsgate, Margate & Sheerness, photos, 160 pgs. $18.00
GOLDEN EAGLES, Firkins, Peter, St. George Books, 1980, f/f, see photo, stories of 15 Australian airmen, 8 from WW I and 7 from WW 2, photos, 242 pgs $10.00
GOTHA AIRCRAFT OF WW I Herris, Jack, Aeronaut, 2013, new (soft cover), see photo, describes & illustrates the development of Gotha warplanes with more than 285 photos, 28 color profiles, performance, specifications & production data, scale drawings, 198 pgs. $44.00
GREAT WAR'S FINEST - OPERATIONAL HISTORY OF GERMAN AIR SERVICE VOLUME 1: WESTERN FRONT 1914, Bowden, Matt, Aeronaut, 2017, new (soft cover), see scan, details the results of many individual reconnaissance flights & the specific command decisions based on their observations. Volume 1 contains 35 maps in color, 165 photos and postcards, 72 of them in color, & several color profiles of 1914 German reconnaissance airplanes 378 pgs. $65.00
GRIM REAPERS: FRENCH ESCADRILLE 94 in WORLD WAR I , Guttman, Jon, Aeronaut, 2016, new (soft cover), see scan, describes & illustrates the combat history of French Escadrille 94 in WWI with text, 105 photos (8 in color) & 16 color profiles, 94 pgs. $29.95
GUNNING FOR THE RED BARON, Bennett, Leon, Texas A&M University Press, 2006, new, see photo, analyzes combat sequences, the arts of aerial gunnery & the weapons themselves, detailed insight into the mechanics of air warfare allows the author to reach some startling conclusions about one of the enduring controversies of World War I, photos & illustrations, 207 pgs. $20.00
GUYNEMER THE ACE OF ACES, Mortane, Jacques, Moffat Yard & Co., 1918, vg (no dj, spine fade), see scan, Guynemer was credited with 53 victories and 35 probable victories, photos 267 pages. $36.00

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