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World War I Titles - pg. 7

HANDLEY PAGE BOMBERS OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR, Bowyer, Chaz, Aston, 1992, f/f (as new),see scan, inscribed to Jack Bruce (a fellow aviation writer)see scan, and 2 notes on Bowyer's letter head," the development & operations of the 3 H.P. Bombers (0/100; 0/400 & V/1500). They were the longest operational aircraft used by the British. many photos, 216 pages. $75.00
HANSA-BRANDENBURG AIRCRAFT OF WWI | Volume 1-Landplanes, Owers, Colin, Aeronaut Publisher, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, the development of Brandenburg land warplanes in WWI with text, 475 photos (59 in color), 67 color profiles, 9 factory 3-view drawings & 10 detail drawings, production quantities & serial numbers of aircraft, dimensions & performance specifications. In addition, 6 Brandenburg land warplanes are illustrated in 1/72 scale drawings. 230 pgs.
HANSA-BRANDENBURG AIRCRAFT OF WWI | Volume 2- Biplanes Seaplanes, Owers, Colin, Aeronaut Publisher, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, s the development of Brandenburg biplane seaplanes in WWI with text, 336 photos, 54 color profiles, 13 factory 3-view drawings & 28 SVK drawings, production quantities and serial numbers of aircraft, dimensions & performance specifications,15 Brandenburg biplane seaplanes are illustrated in 1/72 scale (6) or 1/48 scale (9) drawings, 276 pgs. $59.95
HANSA-BRANDENBURG AIRCRAFT OF WWI | Volume 3- Monoplanes Seaplanes, Owers, Colin, Aeronaut Publisher, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, development of Brandenburg monoplane seaplanes in WWI with text, 460 photos (21 in color), 38 color profiles, 7 factory & SVK 3-view drawings, production quantities, serial numbers, dimensions, performance. 1/48 scale drawings & a large photo addendum provides additional photo coverage of Brandenburg landplanes & biplane seaplanes, 248 pgs. $59.95
HAPPY WARRIOR, THE, Revell, Alex, Aeronaut, 2015, new (soft cover), see scan, James McCudden became one of the leading British aces of WW I, his biography with 275 photographs, 304 pgs. $29.95
HAT IN THE RING, Frandsen, Bert, Smithsonian, 2003, new, see photo, first in-depth study of America's first air warriors, author shows how in just two years the 1st Pursuit Group organized, absorbed French & British technology and experience, portraits of America's first aviation leaders and legends, including Eddie Rickenbacker, Billy Mitchell, Frank Luke, Benjamin Foulouis, Bert Atkinson, & James Meissner, photos, 318 pgs. $20.00
HAWKER V.C., Hawker, Tyrrel, Pen & Sword, 2013, new (reprint of original 1965 publication), see photo, bio. of Major Lanoe George Hawker, biography of a RFC fighter ace by his brother, based on his letters, photographs, 253 pgs. $39.95
HEROES AND LEGENDS OF WORLD WAR I, Whitehouse, Arch, Doubleday, 1964, vg (minor foxing)/vg (price clipped), see photo, major battles on land, at sea, and in the air, photos & maps, 368 pgs. $5.00
HEROES OF THE FIGHTING R.A.F., Gribble, Leonard, Harrap, 1941, vg/vg (worn, chipping), see scan, The first 23 chapters deals with the Royal Air Force's WW I air war. The evolution of the R.A.F. and early WW II action are in the last 6 chapters, photos, 203 pgs. $15.00
HEROES OF THE SUNLIT SKY, Whitehouse, Arch, Doubleday, 1967, vg/vg, see photo,short biographies of 134 WW I flyers, photos, 384 pgs.$15.00
HISTORY OF No.10 SQUADRON ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE IN WORLD WAR I, Westrop, Mike, Schiffer, 2004, new, see photo, provides the detailed history of this squadron’s activities, combat claims, accidents and fatalities, aircraft and markings, pilots, & ground officers, over 100 photos, 18 pgs of color plates, 168 gs. $40.00
HISTORY OF THE 20th AERO SQUADRON, Barth, C.G., Battery Press, 1990, new, issued w/o dj, "Mad Bolshevik" Squadron of the First Day Bombardment Group, history, roster, victory list, photos & illustratons, 100 pgs. $19.95
HISTORY OF 30 SQUADRON, Everidge, Major, Naval & Military Press, 2004, soft cover, see photo, Reprint of Original Air Ministry Historical Branch manuscript, history of 30 Squadron’s operations against the Turks in Mesopotamia (iraq) in the Great War fronm the siege and fall of Kut to the occupation of Baghdad, 30 Squadron served in the Middle East theatre in the Great War after being formed from different Flights in England, Egypt and Mesopotamia (Iraq), account of a difficult and often neglected front of the Great War, 69 pgs. $10.00
HISTORY OF 31 SQUADRON, A Naval & Military Press, new, soft cover, see photo, In January, 1916, the squadron was based in India, flying BE.2Cs where it carried out recon and bombing missions. Later with Bristol Fighters. In 1939, it became a transport squadron still based in India, helping to supply ground forces in the Arakan and Burma, 62 pgs.
