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World War I Titles - pg. 2

BATTLEBAGS, Mowthorpe, C.E.S., Alan Sutton, 1995, new, soft cover, see photo, British airships of WW I, many photos, 194 pgs. $10.00
RATTLE OF PEBBLES, Greenhous, Brereton, Canadian Government, 1987, fine (soft cover, as new). see scan, Written in English & French. Based on war diaries of 2 Canadian pilots, one flew in France, the other flew in Mesopotamia, a few photos & maps, 366 pgs. $22.50
BEYOND THE TUMULT, Winchester, Barry, Scribners, 1971, vg/vg, see scan, Stories of 3 RCF pilots who were shot down, imprisioned & escaped, photos, 209 pgs. back to the U.S., photos, 256 pgs. $10.00
BILLY BISHOP, CANADIAN HERO, McCaffery, Dan, James Lorimer & Co., 2002, new, soft cover, see photo, shot down a total of 75 confirmed victories (72 planes and 3 German balloons), he broke the records of other prominent fighter pilots, based on new and previously untapped interviews with comrades and extensive readings, photos, 239 pgs. (Hardcover f/f - $12.50)) $10.00
BILLY MITCHELL, Jeffers, H. Paul, Zenith, 2004, new, see photo, Billy" Mitchell began his romance with aviation in 1916 when, at the age of 38, he took private flying lessons graduating just in time to undertake the mobilization of Americas air forces in World War I, a daring & tireless leader who rose to the rank of brigadier general, commanding all of Americas aerial-combat units in France, chronicles the highs and lows of Mitchells career, photos, 288 pgs. $10.00
BLACK CAT SQUADRON, Wynn, Humphrey, Smithsonian, 1989, f/f (as new), see photo, night bombing in WW I, story of 2/Lt. Leslie Blacking, a nineteen-year-old pilot sent to serve with the 207 Squadron on the Western Front during the summer of 1918, 239 pgs. $16.00
BLOODY APRIL, BLACK SEPTEMBER, Franks, Norman, Grub St. f/f (as new), see scan, The two deadliest months for air fighting in WW I (April 1917 & Sept. 1918), photos 314 pages. $25.00
BLOODY PARALYSER, Langham, Rob, Fonthill, 2016. f/f (new), see scan, story of the giant Handley-Page Bombers of WW I, operating mainly at night - they attack Germany disrupting industry, transport, U-boats. Crews are telling their stories in their own words, photos, 192 pgs. $27.00
BLUE MAX AIRMEN, VOLUME 9, Bronnenkant, Lance, Aeronaut, 2017, new, soft cover, see scan, covers 2 fighter aces, Carl Allmenroder & Adolf Ritter von Tutschek, bomber commander Ernst Brandenburg & observer Paul von Pechmann, 182 photographs & 11 color profiles, 142 pgs. $34.95
BLUE MAX AIRMEN - VOL. 10, Bronnenkant, Lance, Aeronaut, 2019, new (soft cover), see scan, covers two fighter aces, Eduard Ritter von Dostler & Max Ritter von Müller, bomber commander Rudolf Kleine, & Leader of Airships Peter Strasser, includes 128 photographs, 10 of them in color, & 7 color profiles of aircraft flown by these men, 114 pgs. $27.95
BRAVE YOUNG WINGS, Dodds, Ronald, Canada's Wings, 1980, f/f, see scan, Canadian airmen in World War I, not justthe famous fighter pilots, but the not so famous ones, the bomber pilots & zeppelin chasers, photos, 302 pages. $20.00
BRIEF GLORY, Revell, Alex, Pen & Sword, 2010, new, see photo, life of Arthur Rhyys Davids, a popular British ace who flew with No. 56 Squadron & was the victor over German ace Warner Voss, photos, 222 pgs. $22.00
BRITISH AIRCRAFT OF WW I - Volume 1, Owers, Colin, Aeronaut, 2017, new (soft cover), see scan, British experimental fighters Part 1, documents 9 interesting British experimental fighters in detail , photos, scale drawings, and color profiles. The aircraft covered are the Austin Osprey, Boulton & Paul Bobolink, Nieuport B.N.1, Sopwith Snipe, Vickers F.B.16 series, Bristol M.R.1, Westland N.1B, and Westland Weasel, 133 photographs, 33 color profiles, 12 color top views, and scale drawings of 9 aircraft types, 154 pgs. $32.00
BRITISH AIRCRAFT OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, Turner, John, Pen & Sword, 2016, f/f (as new), see scan, the description & photos of 49 types of British WW II aircrsft, 48 pages of color photographs & 50 pages of aircraft in action, 168 pgs. $25.00
BRITISH AIRSHIP AT WAR, 1914-1918, Abbott, Patrick, Terence Dalton, 1989, as new, see photo, 225 airships were built during WW I, 107 were still in commission at the time of Armistice, played a significant role in defeating the U-boats, photos & drawings, 142 pgs. $18.00
BRITISH SINGLE-SEATER FIGHTER SQUADRONS ON THE WESTER FRONT IN WORLD WAR I, Revell, Alex, Schiffer, 2006, f/f (as new, oversized), see scan, the story of the single-seater fighter operations over the Western Front flown by the fighter pilots of Great Britain and her Commonwealth. Along with their opposite numbers from Germany & her allies, these pilots of the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air Service and later, the Royal Air Force, were the world's first fighter pilots. mzny photos, 366 pgs. $60.00
BRITISH WW I AIRCRAFT IN THE POLISH AIR FORCE Kopanski, Tomasz, Mushroom, 1999, new, see photo, the Poles bought many Bristol F2B Fighters, plus DH-9s and even Sopwith Dolphins & an HP 0/400. photos. 8 pages of color profiles - British aircraft in Polish markings, 88 pgs.

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