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World War I Titles - pg. 2

RATTLE OF PEBBLES, Greenhous, Brereton, Canadian Government, 1987, fine (soft cover, as new). see scan, Written in English & French. Based on war diaries of 2 Canadian pilots, one flew in France, the other flew in Mesopotamia, a few photos & maps, 366 pgs. $22.50
BILLY BISHOP, CANADIAN HERO, McCaffery, Dan, James Lorimer & Co., 2002, new, soft cover, see photo, shot down a total of 75 confirmed victories (72 planes and 3 German balloons), he broke the records of other prominent fighter pilots, based on new and previously untapped interviews with comrades and extensive readings, photos, 239 pgs. (Hardcover f/f - $12.50)) $10.00
BLACK CAT SQUADRON, Wynn, Humphrey, Smithsonian, 1989, f/f (as new), see photo, night bombing in WW I, story of 2/Lt. Leslie Blacking, a nineteen-year-old pilot sent to serve with the 207 Squadron on the Western Front during the summer of 1918, 239 pgs. $16.00
BLOODY APRIL, BLACK SEPTEMBER, Franks, Norman, Grub St. f/f (as new), see scan, The two deadliest months for air fighting in WW I (April 1917 & Sept. 1918), photos 314 pages. $25.00
BLUE MAX AIRMEN, VOLUME 9, Bronnenkant, Lance, Aeronaut, 2017, new, soft cover, see scan, covers 2 fighter aces, Carl Allmenroder & Adolf Ritter von Tutschek, bomber commander Ernst Brandenburg & observer Paul von Pechmann, 182 photographs & 11 color profiles, 142 pgs. $34.95
BLUE MAX AIRMEN - VOL. 10, Bronnenkant, Lance, Aeronaut, 2019, new (soft cover), see scan, covers two fighter aces, Eduard Ritter von Dostler & Max Ritter von Müller, bomber commander Rudolf Kleine, & Leader of Airships Peter Strasser, includes 128 photographs, 10 of them in color, & 7 color profiles of aircraft flown by these men, 114 pgs. $27.95
BRAVE YOUNG WINGS, Dodds, Ronald, Canada's Wings, 1980, f/f, see scan, Canadian airmen in World War I, not justthe famous fighter pilots, but the not so famous ones, the bomber pilots & zeppelin chasers, photos, 302 pages. $20.00
BRIEF GLORY, Revell, Alex, Pen & Sword, 2010, new, see photo, life of Arthur Rhyys Davids, a popular British ace who flew with No. 56 Squadron & was the victor over German ace Warner Voss, photos, 222 pgs. $22.00
BRITISH AIRCRAFT OF WW I - Volume 1, Owers, Colin, Aeronaut, 2017, new (soft cover), see scan, British experimental fighters Part 1, documents 9 interesting British experimental fighters in detail , photos, scale drawings, and color profiles. The aircraft covered are the Austin Osprey, Boulton & Paul Bobolink, Nieuport B.N.1, Sopwith Snipe, Vickers F.B.16 series, Bristol M.R.1, Westland N.1B, and Westland Weasel, 133 photographs, 33 color profiles, 12 color top views, and scale drawings of 9 aircraft types, 154 pgs. $32.00
BRITISH AIRCRAFT OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, Turner, John, Pen & Sword, 2016, f/f (as new), see scan, the description & photos of 49 types of British WW II aircrsft, 48 pages of color photographs & 50 pages of aircraft in action, 168 pgs. $25.00
BRITISH AIRSHIP AT WAR, 1914-1918, Abbott, Patrick, Terence Dalton, 1989, as new, see photo, 225 airships were built during WW I, 107 were still in commission at the time of Armistice, played a significant role in defeating the U-boats, photos & drawings, 142 pgs. $18.00
BRITISH SINGLE-SEATER FIGHTER SQUADRONS ON THE WESTER FRONT IN WORLD WAR I, Revell, Alex, Schiffer, 2006, f/f (as new, oversized), see scan, the story of the single-seater fighter operations over the Western Front flown by the fighter pilots of Great Britain and her Commonwealth. Along with their opposite numbers from Germany & her allies, these pilots of the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air Service and later, the Royal Air Force, were the world's first fighter pilots. mzny photos, 366 pgs. $60.00
BRITISH WW I AIRCRAFT IN THE POLISH AIR FORCE Kopanski, Tomasz, Mushroom, 1999, new, see photo, the Poles bought many Bristol F2B Fighters, plus DH-9s and even Sopwith Dolphins & an HP 0/400. photos. 8 pages of color profiles - British aircraft in Polish markings, 88 pgs.

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