HORSES DON'T FLY, Frederick, Arcade, 2000, new, see photo, memoirs of an American WW I pilot that had 14 victories with RFC, photos, 274 pgs. $16.00
HOSTILE SKIES, Hudson, James J., Syracuse University, 1968, vg/vg,see photo, combat history of American Air Service in WW I, maps, tables, comprehensive biography & many photos, 338 pgs. $15.00
HUNTING WITH RICHTHOFEN, Hayzlett, Jan (translated), Grub St., 1996, as new, see photo, Bodenschatz Diaries: 16 months of battle with JG Freiherr von Richthofen No. 1, photos, 224 pgs.
IDEALS AND TRAINING OF A FLYING OFFICER, Maclennan, Roderick, Crecy, 2009, new, see photo, Maclennan joined the Officer’s Training Corps connected with the University of Toronto in 1915. Enlisting in Kingston he crossed the Atlantic in 1916 with the Medical Service on work which was ‘congenial and necessary’. Commissioned to the Royal Flying Corps, he trained in Oxford on the BE 2b. these extracts from his letters were found hidden in the archives of his college, posted to France with 60 Squadron, Maclennan was killed in a flying accident less than a week after his first patrol while flying the SE 5, 104 pgs. $10.00
I FLEW WITH THE LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE, Parsons, Edwin C., Seale & Co., 1963, f/vg (some creasing), see photo, , author flew w/Lafayette, describes the action and people he flew with, photos, 335 pgs. $20.00
ILLUSTRATED RED BARON, Kilduff, Peter, Cassell, 1999, fine (soft cover, as new), see scan, Fine copy (as new), photo history of Richthofen, over 200 photos which illuminates his public & private live, 160 pages. $10.00
ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF WORLD WAR I IN THE AIR, Ulanoff,Stanley, Arco, 1971, f/f (as new), see scan, each episode is illustrated by artists such as Henry Farre, Charles Hubbell & Clayton Knight. T here is a 16 page color section, 171 pgs. $25.00
IMAGES OF WAR: ROYAL FLYING CORPS, Smith, Alistar, Pen & Sword, 2012, new (soft cover), see photo, Selected images from three different Royal Flying Corps albums, photographs include training in Canada & at Tangmere, large variety of different aircraft featured, as well as images of pilots and officers, 134 pgs. $10.00
INDEPENDENT FORCE, Rennles, Keith, Grub Street, 2002, new, see photo, war diary of the Daylight Bomber Squadrons of the Independent Air Force, June 6 to Nov 11, 1918, photos, 217 pgs. $25.00
IRON MAN - RUDOLF BERTHOLD, Kilduff, Peter, Grub St., 2012, new, see photo, One of the most successful German fighter pilots of World War I Hauptmann Rudolf Berthold was victorious in forty-four aerial combats. He was also shot down or forced to land after six fights. Aerial victory list, photos, 192 pgs. $20.00
IN THE CLOUDS ABOVE BAGHDAD, Tennant, John, Lt. Col., Cecil Palmer, 1920, 1st edition, vg ( cover wear, inked name, tape marks on fly page), author commanded all British RFC forces in Mesopotamia during 1916-18, he reorganized the aviation units & rapidly obtained air superiority over the Turkish forces, was shot down and in captivity near the end of the war, photographs & maps, 289 pgs. $185.00
IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE RED BARON, O'Connor & Franks, Pen & Sword, 2004, new , soft cover, see photo, this book is divided into three sectors of the WWI front line in which von Richthofen operated, each area is conveniently reached within hours, airfield sites, memorials & the graves of Manfred's famous victims are described and directions for the battlefield walker are included with information on related museums and historic sites with special association with this most famous of fighter pilots, photos & maps, 176 pgs. $10.00
IN THE TEETH OF THE WIND, Bartlett, C.P.O. Sqdn. Leader, Naval Institute, 1994, as new, see photo, revised edition, edited by the author's son, based on the author's diaries, the book gives a day to day account of his experiences in 5 Squadron RNAS flying Sopwith 1 Strutters & DH-4s in Belgium and France from 1916 to 1918, photos, 159 pgs. $10.00
IN THE ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE, Rosher, Harold, Greenhill, 1986, fine (soft cover reprint), see photo, War letters to his family, author served with the No. 1 Naval Aeroplane Squadron. He was killed at Dover testing aircraft, a valuable account of early RNAS activities, photos, 149 pgs. $15.00
INTO THE BLUE, MacMillan, Norman, Grub St., 2015, new with dust jacket, see scan, author recounts his WW I flying experiences in 1 1/2 Strutters & Camels with No. 45 Sqdn. in France & Italy, photos, 236 pegs. $20.00
ITALIAN MILITARY AVIATION IN WORLD WAR I, 1914-18 Mehtidis, Alex, Tiger Lily Publications, 2005, new, soft cover, see scan, Air Orders of Battle for the Italian military air arms in World War I 1914-1918, including Army, Naval & Balloon units, Air orbats are given by months: five months in 1915, seven in 1916, and every month from January 1917 to the Armistice in November 1918. Units are listed by commands, groups, squadrons, bases, and aircraft types appendix gives a glossary/abbreviations, a list of Italian airships during the war, notes & a bibliography for further reading, 58 pgs. $19.95

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