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World War I Titles - pg. 14

Raleigh & Jones, Oxford University Press, published 1922 (Vol I) through 1937 (Appendices) the history of the Royal Air Force in WW I was began by Walter Raleigh who passed away after completing the first volume. The series was completed by H.A. Jones over the next 15 years.

Vol. I (vg condition)
deals with the beginnings of the navigation of the air, the invention, gradual improvements, aerial forces of the British Empire, achievements in 1914.

Vol. II (vg)
Dardanelles Campaign, Western Front to Battle of Loos, Battle of Somme 1916, RNAS.

Vol. III )
Flying Operations in German East & Southwest Africa, air raids on Great Britain 1914-1916, supply, recruitment & training 1914-1916, Western Front, Battle of Arras, 1917.

Vol. III (vg)Map Case

Vol. IV (vg condition)
Aircraft with the Fleet 1917-1918, U-boat Warfare, Naval Air Operations from Dunkirk, Battle of Messines, Battle of Ypres, German Offensive, First Battles of Somme, Battles of Lys.

Vol. V (ex-library)
Raids on Great Britain, Air Operations in Egypt, Darfur & Palestine, Fall of Jerusalem, Campaign in Mesopotamia, Air Operations in Macedonia, Naval Air Operations in Mediterranean & Near-Eastern Waters.

Vol. V (vg condition)Map Case

Vol. VI (vg)
Creation of RAF, Suppy, Manpower, Independent Bombing Force, Operations in Palestine, Mesopotamia, Persia & India, Italian Front, Mediterranean in 1918, Naval Air Development & Operations, 1918.

Vol. VII Appendices (vg)
describing in detail the war effort of the British air weapons.

$600 00

Raleigh, Walter, Clarendon Press, 1922, vg, this volume covers the development of aerial flight in Great Britain prior to WW One the formation of the Royal Flying Corps in 1912, and its early operations in France in 1914. Also chronicled is the formation of the Navy's Royal Naval Air Service and its operations in 1914, incl the Naval armoured car squadrons in France, 489 pgs.


Jones, H.A., Hamish Hamilton, 1968, vg/vg (only volume with dj), this volume covers in great detail the aerial operations during the Dardanelles campaign 1915-16; the Western Front from the winter of 1914-15 to the end of the Somme battles in Nov. 1916, and the Naval Aerial operations in Home Waters and the Flanders coast down to the end of 1916, 508 pgs.

Jones, H.A., Clarendon Press, 1934, vg (some moist damage to last 2 pages & back cover), this volume covers the period 1917 and early 1918. It chronicles the operations of the RNAS with the Fleet, 1917 to March 1918 , including airships, bombers, fighter operations, , anti-U-Boat warfare, naval operations from Dunkirk. It then covers the Royal Flying Corps in France from June 1917 to March 1918, 483 pgs.

WAR BIRD, Davis, Burke, University of North Carolina, 1991, new, see photo, bio of Elliott White Springs, after gaining his wings he was posted to Europe where, after Pershing decreed that pilots were to be ranked as sergeants, he resigned his commission & joined the RFC, he first served in 85 Squadron, under Bishop, before being transferred to the US Army where he flew with 148th Squadron & ended the war as America's fifth ranking ace with 16 victories, after his return to the USA he spent a period barnstorming, photos, 267 pgs. $10.00
WAR BIRD ACE , Ballard, Jack Stokes, Texas A & M, 2007, new, see photo, Capt. Field Kindley flew a Camel with 148th Aero Squadron. He achieved 12 aerial victories which tied him with Elliott White Springs. Kindley was killed on a flying accident, 1920, at Kelly Field, photos, drawings, 208 pgs. $20.00
WAR BIRDS, Springs, Elliot, George H. Doran Co., 1926, good copy (cover wear, spine fade), diary of an unknown aviator, illustrated by Clayton Knight, 277 pgs. $17.50
WAR LETTERS OF EDMOND GENET, Channing, Grace Ellery (editor), Charles Scribner's Sons, 1918, vg, see photo, first American aviator killed flying the stars and stripes, photos, 330 pgs. $100.00
WARNEFORD, V.C., Gibson, Mary, Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum, 1979, f/f, see photo, first Naval Airman to be awarded the V.C., early pilot Rex Warneford famed for shooting down the Germans' LZ37 Zeppelin, his subsequent escape from enemy hands, photos, 128 pgs. $15.00
WARRIORS WITH WINGS, Jablonski, Edward, Bobbs-Merrill, 1966, vg/vg, see photo, Lafayette Escadrille, photos, 207 pgs. $15.00
WAR WINGS - FILMS OF THE FIRST AIR WAR, Stewart, Phillip, PMS Press, 2008, new, soft cover, see photo, A Guide to the World War I Aviation Documentary Motion Pictures held at the U.S. National Archives. Detailed scene-by scene descriptions of over 2,550 scenes, 218 pgs. $15.00
WAY OF THE EAGLE, Biddle, Charles, Maj., Charles Scribner's Sons, 1919, vg (boards loose), see scan, battle memoirs of author, an American ace who flew with the French Air Service, Lafayette Escadrille & the U.S. Air Service, photos, 297 pgs. $60.00
WHEN HOLLYWOOD RULED THE SKIES - AVIATION FILM CLASSICS OF WORLD WAR I, Orriss, Bruce, Aero Assoc, 2013, new (soft cover), see scan, a tribute to filmmakers, actors & stunt pilots who made aviation films about World War I, well researched critical and informative presentation of 34 films (produced from 1927 TO 2006), many photos, 156 pgs. $25.00
WHO DOWNED THE ACES IN WW I?, Franks, Norman, Grub St., 1996, new,see photo, aces of both sides lost in air action over France, 1916-1918, photos, 218 pgs. $15.00
WHO KILLED THE RED BARON?, Carisella & Ryan, Purnell Book Service, 1974, f (some writing under dj flap)/f, see photo, answer to the controversy covering the death of the top flying ace Baron von Richtofen, photos & illustrations, 288 pgs. $25.00
WILD BLUE YONDER, Clark, Don, Superior Publishing, 1972, vg /vg , see photo, 300 "Warbirds" who dashed up to Canada in the mid-summer of 1917 to win their wings under the tutelage of the Royal Flying Corps, Canada. photos, 172 pgs. $19.95
WINGED VICTORY, Yeats, V.M., Jonathan Cape, 1961, vg/vg, see photo, from the private library of Arch Whitehouse, one of the great WW I novels, an autobiography, war history & fiction, 456 pgs. $25.00
WINGED WARFARE, Bishop, William, Hodder & Stoughton, 1918, vg , (foxing), illustrated autobiography, photos, 301 pgs. $25.00
WINGLESS EAGLE, Johnson, Herbert, University of North Carolina, new, 2001, see photo, history of U.S. Army aviation, explores cutural, technical political & organization factors that stunted it's evolution, 298 pgs. $20.00
WINGS , Saunders, John Monk, Grosset & Dunlap, 1927, vg (spine fade), WW I fiction, this is the photoplay edition with scenes from the Paramount film starring Clara Bow & Charles Rogers, 249 pgs. $8.00
WINGS IN THE NIGHT, Fitch, Willis, Battery Press, 1989, new, reprint of 1938 book, autobiography of a US pilot who flew with the 14 Gruppo Aeroplani, Squadriglia 10, Caproni 42 from June to September 1918, photos, 302 pgs. $17.00
WINGS OF WAR, Knappen, Theodore, Putnam's, 1920, vg, see scan, important US contributions to aeronautics during WW I, photos, 289 pgs. $20.00
WINGS OF WAR, Stark, Rudolph, Casemate, 2015, f/f (new copy), originally published in 1933, see scan, account of flying in the last year of WWI, based closely on the diaries the author kept while flying Fokker D7s, Stark became commander of Jasta 35 & had 11 confirmed and 5 unconfirmed victories, photos, 200 pgs. $20.00
WINGS OVER THE DESERT, Seward, Desmond, Haynes, 2009, new, see photo, RFC pilot in Palestine 1916-1918, he survived being shot down, a trek across Turkish lines & 5 other major crashes, illustrations, photos & maps, 224 pgs. $10.00
WITH A SMILE AND A WAVE, Daybell, Peter, Pen & Sword, 2005, new , see photo, life of Captain Aidan Liddell, VC Mc, Capt. Liddell was awarded the VC for an RES flight with No. 7 Squadron, 31 July, 1915 after transferring from the Argyll and Sutherlard Highlandess Battalion, photos, 300 pgs.. $18.00
WITH THE EARTH BENEATH, Kingsford, A.R., Aviation Book Club, 1936, vg (minor foxing), see scan, account was taken from the log book & personal papers of Cary Luke who served with No. 20 Squadron flying FE2b's in France, a few of the names have been changed by author, 211 pgs. $29.00
WORLD WAR ONE IN THE AIR, Delve, Ken, Crowood, 1997, new, see photo, many photographs & appendices detailing aircraft data & air aces, over 500 photos, 192 pgs. $24.00
YANKEE ACE IN THE RAF, A, Morrow & Rogers (editors), Univ. of Kansas, 1996, new,see photo, Bogart Rogers, American, flew SE-5 w/32 Sqdn., 6 victories, photos, 264 pgs. $18.00
YPRES: AIRFIELDS & AIRMEN, O'Connor, Mike, Leo Cooper, 2001, new, soft cover, see photo, new series on the WW I airfields & pilots, photos & maps, 192 pgs. $16.00
ZEEBRUGGE, Schmeelke, Michael, Aeronaut, 2018, new (hard cover), limited edition to 400 copies, see scan, Facing the Thames Estuary across the English Channel, the German naval aviators of Flandern I, later See I, fought a determined war against British air & sea forces throughout WWI. Zeebrugge, the anchor of the seaward extension of the Western Front into the English Channel & North Sea, was the most important German naval air station of the Great War. This book, written by a German historian and translated into English, tells the story of its men and machines, 333 photographs & illustrations, 47 color profiles, 328 pages. $64.95
ZEPPELINS AGAINST LONDON, Poolman, Kenneth, John Day, 1961, vg/vg (some yellowing), see photo, record of London under attack in the years 1914-18, not from bombers or rockets, but from the lighter- than -air crafts of Germany. Based on Official British and German records. Illustrated, 246 pgs. $10.00
ZEPPELIN BASE RAIDS - GERMANY 1914 Castle, Ian, Osprey, 2011, new, soft cover, see photo, Dusseldorf & Cologne raids, Friedrichshafen raid, Cuxhaven raid, photos (including color), 80 pgs. $10.00
ZEPPELIN OVER SUFFOLK, Mower, Mark, Pen & Sword, 2008, new, soft cover, see photo, final raid of the L48 over East Anglia in 1917, records the aftermath of this event, the crash site, sight-seers, airmen who survived, local folklore, photos, 148 pgs. $17.00
ZEPPELINS OF WORLD WAR I, Cross, Wilbur, Paragon House,1991, new, see photo, German Naval Airship Division's successes & ultimate failure, photos, 220 pgs. $10.00

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